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This is the first national financial radio program covering primarily mutual fund investments. Hosts Adam Bold, Denny Smith and Andy Smith take calls and deliver their insights with a down-to-earth approach.

This is the first national financial radio program covering primarily mutual fund investments. Hosts Adam Bold, Denny Smith and Andy Smith take calls and deliver their insights with a down-to-earth approach.
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Las Vegas, NV




This is the first national financial radio program covering primarily mutual fund investments. Hosts Adam Bold, Denny Smith and Andy Smith take calls and deliver their insights with a down-to-earth approach.




7201 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Suite 110 Las Vegas, NV 89128 (888) 833-8637


Make a list; check it twice: Andy’s holiday tips on avoiding credit card debt – It’s the busiest of all shopping seasons, and unfortunately, many Americans dive head-first into debt just to pay for holiday gifts. Andy plays Santa and gifts you with tips a

As Bob says, it’s been a very “interesting” year, but through it all, the stock market continues to perform. Yet, too many Americans are missing out on the record rally in stocks because they can’t tune out the noise coming from news and politics. Andy repeats that it’s never too late to get in the market and emphasizes the importance of looking forward, not back. Also, author and financial expert Deacon Hayes sits down to explain how you CAN retire early!

Duration: 00:41:04

How to get a raise at work! – One of the big contributors to the current retirement crises is income inequality and stagnating wages, but one simple solution is often overlooked: getting a raise at work. Luckily, Andy has an easy hack that millions of wor

This could be a make-or-break week for tax reform, and it’s coming down to the wire. What happens to the stock market if reform passes? What if it fails? Bob and Andy dissect differing opinions and help you navigate this binary set-up that could have a big impact on your portfolio. Also, Dan Ariely, a leading expert on psychology and finance, joins the show to talk about how we “mis-think” about money.

Duration: 00:41:04

Free Fallin’ estate plans – Usually, when a celebrity dies, you hear details about how they screwed up estate plans, but it’s been a couple months since Tom Petty’s passing, and it seems like he planned well. Whether you have $500 or $5 million, everyone

As you are hopefully enjoying some days off full of food, football, and family time, enjoy a few fall highlights from Investing Sense, including real estate expert Greg Cooper’s in-studio interview and Diane Daniels’ tips on how to cut healthcare costs. Plus, re-visit what Tom Petty has to do with your estate plan!

Duration: 00:41:04

Not your grandpa’s account statement – Deciphering financial fees isn’t easy and some brokers go out of their way to confuse you on how much you’re paying. Andy and Bob tell you the one word you need to lookout for on your account statements and why it’s

If tax reform passes, should investors buy or sell? What if tax reform fails? Andy and Bob break down the answers to these critical questions going into year’s end. Plus, author Emily Guy Birken stops by to share advice on how to finally put an end to financial stress - with a story about Zombies? Also, get the scoop on new 401(k) contribution limits and Social Security benefit changes for 2018!

Duration: 00:41:04

Interview with Bonnie Moore – Special guest Bonnie Moore joins to show to talk about the idea behind her website, the Golden Girls Network, and the benefits and challenges that come with single retirees living as roommates. Bonnie also shares advice on ho

There’s so much going on right now in financial news, from tax reform, to changes at the Federal Reserve, and fluctuations in interest rates. Andy cuts through all the noise coming out of Washington and boils it down to the financial planning aspects investors should focus on right now. Also, Bob asks a literal “million-dollar” question: How long would $1 million last in retirement?

Duration: 00:41:04

Are you just a food source for your advisor? – What should you do if your financial advisor hasn’t returned your calls in 18 months? Worse yet, what if your advisor is dishonest about being a fiduciary? Andy helps a listener with these problems and provid

The stock market is at a crossroad between Wall Street and K Street as tax reform winds its way through Washington D.C. Resident D.C. insider JT Taylor breaks it down and hear Treasury Secretary Steve Mnunchin’s warning if tax reform fails. Long-time friend of the show, Diane Daniels, drops by to share tips on how to cut healthcare costs. Plus, a listener asks Andy: What should I do when my advisor won’t call me back?

