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EP263: How to Build Legacy Wealth with Rental Properties - Interview with Paul Simon

If you’re a longtime listener, you know how I feel about traditional wealth building advice. Contrary to popular belief, your paycheck job isn't as stable as you've been led to believe, and a 401k isn’t exactly the gold standard of investment vehicles. Today’s guest, Paul Simon, lived through this experience, and decided to take control of his retirement and his family’s future. On today’s show, Paul is sharing how he started investing in his late 50’s, and discussing his experience...

Duration: 00:28:51

EP262: Our Story Part 3: Hitting Rock Bottom

In this series, Natali and I have discussed our biggest real estate mistakes and downfalls. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t get better from there. We both lost jobs, questioned our worth, and eventually had to dig ourselves out from debt, bad credit, and limiting beliefs. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, we are sharing more of our family’s history—including how we hit rock bottom, financially. We’ll talk about losing our jobs, and how we finally decided to start implementing...

Duration: 00:34:38

EP261: Why This One Thing Is More Important Than Passive Income

Passive income is important, but if you’re not taking care of yourself, all of the money in the world can’t help you. Passive income allows for freedom of time and money, but without your health, you can’t enjoy it to its fullest. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, I’m sharing why self-care has to come first. I’ll share the personal anecdote that led to this epiphany, and how you can start implementing healthy habits into your daily routine. You’ll learn about establishing a...

Duration: 00:17:59

EP260: The Art of Raising Capital - Interview with Darren Weeks

There are many people who would invest in real estate if they only had the capital. Simultaneously, there are many people who have an excess of funds and would love to receive the high returns of real estate, but simply don’t want to do the heavy lifting. Darren Weeks has spent the last thirty years bridging that gap. He is the CEO of the Fast Track group, and one of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad advisors. Darren is an expert on raising capital, and has successfully put together nearly $500...

Duration: 00:30:45

EP259: Our Story Part 2: Why Natali Made a Big Mistake Buying an A Class Property

I like to say that all successful real estate investors have experienced failure at some point, and that’s certainly true in our family. Last week on the podcast, we shared my real estate mistakes and failures. Today we’re bringing you part two of our story—Natali’s background, and the roadblocks she’s faced on the road to financial freedom. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, Natali is taking us back to her childhood and early career. She’ll explain her family’s background in...

Duration: 00:46:05

EP258: The New Tax Bill Is Already Affecting Real Estate Investors, Here's How

There’s been a lot of buzz about how the new tax law will affect homeowners, but what are the implications for real estate investors? A new article suggests that real estate prices are being affected by the new rules—and will continue to adjust in 2018. On today’s show, I’m sitting down to discuss how real estate prices are being affected by the new tax rules. I’ll share what this means for investors, how you can protect yourself from losing profits, and so much more. Please join me for...

Duration: 00:11:38

EP257: Using Real Estate to Fuel Your Passion - Interview with Trevor Mauch

Many people hold the notion that their work should be centered around their passion, but today’s guest takes the opposite approach. Trevor Mauch is a successful entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Carrot, the host of the CarrotCast Podcast, and a real estate investor. Trevor is here to share why identifying your passion is important, and how to separate that passion from your daily work. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, Trevor is discussing how to build a business that fuels your...

Duration: 00:37:22

EP256: Our Story Part 1: How Clayton Went Through Foreclosure and Destroyed His Credit

Here on the show, we’ve shared many details about our family's personal investment strategy. We've discussed how we’ve attained financing, and dissected deals we’ve considered. However, we’ve never really shared our past, including how we got to where we are. In this new series, Natali and I are sitting down to share our entire story, including how we eventually reached financial freedom via real estate investing. Today, we’re discussing my real estate failures in-depth. I’ll share my...

Duration: 00:41:20

EP255: Should You Prepay Your Property Taxes?

With the new tax bill about to become law, Clayton looks at the pros and cons of prepaying your property taxes. Book a call with our team: Show notes:

Duration: 00:13:52

EP254: Smart Budgeting, Side Hustles, and Using Credit Cards - Interview with Eric Rosenberg

One of the most important pieces of establishing a route to financial freedom is figuring out a realistic and intentional approach to budgeting. We’ve discussed a few strategies here on the show about how we plan our family’s finances, but today we’re calling in a budgeting expert! Today’s guest is Eric Rosenberg, a personal finance writer and speaker. Eric runs a blog entirely dedicated to helping people manage their money, budget, invest, and start side hustles. On today’s show, Eric...

