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On the last show that the team has presented for Is Nothing Sacred on Joy 94.9 before being rested, Jim-pa and James are joined by former co-host Patrick and (by Skype) from Jamaica by current […] http://media.rawvoice.com/joy_isnothing/p/joy.org.au/isnothingsacred/wp-content/uploads/sites/249/2016/08/2016-07-25.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 35:47 — 32.8MB)

Duration: 00:35:46

Parliamentary Fall-out

On this second final installment of Is Nothing Sacred, the team is focused on the drawn-out election, with political guests Gareth Hutchins and Crispin Hull. They are asked what their highlights for this year’s election […]http://media.rawvoice.com/joy_isnothing/p/joy.org.au/isnothingsacred/wp-content/uploads/sites/249/2016/07/2016-07-18-1.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 46:45 — 42.8MB)

Duration: 00:46:44

First Nation Respect

In this third last instalment of Is Nothing Sacred, Jim and Steph (with James in panel) have a retrospect on NAIDOC, a week of respect for the Aboriginal population and what they have endured. The […]http://media.rawvoice.com/joy_isnothing/p/joy.org.au/isnothingsacred/wp-content/uploads/sites/249/2016/07/2016-07-11.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 37:25 — 34.3MB)

Duration: 00:37:24

Bricks Hit

We have started to recover from the shock of Brexit, but what does it mean in the longer term? Steph and Jim speak to British journalist William Ward to get the UK perspective and Gareth […]http://media.rawvoice.com/joy_isnothing/p/joy.org.au/isnothingsacred/wp-content/uploads/sites/249/2016/07/2016-07-03.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 45:25 — 41.6MB)

Duration: 00:45:25

Studying The Votes

This week, Jim and Steph return to the HIV forum with Prof. Clovis Palmer, as he follows up the important scientific papers he has been mulling over for 28 days. Among Clovis’ findings are when HIV […]http://media.rawvoice.com/joy_isnothing/p/joy.org.au/isnothingsacred/wp-content/uploads/sites/249/2016/06/2016-06-27.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 40:37 — 37.2MB)

Duration: 00:40:36

Space Apes

What makes stars twinkle; Are wormholes in outer-space real; Will the whole universe eventually get sucked into a giant black hole??? These are all questions answered in this week’s episode, with a focus on SPACE!!! […]http://media.rawvoice.com/joy_isnothing/p/joy.org.au/isnothingsacred/wp-content/uploads/sites/249/2016/06/2016-06-20.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 41:49 — 38.3MB)

Duration: 00:41:49

Clear & Present Danger

On a night when the LGBTI Community around the world is mourning and grieving the senseless tragedy of the Orlando FL massacre, the ISN team (ie. Jim) talk quite philosophically about why the recent Parliamentary […]http://media.rawvoice.com/joy_isnothing/p/joy.org.au/isnothingsacred/wp-content/uploads/sites/249/2016/06/2016-06-13.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 37:53 — 34.7MB)

Duration: 00:37:52

Community Power

This week, there’s a focus on the advantages of community radio, as Jim, Steph and James are joined by Richard Watts, stalwart of another volunteer-run station. They talk about how the LBGTQ community is negelected […]http://media.rawvoice.com/joy_isnothing/p/joy.org.au/isnothingsacred/wp-content/uploads/sites/249/2016/06/2016-06-06.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 33:04 — 30.3MB)

Duration: 00:33:03

Plastic Bans

Tonight is a rather heavy-handed edition of Is Nothing Sacred, as James and Rory have 3 guests in the studio that are all about ethical sustainability. First is Dale, an advocate for pushing a bill […]http://media.rawvoice.com/joy_isnothing/p/joy.org.au/isnothingsacred/wp-content/uploads/sites/249/2016/06/2016-05-30.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 41:13 — 37.7MB)

Duration: 00:41:13

How To Get A Job (And Keep It)

This week’s episode is all about getting ready for the future economy. The ISN team speaks with Darren Sharp, Director of Social Surplus, about the sharing economy: what it is, what the benefits and risks […]http://media.rawvoice.com/joy_isnothing/p/joy.org.au/isnothingsacred/wp-content/uploads/sites/249/2016/05/2016-05-16.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 39:16 — 36.0MB)

Duration: 00:39:16

Western Helpers

Jim is back from his summer break in New Zealand as he and the team continue the Midsumma theme. Ourguest is the Mayor of Hobsons Bay, Peter Hemphill who leads the local government that has led the Go West component of Midsumma, especially events at the Newport Substation. We're then joined by Minus 18 Program Manager Tim Christodolou, for a wide-ranging discussion about support for young members of the LGBTI community, especially those in rural area. Great work for our community! Aired on...

