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The One and Only Terry Crisp

This is, without a doubt, the most fun episode yet as hosts David Boclair, Megan Seling and Steve Cavendish sit down with legendary Preds broadcaster Terry Crisp. Crispy has won the Stanley Cup twice as a player (with Philly in ’74 and ’75) and once as head coach (with the Flames in in ’88) and he’s been a color commentator for the Nashville Predators since Day One so of course he has tons of stories to tell. Here he talks about his most memorable playoff moment, some of the team's recent...

Duration: 00:44:07

A Streak, A Debut and Kevin Fiala's Very Tight Pants

The Predators are on a five-game winning streak (!!!) so Megan Seling and David Boclair take a look and what’s working and what needs to keep working in order for the Ws to keep coming. They also celebrate Kyle Turris’s impressive debut, congratulate Kevin Fiala for finally scoring a goal (and wearing very tight pants) and take back every mean thing they’ve ever said about Craig Smith. In fact, Megan, the Viktor Arvidsson superfan, admits that Smith might be the new Arvi! No, just kidding....

Duration: 00:27:28

Kyle Turris, The End of The CMA Jinx and Bubble Gum

Did the CMA road trip cure the Predators’ five-on-five blues? Maybe! This week David Boclair, Steve Cavendish and Megan Seling discuss how during the California games, the Preds finally started to show some much-needed consistency in the team’s full-strength play. They also talk about the newest Predator, Kyle Turris, whether or not people should be worried about Ryan Johansen and what kind of gum Peter Laviolette is chewing (OK, Megan doesn’t so much talk about the gum as yell about it)....

Duration: 00:36:56

Oh Juuse, What Are We Gonna Do

The West Coast CMA road trip has begun, so David Boclair, Steve Cavendish and Megan Seling discuss their hopes for the California invasion. They also look at Juuse Sarros’ performance (it’s not good), Arvi’s lack of points (also not good) and possible reasons the Preds are getting so many penalties this season (not good, either!). But you know who IS keeping us happy? SCORESBERG! Boclair has some numbers on the star Swede that’ll leave you feeling happy and hopeful for what’s to come.

Duration: 00:30:10

You Could Feel The Breeze in Section 305

Of course we had to start this week’s episode by lamenting Kevin Fiala’s epic whiff against Calgary. But we also talk about Cody McLeod and the value of enforcers, being named THE GREATEST FRANCHISE IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS by ESPN, how the team’s defensive strategy under Laviolette compares to the days of Trotz (including some surprising numbers from Boclair) and the team’s upcoming CMA road trip. And Megan rants a little more about 3-on-3 because, well, that’s what Megan does.

Duration: 00:42:42

Overtime Sucks — Here's How To Fix It

This week hosts David Boclair, Steve Cavendish and Megan Seling welcome former-Scene writer and Cellblock 303’s very own J.R. Lind, the man behind Nashville’s second favorite Twitter account. We dive deep into our thoughts on the team’s pitiful 3-on-3 overtime performance, discuss Sam Girard's future with the franchise (as well as new nickname possibilities) and wonder where the hell Colin Wilson went. Plus, Boclair gives us the important numbers (which, sadly for Seling, doesn’t include...

Duration: 00:31:38

Banner Goes Up! Hands Go Up!

Welcome to the very first episode of It’s All Your Fault, the Nashville Scene’s newest podcast all about the Nashville Predators. This week our sports editor David Boclair and very enthusiastic hockey fan Megan Seling chat with editor Steve Cavendish about the dramatic home opener, the raising of the Western Conference Champions banner and why new captain Roman Josi had to sit out for Tuesday’s game. Also discussed: Scotty Hartnell’s greatness, Arvi’s inclination to punch Sidney Crosby in...

Duration: 00:36:25

It's All Your Fault — Preview

Preview episode of "It's All Your Fault," a Predators podcast from the Nashville Scene starring David Boclair and Megan Seling

Duration: 00:02:08