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Please re-rack your weights! from Sep 20, 2017

Lee Morgan - "Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)" - The Gigolo The Clientele - "Everyone You Meet" - Music for the Age of Miracles Camp Cope - "Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams" - Camp Cope Camper Van Beethoven - "Where the Hell is Bill? (dedicated to William Berger)" - Telephone Free Landslide Victory William Berger - "Where the Hell Is Syd?" - The William Tapes William Berger (as "Little X") - "Let's Clean Up" - The William Tapes William Berger (as "Letter X") - "Almost Grown (Chuck...

Duration: 03:10:19

I'd stop mansplaining if women weren't so goddamn stupid. from Sep 13, 2017

Lee Morgan - "Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)" - The Gigolo Cola Jet Set - "Fin del Mundo" - El Fin del Mundo Hank Mobley - "Syrup and Biscuits" - Straight No Filter Medeski, Martin & Wood - "Philly Cheese Blunt" - The Dropper Richie Havens - "Run, Shaker Life (drums: Skip Prokop. R.I.P.)" - Something Else Again The Paupers - "Magic People (drums: Skip Prokop, R.I,P.)" - Magic People Lighthouse - "Mountain Man (drums: Skip Prokop. R.I.P)" - Lighthouse Jenny O. - "Funeral for My...

Duration: 03:09:55

The '60s: album covers where one member of the band is surreptitiously extending his middle finger. THAT was revolution. THAT was sticking it to the man. from Sep 6, 2017

Lee Morgan - "Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)" - The Gigolo The Bran Flakes - "Clap Your Hands / Electronic Voices" - Help Me The Books - "Egaberté / Liternité" - Music for a French Elevator Happyness - "The C is a B A G" - Write In Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "So Good at Being in Trouble" - II (Deluxe Edition) Steely Dan - "The Fez" - The Royal Scam Steely Dan - "I Got the News" - Aja Hank Mobley - "Third Time Around" - Straight No Filter The Babe Rainbow - "Monky Disco" - The Babe...

Duration: 03:09:31

WFMU: A collection of unstable molecules. from Aug 30, 2017

Lee Morgan - "Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)" - The Gigolo The Bran Flakes - "There's a Lot of Things in Life Today / How to Take a Good Selfie" - Help Me Buzzy Linhart - "That's the Bag I'm In" - Buzzy Linhart Loves You: Classic Recordings Todd Sickafoose - "Warm Stone" - Tiny Resistors Jenny O. - "Trauma Jules" - Peace and Information Lizzy Mercier Descloux - "Hard-Boiled Babe" - Press Color Charles Mingus & Red Norvo - "Prelude to a Kiss" - Mingus Meets Norvo Zee Avi - "The Book...

Duration: 03:07:16

Multiple models of masculinities suggest that marital meat consumption does not necessarily follow formulaic, hegemonic gender patterns. from Feb 1, 2017

Lee Morgan - "Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)" - The Gigolo P.J. Harvey - "Dress" - Dry Hiromi (ft. Anthony Jackson & Simon Phillips) - "Move" - Move Earlimart - "Teeth" - Hymn and Her Art Circus - "Summer" - Art Circus Jefferson Airplane - "Go to Her" - Surrealistic Pillow Weird Al - "First World Problems" - Mandatory Fun Headlights - "Market Girl" - Some Racing, Some Stopping Nick Lowe - "Ragin' Eyes" - The Doings Sam Rivers & the Rivbea Orchestra - "Spots" - Aurora JOE FRANK -...

Duration: 03:07:25

Sylvie Simmons sings and strums. from Jun 22, 2016

Lee Morgan - "Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)" - The Gigolo Tame Impala - "Reality in Motion" - Currents Chris Cohen - "Torrey Pine" - As If Apart Craig Buhler - "Migration" - Capistrano Sessions Wire - "Strange" - Pink Flag The Clientele - "Breathe in Now" - A Sense of Falling: Strange Geometry Outtakes Mick Taylor - "Leather Jacket" - Mick Taylor Gary McFarland - "Can't Help Dancing" - Latin Lounge Jayhawks - "Lovers of the Sun" - Paging Mr. Proust Rashomon - "Caribea (Moondog)"...

Duration: 03:07:45

Inevitability isn’t what it used to be, which was bound to happen. from Mar 2, 2016

Lee Morgan - "Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)" - The Gigolo Horace Silver - "Que Pasa" - Song for My Father Norah Jones - "Man of the Hour" - The Fall Chad & Jeremy - "Rest in Peace" - Of Cabbages and Kings Knights of the New Crusade - "Fugitive from God" - Fugitive from God (single) Stealers Wheel - "Go As You Please" - Right or Wrong The Divine Comedy - "Famous" - National Express Chemical Brothers - "We Are the Night" - We Are The Wankers 7" Lothar & The Hand People - "Sex & Violence" -...

Duration: 03:09:42