Duration: 00:39:42

Municipal Safety

It's Midsumma, whichmeans no doom and gloom for a few weeks, just interesting chats with interesting people and a few events to find out about. For the occasion, Steph and James speak to the Mayor of Moonee Valley, Cr. Andrea Surace about all the Midsumma happenings in her city, including an art exhibition with an interactive bed (napping not permitted). The team is also joined by Safe Schools Coalition intern Rory Blundell, who tells his story about coming out as gay, then trans, using...

Duration: 00:35:26

Bowie vs. Autism

Tonight, Steph and James talk to an amazing man (albeit younger and less prone to singing than recently deceased David Bowie) Chris Varney.Chris is on the Autism spectrum and had a wonderful mother who insisted he could do anything that other people could.He is now founder and CEO of the I CAN Network, an organisation working with hundreds of children and young people on the Autistic spectrum. Also, with the sudden news of Bowie's death, it's time to honour his amazingness by playing some...

Duration: 00:37:35

College Girls

Phew, lots of learning on the first Is Nothing Sacred? episode of 2016. The hour is chock-a-block with guests, featuring five PhD students from LaTrobe University talking about their research and expanding our minds: Anne Brouwer on green-washing Perla Guarneros on immigration through Mexico Kirsty McFarlane on equality in education Hannah McDougal on the well-being of para-athletes Hannah Robert on parentage and the law. Aired on the 4th of January, 2016. The post College Girls appeared...

Duration: 00:44:50

The Best & Worst of 2015

Jim and James are here to return another session of science and skepticism with a review of the year that was. Jim's highlights include the recurring theme of PrEP, the evils and priorities of poker machines, what it means to be an asylum seeker, James picks Sam Betts' whistle-blowingandGeneral Manager Amy Moon (who joins in later) chooses the appointment of Gender & Equality Minister for the first time in Victoria and the coverage of World AIDS Day. The team also discuss what they would...

Duration: 00:34:50

Research Methods & Global Online Communities

Tonight's show is about online communities and why they're mostly good (except for the trolls). Jim and Steph speak with social researcher Alexia Maddox about her new book, then Prof. Collette Snowden from the University of South Australia. Jim also learns what an emoji is and Steph reveals her (not very) secret online past with The X-Files. Aired on 7th of December, 2015. The post Research Methods & Global Online Communities appeared first on Is Nothing Sacred.

Duration: 00:45:27

Curing AIDS

In a two part special anticipating World AIDS Day, Jim, Steph and James interview Prof. Sharon Lewin, the exec Director of the Doherty Institue at the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital. They are joined byher research colleague Dr. Thomas Rasmussen, visiting from Denmark, who is helping toresearch a cure for AIDS. Ahighly informative and spirited discussion for World AID Day that couldreally openup JOY'scoverage. Aired on 30th of November, 2015. The post Curing AIDS...

Duration: 00:41:08

The Native Title

Is Nothing Sacred gets ready for World AIDS Day by talking about the HIV-positive community and the latest research. The team speaks to Garry Sattell from the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation about supporting HIV-positive people in Aboriginal communities around the state. Then regular guest, Clovis Palmer from the Burnett Institute, talks about what's new in HIV research, including the amount of sugar that's put into our food. Aired on 23rd of November, 2015. The...

Duration: 00:41:47

Here with all of my people

Tonight's show is all about human rights with Jim and Steph first talkingto Samantha Betts who worked in the detention center in Nauru and became a whistle-blower and advocate, speaking publicly about what she saw there. Next isEmily Howie, Director of Advocacy and Research at the Human Rights Law Centre onAustralia's role in international human rights and the abolition of the death penalty. Also the meaning of My Peopleby The Presets (covered by the Basement Boys) is revealed. Aired on 16th...

Duration: 00:44:50

Social Studies Diploma

Tonight's show is all about research, with Steph interviewing five postgraduate students from LaTrobe University about their work: Aidan Craney on young people in Fiji and the Solomon Islands Jasvir Kaur on success for international students Rebekah Kurpiel on the archaeology of Lake Mungo Anastasia Kanjere on critical whiteness Victoria Weale on work-life balance Also, Jim shares some archaeological anecdotes and everyone breaks the show's rules for music selection. Aired on 9th of...

Duration: 00:47:34

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