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ntoThis in an interview-based podcast about contemporary arts hosted in Montreal, Canada.

ntoThis in an interview-based podcast about contemporary arts hosted in Montreal, Canada.
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ntoThis in an interview-based podcast about contemporary arts hosted in Montreal, Canada.




Episode #9 - Megan Bradley

Archive RSS Megan Bradley is the director of Parisian Laundry gallery in Montreal Canada. At a young age she opened her own commercial gallery which helped her not only to learn but experiencing the realities -and hardships- of the art market. After that, she was offered to work for Parisian Laundry, where she has had the chance to perform different tasks arriving recently to the position as director of the gallery. In this conversation she shares her motivations to be part of the art...


Episode #8 - Jackson Darby

Archive RSS Visual artist and musician Jackson Darby lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario. In his Montreal days He attended Concordia University and was part of an art collective called MAW. He currently leads an experimental music band named Persons while maintaining active his painting practice. In this conversation, we talked about everything from the beginnings of his music interest when he was only a teenager to his explorations on painting reflecting on his background and the...


Episode #7 - Loreta Lamargese

Archive RSS In the last episode of 2017 we have a conversation with writer and curator Loreta Lamargese, she lives and works in New York city at Arsenal Contemporary. She came over to the tiny studio in January of 2017, when she was still working at Division gallery in Montreal. We spend a couple of hours talking about everything from social media self-gratification to the exclusivity of the art world. But mainly we talked about some of the socio-political-economic issues that most of the...

Episode #5 - Nicolas Grenier

Archive RSS IntoThis Podcast is delighted to present our conversation with Montreal artist Nicolas Grenier. With an impressive display of talent, Nicolas lays down a path for self-scrutiny paved with paintings, architectural installations, videos, texts, etc. His works both, seduce and confront the viewer with formalist elements and objective imagery. He holds a BSA from Concordia University and a MFA from the California Institute of the arts. He is represented by Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran...


Episode #4 - Stephanie Creaghan

This week in IntoThis Podcast we have the pleasure to present to you the multitalented artist and curator Stephanie Creaghan. As part of a new wave of young cultural entrepreneurs, Stephanie has been deeply involved in the re-shaping of the Montreal art scene, which today offers a view of an abundant and vibrant terrain. Throughout the conversation we had on late November of 2016, Stephanie talks about her early influences in art production, the experience of opening and managing a gallery,...


Episode #3 - David Bellemare

David Bellemare is the Emissary on earth of the Society of Cosmos and as such, he has the mandate to translate messages from a different dimension into paintings. In Episode #3 of IntoThis Podcast, Marx has a conversation with emerging artist David Bellemare, they talk about the way in which David approaches art making, his ambitions to establish a dialog with future generations and much more. You should check out his work on his Tumblr account We hope you enjoy the conversation and please...


Episode #2 - Nancy Webb

In Episode #2 Marx talks to Nancy Webb about what does it mean to have a university degree in art history, writing for art magazines and taking on stand up comedy. She is part of The Brunch Club, a group of comedians based in Montreal. For more information visit their Facebook page. Enjoy the conversation and please reach out! Her upcoming shows: Stand Up Strip Down - Tonight November 4th at theatre St Catherine. Click here for more info. She will be opening the show Travis Cannon is...


Episode #1 - Jeanie Riddle

Jeanie Riddle is a visual artist, curator, mom and a Montrealer. In this conversation, Jeanie opens up a window to her life and work as she shares from her beginnings in art while living in California to the way in which she approaches her current practice as an artist and curator. This interview was recorded last June, since then Jeanie has decided to step down from the direction of the gallery Parisian Laundry to focus entirely on her artwork. Enjoy the conversation and leave a...


TRAILER - Introduction by Marx

In this brief trailer, Marx describes what IntoThis Podcast is all about and where it comes from. Comments are more than welcome! Credits Produced by Marx Ruiz-Wilson Sound design by Milton Matheou Music by Master Gajo Edition by Marx Ruiz-Wilson and Milton Matheou Voices: Jeanie Riddle, Nancy Webb and David Bellemare