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Weekly podcast of local, regional, and national blues acts.

Weekly podcast of local, regional, and national blues acts.
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Weekly podcast of local, regional, and national blues acts.






IBSC 86 JC Anderson, Jimmy Pryor, and John Woody Wood

The second half of the first Iowa Blues showcase from the spring of 2000. JC Anderson and Jimmy Pryor star in this hour, with John Woody Wood singing a song. The show was produced by Scott Cochran and Tom Gary. Director of bands was John Woody Wood, with Jono Smith, Tom Gary, and Scott Cochran. Please subscribe, like, and share!!!!!!

Duration: 00:56:43

IBSC 85 Jimmy Pryor, Rob Lumbard, John Woody Wood

The first showcase ever!!!! Episode 1!!! Season 1!!! The lost episode. An important artifact of blues history:-) The first show recorded by Scott Cochran, Stars Jimmy Pryor, John Woody Wood doing Des Moines on $50 dollars, and Rob Lumbard. The show was produced by Scott Cochran, and Tom Gary. Director of Bands was John Woody Wood, with Jono Smith, and Scott Cochran. Please share, subscribe and like!!!!

Duration: 00:58:49

IBSC 84 Happy NYE George and Gill Davis at Raccoon River Brewery

Happy New Year!!!! This is from a show from NYE show from 2003 with George and Gill Davis and a cast of thousands. I will update this info when I have the chance. Lots of people coming and going:-) The show was originally engineered by Phil Maas and was recorded at the Raccoon River Brewing Company. The house band was George Davis, Gill Davis, Tom Gary and Ben Williams. Please like, subscribe, and share!!!!!!! BTW if you want to sync the show with midnight then Start the podcast 14 mins...

Duration: 01:22:14

IBSC 82 Christmas Blues Redux

yup our first repeat, but this one’s important since it is the Blue Bands last dance. This show features a lot of Bob Dorr and the Blue band, with songs also by Rob Lumbard, Max Wellman, Tina Haas Finley, Jono Smith, John Evans, and Brian Holtz. This is probably my favorite podcast. Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!! Please subscribe, share, and like!!!!!! Thanks Tom Gary

Duration: 00:47:59

IBSC 82 Winter 2002 Steve George, and Big Daddy Dennis Kain

Cool show featuring Big Daddy Dennis Kain and Steve Geroge. This was our pre show for season 3. Lots of fun with Frank Strong including Des Moines on $50. The show was produced by Jay Taylor and Tom Gary. Director of Bands was Jono Smith, with John Lee Eagen, Frank Strong, and Dave Andrews. Please subscribe, like, and share!!!!! Thanks!

Duration: 00:55:09

IBSC 81 Women in Blues II

Nothing but women blues performers tonight! On the show we have April May, Joni Godsdottir, Madam Jules, Molly Nova, Carol Thomas, Sherry Ludders, Bridget Thompson, Bajae Fleming, Krista Haugland, Trish Toma, and Tina Haas. Wow! Enjoy! Please subscribe, like, and share!!! Thanks!

Duration: 01:00:00

IBSC 80 Hull Ave March 1999 RIP Lee Bell

Tonight is week 6 of the Sunday Night Blues Showcase from 1999! Yup! even the Blues Army, and streaming songs on the web was going on!!! Ah the good old days of dial up:-) Tonight you will hear Scott Long, Clarence Key Jr., Jethro, Don Meyers, and Tom Gary. With a host of jammers filling out the audience. If you listen closely you will hear Jimmy Pryor and Jon East!!! The house band was Jimmy Pryor, Scott Long, Tom Gary, John Woody Wood, Jim Faar. Joining us on Trumpet was Scott Davis,...

Duration: 01:18:14

IBSC 79 Regional and Local Blues no 3

Another cool local and regional blues artists show. This show features Bob Dorr and the Blue Band, Jeff Peterson, Rob Lumbard, Dan Doran, John Paul and the Hell Hounds, and Jono Smith. Some great blues for you tonight! Please Like, share, and subscribe!!!!!!!! Thanks!

Duration: 01:01:09

IBSC 78 George Davis, Gilbert Davis, Rick Mosqueda, and Tom Gary

Tonight we have a cool recording of George and Gilbert Davis, with Rick Mosqueda and Tom Gary. Live at the Hull Ave around 2000. This was just before George and Gil started Sumptum to Do. Lots of cool blues and soul tonight! Please subscribe, like, and share!!!!! Thanks!

Duration: 01:04:44

Jimmy Pryor and Cheryl Pryor interview Part Two

Part two of the Jimmy Pryor interview with his wife Cheryl. Please like, subscribe, and share!! Thanks for keeping the blues alive!!

Duration: 00:49:09

IBSC 76 Jono Smith, John Woody Wood, Tom Gary

Tonight we talk about Alien Corn, Woody, and the Iowa Blues Showcase. Cool show with music from Jono and myself, plus a few Alien corn tracks. Enjoy!!!