Duration: 00:41:04

Free Fallin’ estate plans – Usually, when a celebrity dies, you hear details about how they screwed up estate plans, but it’s been almost a month since Tom Petty’s passing, and it seems like he planned well. Whether you have $500 or $5 million, everyone n

Washington D.C. insider JT Taylor, senior policy analyst at Hedgeye Potomac Research, joins the show to talk about the potential impact of the Republican tax reform proposal and how it could impact your bottom line. The “funniest tax guy”, Ed Lyon, stops by to share some hilarious stories and practical tax advice that could save you thousands. Plus, what does Tom Petty have to do with your estate plan?

Duration: 00:41:04

The Nobel Prize, NFL, and you – Richard Thaler was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics, and his work has even influenced some NFL teams. He’s also credited for helping people save almost $30 billion MORE for retirement in the past decade. The gu

All year long Bob and Andy have been talking about the promise of technology and how it’s improving our lives, including the optimistic future of investing in that technology. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are no exception, as they, along with the stock market, continue making all-time highs. How can investors take advantage of this asset class? Also, real estate expert Greg Cooper is in studio to give advice and share stories about real estate investing.

Duration: 00:41:04

Clean-up continues in Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico was already dealing with a massive financial crisis even before Hurricane Maria hit. President Trump recently spoke about wiping out the island’s debt, which could help speed up recovery, but how would this

What’s behind the most recent move to all-time highs in the stock market? One important factor is the growth of corporate earnings, particularly in the dynamic technology sector. Also, author Mike Haubrich joins the show to talk about the concept of career asset management, how to measure your value as an employee, and how to get a raise!

Duration: 00:41:04

LIVE Portfolio Review – This week’s portfolio review comes from Josh, who has Vanguard funds that may be concentrated too much in one sector. He also has some real estate investments, which exposes him to interest rate risk, but should he also look to add

While the Amazon empire of robotic efficiency and delivery drones seems like it’s taking over the world, Best Buy has made a bounce back by re-introducing the human element to the retail experience. This human element is a big part of the potential value provided by financial advisors. Also, Financial Engines advisor Gary Murphy joins the show to talk about small, simple steps investors can take to help grow retirement savings regardless of income level.

Duration: 00:41:04

Glitter-less Gold: Buyer beware and do your homework! - Fred calls the show seeking advice on how to deal with a shady gold investment company. Bob and Andy explain how precious metals can be part of a balanced, diversified portfolio, but investors can g

Warren Buffett recently made a prediction that the Dow will reach 1,000,000 within 100 years. This has ruffled some feathers, but Andy wishes more individual investors would think like this, focusing not on where the market has been, but rather where the market is going. Also, with Medicare open enrollment right around the corner, the guys talk with Medicare expert Diane Daniels and explore many facets to saving for healthcare costs in retirement.

Duration: 00:41:02

Ask Andy: Is it a good time to get back in the market? – Nervous about a market crash, Ed calls the show wondering if the market is too high to go back in right now? Andy explains why this is the wrong way to think about investing: looking at where the ma

Bob and Andy continue on the topic of protecting yourself and your loved ones against financial scams. This week, FBI victim specialist and fraud expert Debbie Deem joins the show to talk about financial crimes, especially those committed against the elderly. Learn the red flags to look for so you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Also, Andy weighs in on the recent news about potential scams surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Duration: 00:41:04

LIVE Portfolio Review – This week’s review is from Alan, who is doing a lot of things right, including maxing out his 401k and aligning his portfolio with his risk tolerance. However, he has some tax questions in regards to contributions and withdrawals.

