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Into the Fold: Issues in Mental Health

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Into the Fold: Issues in Mental Health is the monthly podcast by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. Consistent with the spirit of the foundation's work, the podcast captures the human implications of mental health and related issues, bringing you conversations with mental health advocates, researchers, consumers, officials, and others who carry the torch on behalf of mental health and wellness in Texas and beyond.

Into the Fold: Issues in Mental Health is the monthly podcast by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. Consistent with the spirit of the foundation's work, the podcast captures the human implications of mental health and related issues, bringing you conversations with mental health advocates, researchers, consumers, officials, and others who carry the torch on behalf of mental health and wellness in Texas and beyond.
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Into the Fold: Issues in Mental Health is the monthly podcast by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. Consistent with the spirit of the foundation's work, the podcast captures the human implications of mental health and related issues, bringing you conversations with mental health advocates, researchers, consumers, officials, and others who carry the torch on behalf of mental health and wellness in Texas and beyond.






Into the Fold, Episode 51: the Social Entrepreneurship Model

Jason Howell, executive director of SoberHood, is a self-defined social entrepreneur. A simple definition of the term comes from the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship: the social entrepreneur is one who "achieves large scale, systemic and sustainable social change through a new invention, a different approach, a more rigorous application of known technologies or strategies, or a combination of these." If this implies a willingness to challenge orthodoxy as well as wear several...

Duration: 00:17:53

Episode 50: Hurricane Harvey, Faith and Resilience

In the world of mental health, "resilience" emerges as a key concept. An unexpected disaster like Hurricane Harvey is a prime opportunity for a conversation about resilience and the conditions, institutions and practices that foster it. Jameisha Brown, a PhD student at Texas A&M University, directs the health ministry at Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston. In this episode, she shares with us her hopes and fears for post-Harvey Houston, as well as what her experience has...

Duration: 00:23:59

Episode 49: Building a Model Healthy City

More people are beginning to recognize the connection between community factors — quality of life, level of civic engagement, economic development, education, and many others — and individual well-being, including mental health. Dell Medical School, in Austin, Texas, has emerged as a hub for some of the latest thinking on how to approach community wellness in this more holistic way, as part of its mission to transform Austin into a "model healthy city." In this episode, Dr. Octavio N....

Duration: 00:21:54

Episode 48: Hurricane Harvey, Trauma and the Holidays

The holidays are a stressful time for many. Adding to that, there are many in Texas who are also coping with Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath. On this episode licensed psychologist Edna Brinkley, Ph.D. is here with some tips on taking charge of our wellness during the season, and reconnecting with what matters to us.

Duration: 00:19:00

Episode 47: What You Can Do to Promote Mental Health in Your Community

The holiday season is an appropriate time to step back from our usual focus on systems-level change and instead highlight how we as individuals can make things better for one another. As daunting as mental health and its related issues are, there is still plenty that each of us can do for the sake of our own wellness and that of others. John King is a certified peer specialist from Beaumont who believes that everyone can live a fulfilling and productive live, no matter their diagnosis. He...

Duration: 00:15:18

Into the Fold, Episode 46: Communities Promote Mental Health: the El Paso Example

How do communities create mental health and wellbeing? The answer varies from place to place. In this episode we chat with Richard Salcido, executive director of Family Services of El Paso. We use the city of El Paso as a jumping off point for a larger discussion about what is needed to strengthen the ability of communities to promote and protect the mental health of their members. El Paso's unique geography and demographics make it a vivid illustration of what a place-based approach to...

Duration: 00:14:21

Into the Fold, Episode 45: Deportation Anxiety for Today's Young Adults

This is our second interview with Dr. Luis Zayas, dean of the School of Social Work at The University of Texas at Austin. We are revisiting the issue of deportation threat for the children of the undocumented, only this time we're focusing on younger adults who are affected by the current state of limbo of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Dr. Zayas uses his insight into the phenomenom of deportation anxiety to gives us a new lens through which to see our current...

Duration: 00:20:24

Into the Fold, Episode 44: Communities Support Recovery: The Clubhouse Model

We speak often about "recovery-oriented principles." But what are the hallmarks of a recovery-oriented community? What does it mean to belong to one? Athena McClendon is a member of Austin Clubhouse. Clubhouses are membership organizations that provide a range of psychosocial supports to people who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. For clubhouses and their members, recovery isn't just a personal aspiration but a communal ethos. In this episode, Athena gives a deeply...

Duration: 00:22:27

Episode 43: What's Mental Health Becoming?

It may not always be obvious, but mental health is a highly contested concept, and one that has evolved considerably over the years. Are we on the cusp of the next phase in mental health's evolution, and what might this look? Ken Thompson, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh and member of the Hogg Foundation's National Advisory Council, has some strong feelings on the subject. In this episode, he traces the lineage of our current understanding of...

