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Investor Insights: The State of InsurTech

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2016 was all about InsurTech: cash flowed in, the incumbents sat up and took notice, and a slew of start-ups arrived on the scene to grab the insurance industry by the shoulders and give it a good shake. Now, as the hype subsides, we launch our InsurTech Bytes podcast, inviting John Egan, strategy practice lead at Anthemis, Dan Smith, Managing Partner at Exponential Ventures, and Jannat Shah, Associate at AXA Strategic Ventures to chew the fat on all things InsurTech: where’s the smart money heading? Why should the big players partner with start-ups? What effect is Brexit having on InsurTech VCs? There’s plenty of food for thought in this InsurTech Byte.




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An Industry Outfoxed? Julian Teicke On Revolutionising Insurance

Between attracting $28m in Series A funding, expanding to three markets, and acquiring a greenfield carrier, wefox is one of the stars of European InsurTech. In advance of his keynote at InsurTech Rising in October, we chatted to CEO, Julian Teicke. From how partnership with the industry is driving wefox’s success to the rationale behind buying One, we got the scoop from the man on a mission to revolutionise insurance.

Duration: 00:29:41

Diversity In The Workplace: Where Do We Start?

Continuing our Women in Tech series, we spoke with Direct Line Group’s newly appointed CTO, Sarah Greasley, about her career journey from her early days at IBM to driving change at one of the UK’s leading insurers, the mentors who helped her along the way, and the importance of encouraging young women into STEM subjects. Music: Funky Element - Music: Funky Suspense -

Duration: 00:27:41

Women In Tech: Transforming Insurance From Within

As the Women in Tech movement grows stronger, and its aims take on a greater urgency, we continue our series speaking to female tech leaders about their career paths, the issues women face, and what can be done to support women working, and girls interested in pursuing, tech. For this episode, we caught up with leaders from an industry on the cusp of change - Monique Shivanandan, Group Chief Technologist at Aviva, and Amelie Oudea-Castera, Group Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at AXA –...

Duration: 00:35:11

Insurance for All? The InsurTech Opportunity

The emergence of FinTech has sharpened thinking around financial inclusion as tech-driven approaches to providing financial services have proved their worth. But what about Insurance? Where and how will InsurTech have an impact? For an insider’s view we caught up with Nicola Smith, Head of Research at BIMA, an InsurTech pioneer harnessing mobile tech to bring micro-insurance to emerging markets. For the bigger picture, we spoke with the ABI’s Matt Cullen on how the insurance industry has...

Duration: 00:44:20

Reaching The Underserved - The Microensure Story

Technology has a major role to play in opening up access to financial services to the underserved across the globe. With the emergence of InsurTech, more will undoubtedly be given the opportunity to protect themselves against risk. We caught up with one pioneer bringing insurance products to the underserved in emerging markets, Richard Leftley, whose Microensure now boasts close to 55 million customers. Music: Funky Element - Music: Funky Suspense -

Duration: 00:24:30

New Channels, New Challenges – Insurance Takes On Social

In this episode of InsurTech Bytes, we caught up with Keith Lewis, Social Business and Channels Manager at Zurich UK, to explore how one insurer is harnessing social media to communicate more effectively with its customers as well as within and across its own organisation. We also took the show on the road, pitching up at InsTech London to hear what the insurance innovation community has to say about who is getting it right when it comes to social media in insurance.

Duration: 00:33:52

The Holy Grail Of Insurance? Making A Success Of Social Media

Bring your hashtags, memes and gifs to this podcast, while the insurance industry in put under a 21st century spotlight. Oisin Merrins, Editor at InsurTech Rising speaks to Erik Abrahamsson, Founder and CEO of Digital Fineprint about whether the insurance industry can overcome its traditional blueprint and reap the plentiful rewards of social media. From gaining new data to underwriting risk more effectively, they explore how the sector can tackle the ethical and implementation challenges....

Duration: 00:13:46

InsurTech’s Next Frontier? Tackling Commercial Lines

While some might like to slap commercial lines with the title of laggard when It comes to innovation, there are plenty of reasons to believe why 2017 will prove them wrong. We caught up with Paolo Cuomo, Principal at BCG, Andrew Yeoman, CEO at Concirrus, and John Warburton, CEO at Konsileo to explore why commercial lines could be InsurTech’s next frontier; is there a full stack challenger on the horizon? What will drive the take up of IoT in Commercial Lines? Will InsurTech spell the end...

Duration: 00:34:10

Seek And Insure - Getting To Grips With Assessing Cyber Risk

Generating considerable panic upon its release, the 1995 documentary Hackers succeeded in exposing the inner workings of an emerging sub-culture organised around coordinated cyber-attacks on multinational corporations. Probing as the film was, it left many questions unanswered, however; was Ellingson Mineral covered by its existing insurance policy? Were adequate assessments of Ellingson’s cyber exposure conducted when its policy was sold? Did both the insurer and insured have sufficient...

Duration: 00:14:36

It Takes Two, Baby: Trov And Anthemis On Reinventing Insurance

‘One can have a dream, baby,’ but it takes two to ‘make a dream so real.’ These words, taken from Marvin Gaye’s much-loved anthem about the digital transformation of insurance, ring as true today as they did when they were first sung back in 1965. Much has changed in the years since, and we are now closer than ever to the vision of a fully digitised, customer-centric insurance industry built upon collaboration that so moved the Prince of Soul. We caught up with Trov and Anthemis, two...

Duration: 00:18:04