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Ep. 004: What Would Your Resume Say

You’re not currently running a company, are you? Regardless, it’s probably best you don’t think too much about those smoothies you left on the roof of your car. Also, Ina has written a book titled, “Cooking for Jeffey”… No, seriously. Music by:

Duration: 01:02:11

Ep. 003: A Fabulous Meal Waiting for Him

When Jeffery and Ina get to France they do French stuff, but why don’t they at least extend us an invitation? Oh right, kids. Also, Sarah gets 50 units of Botox. Music by:

Duration: 01:09:28

Ep. 002: Crunchy Cornflakes Frozen Fries

If you come to Utah, you are going to see a soda shop on almost every corner. Soda with extra sugar? Yes. Sugar cookie to go with your extra sugar soda? Yes. Coffee? No. Music by:

Duration: 01:02:24

Ep. 001: Get a Turkey to Altitude

What do cats, dogs, and turkeys all have in common? That’s right, they can fly on a plane with you; sort of. In this inaugural episode the girls delve into the world of emotional support animals. Sorry rodents, you guys don’t qualify. Music by:

Duration: 00:34:00