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S01E08 - Ben spins like Kylie - Move out of his way! ~ IsNotRadio

In our last episode of the current series we spin our Big Wheel of Conversation: Daniel (the host) wants the Olympics back in the UK for summer, Natalie decides on which Spice Girl had the most successful solo career, Steven is horrified by who's been in touch with Daniel, and Ben returns to manhandle the wheel the way he should have to start with.

Duration: 01:20:00

S01E07 - In a land before time... ~ IsNotRadio

We are joined by Jeff and Ilona makes a comeback. Steven thinks Daniel should carry around a spittoon and a plastic riot shield to help with his minor OCD, what is 'Cheers' on the wheel for? The Big Brother house - could we survive it? We'll need butter to do that. We reveal what our first single was, and we play a game of 80s TV theme tunes.

Duration: 01:51:37

S01E06 - #HowMuchAnimalDoYouWantInYourMouth? #Blessed ~ IsNotRadio

In what can only be described as the biggest episode ever, we are joined by Jess who realises the quandary of trying to go fully vegetarian. We have a live studio audience in the form of our friend Phil who came all the way from Canada to be on our podcast (he really did!). Natalie admits she has gotten a bit too close to her favourite band (for their comfort), and Steven gets very excited when Daniel presents the team with an agenda.

Duration: 01:22:55

S01E05 - Paging all the aliens, we'd like to make contact ~ IsNotRadio

We are joined by Fiona, who finds out what a podcast really is and has nothing to do with a police interview. Steven thinks his butcher is an alien, Daniel confesses how he wound up his boss with his pager, and Natalie discovers her Uber rating, but none of us understand how we got from that to beards and haircuts.

Duration: 00:56:27

S01E04 - Can Daniel Get Some Help? Please? ~ IsNotRadio

Daniel decides to kidnap Natalie and Steven, and take them to a mystery destination where they are joined by Ilona. We spin our wheel and discuss hands-free Bluetooth kits (briefly), manchild stuff, swingers, and shocking lies ⚡⚡⚡!

Duration: 01:10:21

S01E03 - Smutnado

In our difficult third episode we are joined by our friend of the show Ben who bravely tries to agree on buying a lottery ticket, we discuss #BagelGate, watching a sex scene in a film and the awkward moment when your parents are in the room, and Daniel begs Ben, Steven & Natalie not to let him die. Side note: sexy music from

Duration: 00:39:35

S01E02 - The clearly superior sequel… possibly

In our second episode: we spin our Big Wheel of Conversation and discuss the few film sequels that work, we tackle the creeping menaces of corporate songs and things that beep too much.

Duration: 00:31:56

S01E01 - The beginning of 'something'

In our first episode: We spin our Big Wheel of Conversation for the first time. Daniel (the host) explains why he thinks horoscopes are nonsense, Natalie makes a confession, Steven gives details of the ultimate breakfast, and Stephan explains why he is banned from a world class department store in London. All fun and laughter on IsNotRadio.

Duration: 01:14:17