Duration: 00:45:12

IBSC 75 Iowa Blues Artists

A lot of great Iowa Blues artist tonight. The legendary Jon East, Big Sister, Bo Ramsey, Bob Pace, Catfish Keith, Craig Erickson, Chicago Rick Lussie, Carol Thomas, Joe Price, Jono Smith, Taz Grant, Madam Jules, and The Bad Boys of the Blues. Great show!!!! Lots of Iowa Blues, and Rock and Roll hall of famers. Enjoy!!!!!!! Tom Gary

Duration: 01:11:19

IBSC 74 Jimmy Pryor interview April 2003 By Cheryl Pryor

Tonights show is an interview of Jimmy Pryor by his wife Cheryl Pryor back in April of 2003. This is the first half hour. Next week we will continue with part two. They talk mostly about Detroit and the years 1950-59, but they do mention his early years of working in the coal mines and getting to Des Moines in 1960. This is a very cool show. Please like, subscribe, and share!!!!!!!! Thanks Tom Gary

Duration: 00:45:13

IBSC 73 Bad Boys of the Blues, Big Mike Edwards, and Jimmy Pryor

This is Probably the June 1999 Sunday Blues Showcase with the Bad Boys of the Blues featuring Jimmy Pryor. It stars Jimmy Pryor with Big Mike Edwards. The show was recorded and produced by Tom Gary with John Lukehart on guitar, Scott Cochrane on Bass, and Rick Mosqueda on Drums. Special appearances by Steve Vasquez and Larry Station. Please like, subscribe, and share on Podbean, or any great podcasting sites. Thanks

Duration: 00:47:55

IBSC 72 Backstage Boogie Band Live at Sam’s

This is a 2016 recording of the Backstage Boogie Band live at Sam’s It features Doug Trammell guitar and vocal, Byron Wells bass, harmonica and vocal, Tom Gary piano and vocal, and Rick Mosqueda drums. It was originally recorded and produced by Doug Trammell. RIP Tom Petty Please like, subscribe, and share!!! Thanks

Duration: 01:12:44

IBSC 71 Tom Gary Blues Band Yesterday and Today

This is the 2008 release of my CD called Tom Gary Blues Band Yesterday and Today. It was recorded betwwen 1995 to 2008 at Junior’s Motel by Kurk Kaufmann. It featured myself with John Lukehart, John Wood, Jimmy Farr, Big Daddy Dennis Kain, Jeff Baker, Jimmy Davis, Don Demers,Paul Sleezer, and Erick Hovey. The show was produced by Kirk Kaufmann and Tom Gary. Please subscribe, share, like, and listen on Podbean or any great podcast download sites.

Duration: 01:26:29

IBSC 70 Dewey Cantrell, Matt Woods, Frank Strong, and Jodi Bodley

Tonights show originally aired on Internet radio in December 21 2003. It was the last show of season four of the Iowa Blues Showcase. Our guests were Dewey Cantrell, and Matt Woods. Frank Strong entertained us with Frank Sings, and Jodi Bodley led the band during the Worlds most dangerous blues jam. The show was produced by Jay Taylor and Tom Gary. Director of bands was Jono Smith, with John Lee Eagan, Frank Strong, Don Brown and Rick Mo. Please like, subscribe, share, and listen to us...

Duration: 01:12:57

IBSC 69 Jody Bodley, Dewey Cantrell, Gene Jackson, a tribute to Chicago Rick, Frank Strong and Des Moines on $50

Tonights show originally aired on the internet in December of 2003. It starred Jody Bodley, Dewey Cantrell, Gene Jackson, a Tribute to Chicago Rick and Des Moines on $50 with Frank Strong. The show was produced by Jay Taylor and Tom Gary. Director of bands was Jono Smith, with Rick Mosqueda, John Lee Eagan, Don Brown, and Frank Strong. Please like, subscribe, share, and listen to all our podcasts on!!! Thanks!!!!

IBSC 68 Jimmy Pryor Tribute featuring Tom Gary and The Erick Hovey Band

Tonights show is from Janurary of 2007. It is the tribute show for Jimmy Pryor that we did at Buena Vista University for my Blues History class. It features music and stories of Jimmy Pryor. Helping me was the Erick Hovey Band. On the show was Erick Hovey on guitar, Jeff Foreman on drums, and Dan Lodden on Bass.

Duration: 00:57:49

IBSC 67 RIP Gene Jackson, updates on Genes memorial and Thursdays live show. IBSC 67 RIP Gene Jackson, updates on Gene’s memorial and the live show Thursday night.

We rember Gene Jackson and update you on his memorial Tuesday night, and the upcoming IBSC show Thursday

Duration: 00:14:17

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