Duration: 00:35:50

EP253: The Alchemist's Guide to Real Estate Investing (encore episode)

Life is about embarking on a journey in order to discover your true purpose. For us the journey is real estate investing, and our purpose is in helping others. I recently read the novel, The Alchemist, and felt inspired; the concepts from the novel relate directly to real estate investing, business, and creating wealth. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, Natali and I are discussing several of the overarching themes from The Alchemist, and applying those ideas to real estate...

Duration: 00:31:53

EP252: How to Not Rely on a Christmas Bonus Like Clark Griswold (encore episode)

This holiday season, our family watched a classic Christmas film, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Natali and I both felt like we were viewing the movie with a new perspective this time. It might not be obvious, but there is a parallel between the storyline and the power of real estate investing. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, I’m expressing the importance of not being solely a paycheck employee like Clark Griswold. I’ll share the risks of relying on the hope of a...

Duration: 00:14:10

EP251: Don't Buy A Class Properties, Do This Instead - Interview with Lane Kawaoka

To the untrained real estate investor, an A class property can be appealing. Since the rent is higher in an A class neighborhood, you might have your sights set on higher rental amounts and a higher class of tenant. However, most successful real estate investors know that these properties don’t make for great investments. Today’s guest, Lane Kawaoka, learned this lesson early on in his investing career, and he’s here to share his experience. We’re discussing the drawbacks of investing...

Duration: 00:34:30

EP250: What the GOP Tax Plan Means for Real Estate Investors

The most recent tax plan is the biggest tax overhaul in over 30 years. This plan enacts tax cuts for both corporations and investors. It’s important to overview what this plan means for you, and how to best prepare for tax season as a real estate investor. On this episode, Natali and I are discussing some main points from the newest tax bill. We’ll discuss the intention of the tax code, and how you can best play by the rules moving forward. You’ll learn about smart investing, pass...

Duration: 00:28:58

EP249: Don't Be a Know-It-All

Have you ever met the type of person who thinks they know everything? They tend to think they’re more experienced and more knowledgeable in every area. Not only is that mindset annoying, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, I’m sharing the importance of adopting a growth mindset, and how the willingness to fail can actually help you succeed. I’ll discuss some resources you can take advantage of, and I’ll share how I’ve learned from my own...

Duration: 00:13:26

EP248: How to Get Started When You're 50 Years Old - Interview with Bill Manassero

Is it ever too late to start investing in real estate? Here on the show, we always talk about planning for retirement, but what if you're already at retirement age. On today's podcast, I'm joined by Bill Manassero, the founder of Old Dawg's REI Network. Bill is here to share his experience diving into the world of real estate at retirement age. We'll discuss how the game changes when you're older, including goal setting and preparing for the handoff process. Bill has so much insight to...

Duration: 00:39:07

EP247: 5 Reasons Why Real Estate Is a Safe Investment

Let’s face it: financial security is important. We all want to feel like our investments are low-risk and secure, that we'll be comfortable in retirement, and that our children won't have to worry about money. But the truth is, most of us have been fed lies about the nest egg and the 401k when in reality, this is not the route to financial security. On today’s show, Natali and I are sitting down to hash out five reasons why real estate is the safest investment you could make! We’ll talk...

Duration: 00:23:04

EP246: Stop Hanging Out with Losers

Have you ever heard the saying, "You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with?" In my opinion, that adage is 100% true! When you start to invest in real estate, you'll undoubtedly encounter naysayers and negativity. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, I'm sharing how you can reach success by distancing yourself from negativity. I'll share three specific steps you can take in order to cultivate positivity and start creating financial freedom. If you're...

Duration: 00:21:18

EP245: Buying and Leasing Raw Land - Interview with Mark Podolsky

We’ve discussed many real estate niches and strategies here on the podcast, but we’ve never covered the topic of buying and leasing raw land. On today’s show, we’re calling in an expert to discuss exactly how this strategy works! Today’s guest is Mark Podolsky, also known as the Land Geek! Mark has been buying and selling raw land full time since 2001, and is known as the foremost authority on buying and selling raw land in the United States. On today’s show, Mark is walking us through...

Duration: 00:29:05

EP244: 5 Things to Do Before the Year Ends

When you’re a real estate investor, it’s important to have your taxes and finances planned out by the end of the year. Come tax time, it will be too late to take advantage of some of the amazing opportunities and tax deductions that real estate has to offer. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, Natali and I are sharing five things you should do before the year ends. We’ll talk about maximizing deductions, goal setting, and much more! If you want to be proactive about your...

Duration: 00:35:20

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