Duration: 00:42:51

Into the Fold, Episode 41: The Promise of Integrated Health Care for Foster Youth

Children in the foster care system present some unique challenges for caregivers and service providers. Their needs are many and complex, and can overwhelm family members and caregivers. The Harris County Protective Services (HCPS)Integrated Health Care Clinic provides a model of how to effectively meet both the physical and behavioral health needs of this population, while also plugging in caregivers to the daunting array of services that are out there. Jacqueline McMillon of HCPS talks...

Duration: 00:28:16

Into the Fold, Episode 40: Mental Health and Media: Stop Raising Awareness Already!

Society’s awareness of mental health seems to be at an all-time high. But in a media-saturated culture, there are lots of causes that vie for public awareness. Can "awareness" backfire? Why do some campaigns succeed, and others fail? Joining us for an in-depth look are two experts who work at the intersection of communications and public health. Dr. Mike Mackert is director of the Center for Health Communication at the Moody College of Communications at The University of Texas. Carrie...

Duration: 00:25:06

Into the Fold, Episode 39: Peer Support in the Criminal Justice System

What happens when someone with behavioral health conditions is released from jail? For many, the road to successful re-entry is laden with many traps: lack of support, lack of employment and, especially, the persistence of behavioral health disorders (addiction and mental illness). Peer support can make a huge difference. Learn about the new move toward peer support in the criminal justice system from two people whose own struggles now inform their work as peer supporters and advocates.

Duration: 00:24:55

Into the Fold, Episode 38: Political Climate as a Chronic Stressor

In late February, an article ran on both Kaiser Health News and CNN heralding a new psychiatric diagnosis: “Post-Election Stress Disorder.” The Wall Street Journal had an article titled, “Take Back Your Brain From Social Media.” Science of Us, not to be outdone, offered “How to Follow All This Trump News Without Going Crazy.” There was another in the same publication: “You’re Not the Only One: America Just Broke a National Stress Record.” Joining us today are two University of Texas...

Duration: 00:26:22

Into the Fold, Episode 36: Transition-Age Youth, Revisited

With the overhaul of Texas' child welfare system dominating headlines during the 2017 legislative session, we thought it would make sense to take a look back at our pilot episode, "Youth in Transition." LaQuinton Wagner, then a youth advocate for Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS), grounds the issue of child welfare in the experience of a young man who has recently "aged out" of the foster care system. While conversation around transition-age youth like LaQuinton tends to prioritize...

Duration: 00:35:42

Episode 34: Mental Health and the Black Student Athlete

The Third Annual Black Student-Athlete Summit at The University of Texas provides no better time to revisit the issue of sports and mental health. Dr. Caroline Brackette is a professor of counseling psychology at Penfield College of Mercer University in Atlanta, GA, and Dr. Ryan Sutton is a postdoctoral fellow of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health at UT Austin. These two scholars provide insight into how the culture of sport can both complicate and enhance the ability of black...

Duration: 00:36:47

Into the Fold, Episode 32: Early Intervention in Psychosis

Psychosis is a complex phenomenon, one that we are just beginning to understand. All too often, individuals in the midst of a psychotic episode are faced with two choices: either no treatment at all, or coercive, medicalized approaches. What alternatives are available? What more could we be doing? In this episode, Dr. Neely Myers, an assistant professor of anthropology at Southern Methodist University, argues that we can take advantage of the fact that psychosis often first manifests in...

Duration: 00:14:23

Episode 31: Breaking Barriers on Health Equity

Dr. Lovell Jones was the first African-American to be made a full professor at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, one of the country's leading cancer treatment and research centers. As a molecular endocrinologist, he has contributed to our understanding of the biology of reproductive cancers. But it's as an outspoken advocate for healthcare equity that he's truly made his mark. In this episode, Dr. Jones discusses his life and career in science.

Duration: 00:31:42

Into the Fold, Episode 30: Reducing the Use of Seclusion and Restraint

The Hogg Foundation is deeply committed to humane, evidence-based approaches to working with persons experiencing mental health crises. Seclusion and restraints are too often used to control people in psychiatric settings. Along with being a failure in treatment, such interventions can cause trauma and injury to clients and staff. Aaryce Hayes is a senior vice president of operations for The Mandt System®, which trains organizations in humane techniques for intervening in emergency...

Duration: 00:26:56

Into the Fold, Episode 28: Jail and Mental Health

The tragic death of Sandra Bland in Texas has brought a swirl of attention to the issue of jail and mental health. Across the country, people are sitting in local and county lock-ups because they can't afford bail or are awaiting desperately needed psychiatric services. In this episode, we talk to Diana Claitor of the Texas Jail Project, who offers her perspective on the issue. Then, we get an eye-opening account from a woman in Texas whose boyfriend, a veteran with PTSD, has been sitting...

Duration: 00:31:15

Into the Fold, Episode 27: Child Welfare in Texas

The child welfare system in Texas is under heightened scrutiny thanks to a recent federal court ruling which found the state's foster care system so inadequate as to be unconstitutional. In this episode, F. Scott McCown, clinical professor at The University of Texas School of Law and a member of the Hogg Foundation's National Advisory Council, talks about what must be done to turn this public attention into lasting reform.

Duration: 00:21:02

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