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Come and join me for my inverted podcast. Always happy to hear from listeners.

Come and join me for my inverted podcast. Always happy to hear from listeners.
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Come and join me for my inverted podcast. Always happy to hear from listeners.




Experiencing Colombian Culture with Novena de Aguinaldos

This episode is meant to be a brief introduction and complementary media piece for a post I wrote on this unique aspect of Colombian culture here Please, enjoy it and visit the above link for more. The discussion board at the foot of the post is always lively with Colombian expats living abroad.

Duration: 00:15:13

Talking About Hitler on Colombia Calling

A meeting I had with Richard McColl to discuss a blog post of mine ( and some recently released CIA files regarding Hitler apparently hiding out here in Colombia. The recording was for an episode of Richard McColl's podcast Colombia Calling ( The recording is a raw capture of the show including our discussions before, between parts and at the end. You can read all the documentation...

Duration: 00:41:57

Hitler in Colombia

Thank you for listing this podcast. It is a collection of my thoughts and understanding of the information contained with a CIA file that adds meat to rumours of a Hitler alive and hiding on the Latin American continent. There's some more concise information and further revelations to this story at a blog post I made here I am very interested to hear corrections and additional information if you have it.

Duration: 00:32:15

#SoundScape Bogotá's Septima

Join me as we walk the famous Septima here in Bogotá. Hear the sounds from the bustling street and reach a surprise from halfway.

Duration: 03:31:20

#SoundScapes Colombia - Selection of Rural to City Sounds

A special one here comprising of short selections of sounds that I passed through during last week here in Colombia. These SoundScapes are separated by short periods of silence. Try having a listen with earphones and try to think about what you are hearing and imagine what might be happening around. In case you just can't wait here is a short description of the order of soundscapes. Anden rain at night.Rural farmers working on a property deal at a road side cafe.Soviet era Czechoslovakian...

Duration: 00:15:39

#SoundScape of The Artisanal Crafting of Sugar in Colombia

Visited a wholly traditional sugar cane farm in the Colombian Andes. Here was an artisanal process of harvesting the Andean sugar cane, milling it and then evaporating the liquid before moulding or pulverising the sugar cane juice into delicious raw sugar like nothing I have ever tasted before. The stages of sounds you will hear: Cutting of the sugar cane.Starting an old Soviet era engine to power the mill.The whirring of the mill's cogs.Milling of the cane.Pouring the raw cane juice into...

Duration: 00:03:59