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A Show where friends catch up , cover topics like Movies, Video Games, Life Events which at times are stranger than fiction. We take any random subject and see where we end up. We take topics and ideas from the community and riff , so be part of the party and after you hear all we do, You may ask yourself: Is that a Podcast?




Episode 32- Straight up final fantasy talk with nails

Welcome to our Christmas episode , well not really. We don't talk Christmas, you'll have plenty of that to go around. On the latest episode we talk The final Smash Bros. direct and the new announcements , then we talk Final Fantasy 7 remake being episodic and how Josh would spend sooo much money to play it . We ask what Hideo Kojima will be doing after he officially leaves Konami ? Fredie might break his no robot games rule if Kojima is the one making it. We round out the night with some...

Episode 31- PSX Reactions and One Punch Man

Welcome back and tonight we have a returning special guest Travis, and we talk about Sony‘s PSX 2015 Conference. We discuss our thoughts of some of the highlights of the announcements on Final Fantasy VII Remake , Ratchet and Clank .....

Episode 30- The Civil War Over PSN Trophies

We make it to Episode 30 , who would of thought we’d stick with something for so long? Tonight we talk PS2 games on PS4 and why we would fall down the rabbit hole again as long as a trophy .....

Episode- 29 Fallout 4 Reactions and Cloud Smashes Through Nintendo

We are back this week and to our surprise so was Nintendo. We discuss the new Nintendo Direct and geek out over the Smash Bros inclusion of fan favorite Cloud from FFVII. We talk our first impressions on Fallout 4 .....

Episode 28-Stepping into the next generation and looking to the future of Nintendo

We are back to our regular duo Josh returns and Fredie finally joins the current generation. We welcome josh back with police run ins as teenagers then we talk a possible Superman game and how we would set it up. .....

Episode 27- Nostalgic Reality Check, On Location

Welcome back and we come to you from location in the mobile studio, and joining me tonight is the return of a fan favorite, Travis . We talk about last weeks fallout of fan mail regarding our top 5 list .....

Episode 26- A Far Cry to a top 5 list

We are back after a long wait, We find ourselves recording in the cave once again. We give in to an email suggestion , we do our first list, we cover our top horror games just in time for Halloween. .....

Episode 25-When mascots do battle and Pokemon roam the earth

We are back after a long hiatus , tonight Josh and Fredie discuss Metal Gear Solid 5 and how games in your youth shape what you play in the future and how we cant ignore Minecraft. We discuss how Pokemon .....

Is That A Podcast ? Episode 23- Trapped in Kevin’s Game Episode 23- Trapped in Kevin's Game

Welcome to an hour of video game gibberish, anime talk and just plain randomness. This week we all talk Persona 5 , and when we should expect it. We go over the latest anime craze Overlord and wonder what video .....

Episode 22- The Morr-I-ssey, the less I want to hear

Welcome back everybody, tonight we talk about Kevin’s recent blasphemy into Star Trek on line. We talk about cartoons being made live action and if any are any good. Prison school live action is real! we go over Josh ..... The post Episode 22- The Morr-I-ssey, the less I want to hear appeared first on Is That A Podcast ?.

Episode 21- Quakecon Afterthoughts and Prison School Regrets

We are back after a short break, tonight we have Kevin, Josh and Fredie talking about their current gaming sessions, We explain why persona 4 golden is still so good. Fredie tells of of his time at Quakecon and what ..... The post Episode 21- Quakecon Afterthoughts and Prison School Regrets appeared first on Is That A Podcast ?.

Episode 20- Hunting Pretend Imaginary Friends At A Birthday

Welcome to a special 20th episode where again we have all 4 guys together. We celebrate Fredie’s birthday by talking Bat Man Arkham Knight, Fake imaginary friends and what did you want to be when you grew up? deep conversation ..... The post Episode 20- Hunting Pretend Imaginary Friends At A Birthday appeared first on Is That A Podcast ?.

Episode 19- Final Fantasy Frustrations and Josh’s lack of a Punchline

Welcome back to another random episode where we kick off with our first angry email , and we talk how much “Final Fantasy X” can be a real problem especially if it involves chocobo’s. Josh will fill us in ..... The post Episode 19- Final Fantasy Frustrations and Josh’s lack of a Punchline appeared first on Is That A Podcast ?.

Episode 18- The current state of anime, time travel and double water

We come back to our show where we cover anime, time travel and josh reveals a secret confession or so we thought. We get to play a session of ” Is that a movie? ” .....

Episode 17- 4 guys , a copy ninja and Gary Busey go for one last drag

We have all 4 guys tonight , Kevin, Travis, Fredie and Josh. We jump into a fan favorite “Is that an Anime?” where Josh gets on the score board for the first time. We recommend some anime for josh to .....

Episode 16- Being Naive With Walter

Welcome to a special episode , tonight Fredie tries his hand at interviewing 1 on 1 and it shouldn’t be too much trouble when hes interviewing his own cousin, Walter. They dig into his childhood travels from South Central L.A. .....

Episode 15- Early E3 Extravaganza

Warning , this is an all Video game episode . We cover E3 2015 press conferences ahead of the full show this week . We recorded and released early so you could get our impressions. Tonight we welcome .....

Episode 14- Falling Out With Kevin

We introduce special guest Kevin on the show, who brings us his stories from the east coast. we fall back into a favorite topic FALLOUT 4 and talk reactions to the new trailer . We talk anime and recommend .....

Episode 13- You don’t talk about Fight Club, for as long as we did

This episode we make up for a short episode from last week with an extra long one full of , Batman Arkam talk, the Witcher 3 and we discuss if first person shooters have lost the dominion in the .....

Episode 12- In the end

We have a Short episode today thanks to sleep deprivation and thunderstorms. We talk being burned by games and at what point do we risk our time and money? we do a round of :”Is that a game?” where we .....
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