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Irenicast is a weekly podcast dedicated to the discussion of faith and culture. Hosts Jeff, Mona, and Allen explore various topics from pop culture to the more serious issues impacting religion, society, and day-to-day life. New episodes are posted every Tuesday (with the occasional bonus episode on Fridays). In addition to thought-provoking conversation Jeff, Mona & Allen indulge in more light-hearted segments like Jesus or Jay-Z?, Famous Christians for 100, and Jesus Juke, to name a few.






Past, Present and Future - Irenicast Live - 100

In our 100th episode, we take time to reflect on the past, present and future of the show. Jeff, Mona and Allen share about who they were when the show started and reflect on what’s changed. They also share their favorite episodes and segments with other listeners who tuned in for our live recording on Facebook. ANNOUNCEMENTS After 100 straight weeks of episodes, Irenicast will be taking a bit of a break. We will have an occasional episode over the next coming weeks, but not on a...

Duration: 01:01:52

Christian Mingle The Movie - A Divine SINema Review - 099

Christian Mingle the Movie is about what you’d expect from a faith-based romantic comedy. The story follows Gwyneth (Lacey Chabert) as she maneuvers through the dating scene with no luck. On an especially discouraging evening, she decides to open up an account with an online dating site for Christians. There is only one problem: she is not a Christian. Determined to make love work she pretends to be something she is not for a man named Paul (Jonathan Patrick Moore). Eventually, everything...

Duration: 01:08:43

The Call of God to Life - Dr. Patrick B. Reyes Author of Nobody Cries When We Die - 098

Hailing from one of the most violent neighborhoods in the country, from a community of field workers, Dr. Patrick B Reyes speaks with Mona this week about his book, Nobody Cries When We Die: God, Community and Surviving to Adulthood. Unlike many academic theology books, Nobody Cries is rich with not only theory, but also stories - many life moments that Dr. Reyes regards as God’s voice, spoken by a community that helped him survive incredibly difficult conditions and social systems. This...

Duration: 00:57:10

Hedonism and Pleasure - Hashtag Life Goals- 097

The making of Bucket Lists, the having of #lifegoals, the pursuit of pleasure - what role does pleasure play in giving our lives meaning? Is it central? This week, the dynamic trio discusses hedonism and pleasure, Christian adaptations a la John Piper, neurochemistry, conditioning, and whether or not the small things ought to command at least a little of our attention. A “I’ve Never” segment then reveals just how cosmopolitan each of them are. Hedonism and Pleasure Conversation...

Duration: 01:06:00

Generational Stereotypes - A Boomer, Gen Xer and Millennial Walk Into a Bar - 096

Jim Wagner (The Boomer) joins Jeff (The Gen Xer) and Allen (The Millennial) for a conversation about generational stereotypes, what function they serve, and why they exist in the first place. They explore economic and cultural contexts, deconstruct a few of the common characterizations of their own age groups, and suggest ways to combat this kind of thinking. Then, having all served as preachers in their respective careers, their skills are put to the test in another round of Jesus...

Duration: 00:59:14

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas Review - Divine SINema Series - 095

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas is our movie for this edition of Divine SINema. Allen and Mona take the week off and Adam and Dylan step in to discuss with Jeff this truly awful Christmas film. Through a conversation with his sister, Kirk learns his brother-in-law, Christian, is not into Christmas this year. We come to find out that he is struggling with the fact that Christmas Trees, Santa and presents have hijacked Christmas from Jesus and the Bible. After finding that Christian has...

Duration: 01:05:01

Prisons of Our Own Making - God Have Mercy on the Criminal Justice System - 094

Mass incarceration has reached truly astounding levels in the land of the free and home of the brave and its criminal justice system. Jeff, Mona & Allen discuss the newly released documentary 13th, various social and historical factors behind the growth of the prison industrial complex, specifics like mandatory minimum sentencing, generalities around criminality, the image of God, ministry of Jesus, and much more. The segment in this episode consists of “crazy laws” which are somehow still...

Duration: 01:06:04

Engaging Video Game Culture - Evangelism, Exercise and Excess - 093

Video games are a prominent part of the American landscape and are only becoming more accessible with the advent of mobile gaming. Jeff, Mona and Allen discuss the possible ways in which video games and video game culture can cause, or encourage, good and bad behaviors. The attempted co-opting of the gaming space by evangelicals, using games for positive real life benefits and gamergate are all touched on during the conversation. The episode finished by transitioning into a light-hearted...

Duration: 00:58:45

Interview with Angelina Hagan a Bernie Sanders Delegate - An Inside Perspective on the DNC 2016 - 092

Despite the fact that the 2016 election has come and gone there are still so many aspects to reflect on. This week Jeff sits down with Angelina Hagan, a Bernie Sanders delegate. Although we are probably all intimately familiar with the electoral process, the process of the primary elections can sometimes be confusing. Angelina describes the journey in becoming a delegate in her district in Colorado. She also describes what the Democratic National Convention was like as a Bernie delegate....