Even though there is a lot of good news in the market this week, our attention stays focused on the areas hit by the devastating hurricanes. Unfortunately, in the wake of any natural disaster, the inevitable scams are popping up. John Bunch, president of Financial Engines Advisors, joins the show with advice on how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Duration: 00:41:05

That’s a lot of cheddar: the value of a financial advisor – The guys take a look at a new Vanguard study that shows the benefits of having a fiduciary on your side. In the words of Bob’s kids, “it’s a lot of cheddar!” But the most valuable aspect is somet

It’s no secret that retirement is expensive, and there are so many variables: inflation, health care costs, pension dilemmas… Is there a magic number for a successful retirement? Instead of a nice round number to aim for, Andy explains a better way to think about it: the income gap. Plus, Financial Engines advisor Jeff Klever joins the show to share a real client story.>

Duration: 00:41:03

The new gold rush – Knowing that individual penny stocks are too risky, but still wanting to get invest in the rising marijuana industry, Rob emails the show asking about the “pick and shovel” strategy. Andy breaks down the risks and benefits of this stra

As summer begins to roll over into fall, Bob and Andy are getting excited about the holiday weekend, but also extend thoughts and prayers to everyone in South Texas and Louisiana. In the wake of emergencies like this, we want to help people protect themselves. Please visit our Gulf Coast Help Center here: Also, author Janet Lombardi joins the show to talk about her memoir about how bankruptcy affected her life and family and what we can learn from her...

Duration: 00:40:35

LIVE Portfolio Review – This week’s review is a sizeable portfolio from Mark, who has a huge exposure to just one stock, which is extremely risky. In addition to simply selling the stock and moving to cash, Andy has some more sophisticated, though complex

Bob and Andy discuss how incredibly complex and extremely costly Social Security can be if you make a mistake with your claiming strategy. However, if done correctly, and with the right guidance, the benefits can be life-changing. Also, Stuart Woodbury, president of TMFS Insurance Agency, weighs in on terrible insurance products and annuities.

Duration: 00:41:02

“He Who Understands It, Earns It…” – Albert Einstein famously called compound interest the “Eighth Wonder of The World”. Find out why it’s so powerful, along with some simple and creative ways to take advantage of it.

Spending too much money can be way too easy and sometimes turns into a hard habit to break. The guys take a look at a new study that features the opposite: the lifestyle habits of super retirement savers. How can we get hooked on these good habits? Also, author Richard Watts joins the show to talk about his new book, “Entitlemania: How Not to Spoil Your Kids, and What to Do If You Have.”

Ask Andy: When Should I Take Social Security? – Calvin calls in puzzled about what age is best to start collecting Social Security. Andy gives some immediate things to think about, but Bob notes the complexity and why people need help when it comes to ret

As temperatures start to get a bit lower, the stock market keeps on rolling higher with the Dow Jones hitting another milestone last week: a record high 22,000 before worries over North Korea caused a small pullback. Bob questions Andy about the factors contributing to the record-setting numbers and what the future holds. Also, what do zombies have to do with your finances? Special guest Emily Guy Birkin joins the show to talk about her latest book about financial stress.

Duration: 00:41:06

Death, Taxes, and Indexed Annuities – Nothing is certain, except death and taxes. However, people are willing to get tied up into horrible annuities, and the cons that come with them, in exchange for “certainty”. But is there an alternative for people loo

Love may be priceless, but can you actually BUY happiness? Researchers have found that time-saving purchases can lead to less stress, more positive feelings and greater life satisfaction. This could also be an overlooked benefit of working with a financial advisor. Also, why are so many people asking Andy about indexed annuities?

Wizard of Lies - The Bernie Madoff biopic shows how easy it is to fool really smart people. Hear the full conversation with John Bunch, President of Financial Engines Advisors, as he shares his first-hand account of the Madoff story.

More than just going through facts and figures, a financial advisor also helps clients realize their hopes and dreams for future generations. Cleveland area advisor Dominic Anzevino joins the show to tell a story that exemplifies this goal. Plus, a 500-year-old guide to becoming a billionaire!

Duration: 00:40:59

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