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It's All Connected is a podcast that is focused on the Marvel Studios movies and TV shows. Join us weekly as we dive into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.






Its All Connected 117 - Comic Con 2017 D23 News Lost SpiderMan Tapes

It's an episode chock full of news from SDCC and D23. Topics include Infinity War footage, Avengers 4 filming, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel in the 90s!! Thor Ragnarok, Jeremy Lacham moving to Fox, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 in 4kUHD, Netlifx's Punisher, Daredevil Season 3, Iron Fist Season 2, Defenders Reviews, New Warriors casting, Runaways and Spider-Man Homecoming. As a special after the show we were able to pull segments from the lost Spider-Man: Homecoming episode with Brad...

Duration: 01:39:18

Its All Connected 116 - News And Iron Fist Impressions

This episode we discuss the Black Panther and Inhumans Trailers, Infinity War news, Marvel TV at San Diego Comic Con, Spider-Man news, Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok, Johnny M predicts the future and we finally give our two cents on Netflix Iron Fist Season 1. @mcu_podcast

Duration: 01:32:53

HHWLOD Special - Alien Covenant

Join Brad, Russ, and John as we get nostalgic on the origins of our podcasting careers. Then we dive into what we thought about Alien Covenant.

Duration: 01:21:11

Its All Connected 115 - AoS Season 04 Wrap Up

Matthew, Russ and Darrell complete our reviews of Agents of SHIELD Season 4. Hot on the heels of a Season 5 renewal. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:41:39

Its All Connected 114 - Defenders Panel Comicpalooza 2017

We have The Defenders Panel audio from Comicpalooza 2017. Join Mike Colter and Finn Jones as they discuss anime, fans, coffee, watching their own work, and of course The Defenders. This audio was recorded in a large theater so apologies in advance for any audio issues.

Duration: 00:49:03

Its All Connected 113 - Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Movie Review

Russ and Matthew give a spoiler review of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. You're Welcome

Duration: 01:11:23

Its All Connected 112 - AoS S0416 S0417 S0418

Matthew is back and he joins Russ and Darrell to catch up on a ton of news including New Warriors, Cloak and Dagger trailer, Thor Ragnarok trailer, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. done with Marvel?, Netflix shows, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, and more. Then we catch up on Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episodes 16, 17, and 18 "What If...", "Identity and Change", "No Regrets" Time Stamps News 00:00:00 - 1:01:52 Agents of SHIELD 1:01:52 - 1:50:03

Duration: 01:50:03

Its All Connected 110 - Luke Cage 08 09 10

Russ, Matthew and Darrell cover some recent news about Thor Ragnarok, movie start dates and then breakdown the casting announcements for "Inhumans". Then we have our penultimate discussion surrounding Luke Cage. Episodes 8-10 "Blowin' Up the Spot","DWYCK","Take it Personal"

Duration: 01:54:42

HHWLOD Special - Logan

John and Russ get together for a live Hangout and discuss the recently released "Logan". Technically not an MCU movie but worthy of discussion.

Duration: 01:12:55

Its All Connected 108 - Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episodes 11 12 And 13 Luke Cage Episode 7

Russ and Darrell hold down the fort and go over some quick news which includes Netflix shows, Cloak and Dagger, Runaways and a Super Bowl trailer. Then we discuss 3 episodes of Agents of SHIELD to get caught up. "Wake Up", "Hot Potato Soup" and "Boom!". Then finish it off with Luke Cage Episode 7 "Manifest" TimeStamps: 00:00:00 - 00:26:07 - News 00:26:07 - 1:18:15 - Agents of SHIELD 1:18:15 - 1:44:42 - Luke Cage

Duration: 01:44:51

Its All Connected 107 - Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 9 and 10 Luke Cage Episodes 5 and 6

Russ, Matthew and Darrell discuss some news including skating very close on the poliitical side with Dan Buckleys promotion and Ike Perlmutters new job in the Trump administration. Then we discuss Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 9 and 10 "Broken Promises" and "The Patriot". Then we finish it off with Luke Cage Episodes 5 and 6 "Just to Get a Rep" and "Suckas Need Bodyguards".

Duration: 02:12:51

Its All Connected 106 - Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episodes 7 And 8 Luke Cage Episodes 3 and 4

Russ and Darrell hold down the fort this week. We cover news related to Thor Ragnarok, Ant-Man and the Wasp filming, Doctor Strange video release. Next we discuss Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episodes 7 and 8 "" and "Deals With Our Devils" and "The Laws of Inferno Dynamics". Then we finish it off with Luke Cage Episodes 3 and 4 "Who's Gonna Take the Weight?" and "Step Into the Arena" Time Stamps News: 00:00:00 - 00:24:35 Agents of SHIELD: 00:24:35 - 1:14:50 Luke Cage: 01:14:50 - 2:12:00

Duration: 02:12:03

It's All Connected 105 - Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episodes 5 And 6

We have a long episode this week as Darrell Taylor joins Russ and Matthew. We start with Matthew and Darrell's take on Doctor Strange. Then we get into a great discussion on the nature of broadcast TV, Cable TV, and Netflix and how the landscape is changing. This all leads us to discuss and speculate on the recently announced Inhumans show debuting on IMAX. Darrell gives us his quick thoughts on Luke Cage and we finish off discussing Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episodes 5 and 6, "Lockup" and...

Duration: 02:34:37

Its All Connected 104 - Doctor Strange Movie Review

John and Russ break down "Doctor Strange". Then we announce the winner of our Collector Corp box set.

Duration: 01:30:18

Its All Connected 103 - Luke Cage Part 1 Agents of SHIELD 0402 - 0404

Russ and Matthew finally begin to get caught up. We start with a first reaction to the new Guardians trailer, then get into Agents of SHIELD Season 4 episodes 2-4, and then get into Luke Cage Episodes 1-2. Also be sure to enter the contest.

Duration: 02:08:54

Its All Connected 101 - Agents of SHIELD Season04 Episode01 The Ghost

We break down the Season 4 Premier of Agents of SHEILD. Stay tuned for a contest to win the Civil War Collector Corps box.

Duration: 01:16:07

Its All Connected 100 - Episode 100

Russ, Matthew, Brad and Ken return to celebrate 100 episodes of It's All Connected. We discuss the latest news, get self indulgent and then take some Facebook questions. Plus stay tuned for a contest to win a Civil War Collector Corp Box!

Duration: 00:51:14

Its All Connected 099 - August 2016 News

Russ, John, and Matthew cover the latest news to come out post Comic Con 2016. Topics include Dan Harmon writing for Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel directors narrowed, new SHIELD director, Runaways go to HULU, Infinity War, and much more.

Duration: 00:34:33

Its All Connected 098 - San Diego Comic Con 2016

Russ and John break down all of the news that came out of San Diego Comic Con 2016. There was a ton of it!

Duration: 00:36:05

Its All Connected 097 - New And Civil War Feedback

Russ and Matthew discuss the latest casting news around the MCU, Alan Silvestri is back to score Infinity War and Derrikson and Gunn at SDCC. Then we read some long overdue feedback related to Captain America: Civil War.

Duration: 01:41:33

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