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Showcasing ‘60s garage and punk from all over the world, surf, psych, retarded lounge losers, crazy Asian a go-go, rockabilly, monster music, psycho soul, freaky funk, soundtracks, not-so-psychedelic songs about LSD, voodoo R&B... Mucho bizarro world nonsense!




INTOXICA RADIO September 12, 2017

Intoxica Radio-It Will Blow Your Mind!! That is correct sir! Get outta the way of this monstar's Deadly Organ becuz I'm a comin' to make thee musick go UNGH! Rock n Roll heart breakers, shit kickers, trouble makers, undertakers, donut bakers, but NEVER any fakers! Tonite at 9PM Karloffornia time Intoxica Radio will be live on the air...I may not hear it but I'll make sure you do! So you know thee drill, Killers...Plug in your iTard®, strap on your IntoxiDrool® cup, fall into your spinning...

Duration: 02:02:00

INTOXICA RADIO August 1, 2017

Tonite! Intoxica Radio is gonna be SUPER! Oh yeah! Super rockin'! Super rollin'! And Super stupid too for my super Tards! Intoxica radio will be live & on the air at 9PM Karloffornia time! Things have been real heavy (good & bad) around "here" and can all be celebrated and/or laughed at on the radio! Radio is forever! It travels through time & space forever! My rotten echo-fied voice might just smack your great great grandchildren upside their futuristic heads! So plug in your iTard®, strap...

Duration: 02:03:05

INTOXICA RADIO June 20, 2017

Tonite on Intoxica! Tons of new acquisitions! I came across a box of 45s I forgot about from when I was on tour! Great unreleased stuff by The One Way Street (of We All Love Peanut Butter fame) and more--that is about to be released by My Minds Eye record store who resurrected 2 old labels and...well tune in for the whole story!! So plug in your iTard®, strap on your IntoxiDrool® cup, fall into your spinning (and sometimes talking) chair® & join me, Howie Pyro® on intoxica Radio® at 9pm at...

Duration: 02:10:07

INTOXICA RADIO June 13, 2017 Adam West-Batman Special!!

Rip Adam West! He was a very nice funny guy...his ID for Intoxica is one of the best ones! I'll be celebrating Batman stuff as I have been doing FOR 12 YEARS so join me on my same Bat channel tonite at 9PM Karloffornia time! INTOXICA Radio is ON THEE AIR! So plug in your BAT-iTard®, strap on your BAT-IntoxiDrool® cup, fall into your BAT-spinning (and sometimes BAT-talking) chair® & join me, BAT-Howie BAT-Pyro® on BAT-Intoxica Radio® at 9pm on #intoxicaradio #howiepyro...

Duration: 02:02:48


Home a week already &....once again it's INTOXICA! Piles of sick new discs to get spun out on! Rockin' from every corner of this square world! A big chunk that I haven't even heard yet so let's experience the dementation of sound (mind & body)! Tonite at 9PM Karloffornia time. And I had Jimmy The Boy Wonder along for the bumpy ride! Mega piles of new stuff to slap upside your head! So plug in your iTard®, strap on your IntoxiDrool® cup, fall into your spinning (and sometimes talking) chair®...

Duration: 02:01:45


I'm back! I'm home! I'm live! Tonite at 9pm Karloffornia time INTOXICA Radio is ON THEE AIR! Get the real deal! A musical meal! 2 hours to heal & give you the good feel! Great deal, in fact a steal! With yours truly on the wheels of steel! Mega piles of new stuff to slap upside your head! So plug in your iTard®, strap on your IntoxiDrool® cup, fall into your spinning (and sometimes talking) chair® & join me, Howie Pyro® on intoxica Radio® at 9pm on #intoxicaradio...

Duration: 02:05:01

INTOXICA RADIO April 25, 2017

My farewell goin' on tour show! Tonite on Intoxica!!! Lose your head over more of the same tarnished goodness you've come to expect!!! Come see me 9PM Karloffornia time! Less than one hour! #howiepyro #intoxicaradio #radio #records #rocknroll #rockabilly #garagerock #soul #rhythmandblues #dance

Duration: 02:03:01

INTOXICA RADIO April 18, 2017-Demento A Go Go! Intoxica's most painful hits!!

Man o man! If you were EVER gonna tune into Intoxica Radio & haven't in a while TONITE's THE NIGHT!!! I've pulled new & old faves-the top o' thee line teenage hell rock n roll, wonderfully mean spirited & over the top retard rockers & some of the greatest & stupidest ever!!! Demented? Yes! Rockin'? Hell yeah! So grab your drool cup©, plug in your iTard©, strap yourself in the spinning (and sometimes talking) chair, and join me tonite ALIVE!!! At 9PM Karloffornia time at...

Duration: 02:05:42

INTOXICA RADIO April 4, 2017 New Norton Dion lost LP from 1965! World Premiere!!

Join me for this special occasion! Norton Records gave me the new "Lost 1965 Dion LP" to play for you all before anyone else! Lissen up!!! You can subscribe for free in iTunes...

Duration: 02:01:09

INTOXICA RADIO March 21, 2017 Chuck Berry Tribute!

Intoxica Radio tonight, live-a tribute to Chuck Berry & his massive influence on everything!!! Loads of odd Chuck cover songs & other surprises C U Next Tuesday!

Duration: 02:07:14

INTOXICA RADIO January 3, 2017-Bon Voyage!

I'm off to see the wizards...was about to be heading to the Rival Sons tour when this was I'm in Bordeaux France on my 1st day off...shows/deejaying have been great & huge! Everyone is totally cool & I'm happy! Even with all thee "scary" news...I'll be posting on here & Mixcloud simultaneously so check where's best for you! You can still subscribe in iTunes...check my Facebook page for my live European dates! Come out & see me! Howie

Duration: 00:00:19

INTOXICA RADIO Nov 15, 2016...Tribute to Billy Miller

Tonite on Intoxica we will be thinking about & remembering my pal Billy Miller, playing all Norton Records all night & doing what we called (in our private joke on certain hateful jealous people) my Norton Infomercial!!!! In earlier days Billy would call to review the show, and mostly goof around, he was the funniest & always had a good joke up his sleeve. My life will never be the same without Billy's loving, funny, 100% rock n roll spirit guiding the way...the answers to some of...

Duration: 02:04:58