Duration: 01:07:21

A Movie Review of If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? - A Divine SINema Episode - 091

For the first time Devine SINema steps out of bonus episode territory with a look at the 1972 film, If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horsemen Do? This movie takes us to a time when America was in fear of a foreign ideology, marriage was under attack, public schools were taking away our children’s innocence and our country was in desperate need to return to God. Apparently, some things never change. Written by and starring Reverend Estus Pirkle and directed by Ron Ormond, this movie gives us...

Duration: 01:01:08

Atmosphere of Fear - Action, Motivation, Control - 090

From rallying voter bases to post-election anxieties, the 2016 election, for many, has created an atmosphere of fear. The Irenicast hosts talk about the importance of dialogue rather than dismissal when it comes to engaging fears, the relationship between fear and privilege, as well as the role fear might play in control. The hosts challenge listeners to think outside the box when it comes to fear itself - to analyzing the impact fear has on us and what its real effects...

Duration: 00:48:36

Understanding Rape Culture - Where it Comes From and How to Discuss It - 089

Understanding rape culture is a vital issue today. What is rape culture? What reality does it reflect? When did it begin? Who is responsible for creating it? This week Jeff, Mona and Allen take on the difficult topic of rape culture and discuss it from both male and female perspectives. They also discuss theologies of sexuality and ending dominance, with an honest conversation about what the Bible may or may not offer for a contemporary sexual ethic. In the effort to take a break from...

Duration: 01:10:37

Compassion Fatigue - A Psalm of Irenicast - 088

On the dawn of election day 2016 Jeff, Mona and Allen discuss compassion fatigue. What do you do when you’re tired of caring? When you’re tired of believing anything is going to change? These are questions many people who desire to be a part of a bigger solution face. And although no one really has the answers, it helps to talk about it and know we are not alone in our occasional desire to give up. And since it is election day we close out the episode with our own exercise in democracy in...

Duration: 01:04:22

A Conversation with Science Mike McHargue - Finding God in the Waves - 087

This week a conversation with Science Mike McHargue author of FInding God in the Waves. Mike is a fellow podcaster. He is the co-host of the Liturgists Podcast, host of the Ask Science Mike Podcast and author of the new book, FInding God in the Waves. In addition to talking about his book Mike shares a story about an incident that helped shape his views on race. He also discusses his difficulties with learning despite being considered the smartest person in most rooms he enters. We are so...

Duration: 00:49:01

God’s Not Dead 2 Review - Divine SINema Series - 086.5

A God’s Not Dead 2 review is the subject of this bonus episode. Adam and Dylan are back and join Jeff for another addition of Divine SINema. This movie takes place in the same town as the first God’s Not Dead. It is about a teacher named Grace who is a Christian and a teacher at a public school called Martin Luther King Jr. High. During a lesson on the civil rights movement a student asks about Jesus’ words in connection to Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi's non-violent protests. Grace...

Duration: 01:00:39

The Evolution of Satan - Details in the Devil - 086

With Halloween 2016 less than a week away from this episode, Jeff and Allen discuss the evolution of Satan. Depending on our religious upbringing we may take for granted that the existence of Satan is a forgone conclusion. But is it? What does the Bible say about Satan? Does the Bible have a consistent narrative about Satan? What other things outside of scripture have we unwittingly accepted as fact regarding the prince of darkness? These are some of the questions we answer. And finally...

Duration: 01:03:19

Can A Person Have Multiple Religious Identities? An Interview with Lauren Andrea-Lucia - 085

Mona sits down with Lauren Andrea-Lucia to explore what it means to have multiple religious identities. Lauren grew up in Italy with a Catholic father and a Jewish mother, and finds religious and spiritual nourishment in both traditions, identifying as a dual-religious person. Lauren shares her experience of holding both religious identities together, despite their seemingly mutually-exclusive claims to truth. The conversation covers the context of the history of anti-semitism and forced...

Duration: 01:01:50

Are Young Males Disengaging from Society? - The Case of the the Incredible Disappearing Men - 084

In a conversation geared more toward culture than faith Jeff, Mona and Allen explore why young males are disengaging from society. Far from an agreeable conversation about things we can do to reverse this trend, this episode focused on nuanced disagreement about its primary causes. Between video games, easy access to pornography, education, economic factors and a host of other causes, is there a primary one? And more importantly, is there a solution? We finish the episode with a new...

Duration: 01:01:17

Prophecy Today - Fortune Telling or Something More? - 083

Is prophecy today simply fortune telling or something else? Jeff, Mona and Allen discuss this deceptively layered topic. Much of the time the rhetoric around prophecy, or the prophetic, or even the hebrew prophets themselves seems so otherworldly. Saturated with mysticism and the divine. Perhaps there is more. And that although all that is true, there is another dimension to the tradition of the prophetic. A practical one. One deeply connected to the real life details and systems we all...

Duration: 01:04:22

A Critical Analysis of God’s Not Dead - Divine Sinema - 082.5

As part of our celebration of International Podcast Day 2016 we are giving you a bonus episode of Irenicast. Jeff, along with guest co-hosts Adam and Dylan, provide a critical analysis of God’s Not Dead. We watch horrible Christian movies so you don’t have to. Racial stereotypes, bad theology, one-dimensional characters and the Newsboys come together for this cringe inducing film based off of a bad sermon illustration. God may not be dead, but perhaps the Christian film industry should...

Duration: 00:56:00

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