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A storytelling podcast dedicated to the inviolable voices that make up our literature. On the show, I explore the inner conflicts and adverse circumstances that have shaped authors' lives, from antiquity to the twentieth century, one author at a time. Together, we'll uncover the long-forgotten mysteries and dramas behind the greatest literary works, the heartache and anger and joy behind all those books that still speak to us today. Visit my website,, for more information.




Ep. 15. Dante Alighieri: Party of One

Dante Alighieri wrote one of the greatest literary works of all time: The Divine Comedy, of which the first section, the Inferno, is likely the greatest part. This episode tells the story of how he got there - a few years before he started the Comedy, he was one of the most important politicians in his beloved Florence. Dante might have continued along those lines and never written this work, but he had the misfortune of being born during a particularly troubled period of the Middle Ages,...

Duration: 00:42:11

Ep. 13. Alexander Pope v. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Part II

This is Part 2 of 2 episodes on one of the greatest literary battles in history. This week, hear all about the showdown between Alexander Pope, the greatest poet of his age, and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, a gifted poet and adventurer. Pope, a man with a genius for friendship, never turned his back on a close friend - except for Lady Mary. The reasons that she ended up being served this singular fate are shrouded in mystery (something that hasn't stopped people from speculating, at times...

Duration: 00:58:50