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18: This Show Drives Itself

Topics were talked of: • The time of the season for cleaning • Smartest Baby in the World • The show goes downhill • Private religious school instruction failures • Self-driving cars • The show gets political • Bojack Horseman praise Links • Long discussion of the meaning and origin of “all downhill from here/gone downhill since”: • There’s at least one Bojack-centric podcast I...


17: Who Wants Some??

We talked about these things, among others: • Sick Talk, ft. Freddie Mercury • Mark Hollis & Talk Talk, uh, talk • Van Halen’s “Everybody Wants Some!!” has a strange line (David Lee Roth actually sorta sings, “I seen a booboo datta looka for da moonbeam,” but we’re close enough?) • Master genrefier • Mark Hollis’s solo album as an evolution from his work with Talk Talk • Intentional listening • Going to the zoo. The article critical of zoos Marcus mentioned is...


16: Gen X? Next

Sorry for the lateness, bandwidth caught us again. To make up for it, we’re coming to you for the first time in glorious 128 kilobit stereo! More rambles, post-drunken this time: • Marcus went out the night before and has regrets • Why Marcus has a .net as main domain … and the wrong birthday • Jenny’s number no longer a sure thing • Gaming the record/tape/CD clubs • Greatest hits albums—not so bad, sometimes • Apology Corner • Harlan Ellison’s reading • Hank Green’s video:...


15: Return of the Ramble

Apologies for mic noise, we’ll work on that…meantime, we talked about a few things this week: • Travails of retail • Stepdad talk • Finally, the intro • Welcome new listeners! Maybe! • More to talk about soon, re video games • Down the rabbit hole of game videos • Games we left off the list last week: Tutankham, Spy Hunter • Nostalgia as a phenomenon • A Wizard of Earthsea: Marcus is wrong about it being a trilogy, there are also Tehanu and The Other Wind, and collected short...


14: Dat Arcade Lyfe

Arcade lyfe! We talked about some things in between video game noises: • How to be a co-host • Future show note: celebrity encounters we’ve, uh, encountered • The Riker Chair Maneuver, which we completely missed during ST:TNG’s run . . . and years of rewatching afterward: • Pong • Space War • Asteroids • Space Invaders • Tempest • Battlezone • Star Wars • Starcade in Disneyland •...


13: Those Could Constitute Colossuses

After chortling our way through nothing but Simpsons moments last week, what did we do this time? Nothing but They Might Be Giants! • Origin of our affection • Flood • Apollo 18 (”Fingertips”) • I Like Fun, and sounding the same • Marcus used to like Linnell tunes more than Flansburgh ones, but has now kinda flipped • Who writes what? • “If I Wasn’t Shy” is subtly violent • “Hypnotist of Ladies” • Kids’ albums • The Johns in-person • Need a jingle for these segments We talked,...


12: Simpsons to Snicker To

We really Groeninged up this show, and the Simpsons episodes we reference are as follows: • Selma’s Choice • The Last Temptation of Homer • Homie the Clown • Homer the Smithers • Lisa on Ice • Summer of 4 Ft. 2 • Stop the Planet of the Apes I Want to Get Off • You Only Move Twice • Saturdays of Thunder • The Twisted World of Marge Simpson • Brother from Another Series • Cape Feare • Homer at the Bat • The Secret War of Lisa Simpson • El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro...


11: Music to the Max

We conversed about some stuff: • Ramblin’ guys • La La Land: is the music better? • Remembering The Lighthouse jazz club • Max Roach - The piece Marcus talked about and misnamed is “South Africa ‘76″ • Ready Player One and nostalgia • Wayne Bergeron and other session trumpeters • Smartest Baby in the World enjoys music • . . . and swears, possibly • Playing drums in a rudimentary way ( • Social media addiction check-in • John Green’s...


10: Double-Digit Jedi Jamboree

What the what—we hit double digits! James finally saw The Last Jedi, and we spent nearly the entire show discussing dislikes and likes of the film. Apologies for a lot of mic rustling in this episode, we’ll try to nail that down. In all, we discussed just a few other things: • False starts? • Briefly celebrating an order of magnitude • Star Wars: The Last Jedi likes and dislikes • Cartoons vs. Drawing vs. Illustration • Michelangelo vs. Pope Julius II • Trompe L’Oeil • James doesn’t...


9: DMY, HNY!

It’s our first annual New Year’s Eve show! A week late! But we’re inveterate procrastinators, so it fits. We talked about • New Year’s doings at our respective places • Smartest Baby in the World is down for the count…but still alert • The Rose Parade (not going to) • Haranguing pays off • Half-assed resolutions • Intermission while we discuss moving • “Best of” lists • John Green’s New Year’s video • Tired of Los Angeles • Refi minutiae • Singing...


8: Ready, Play It Again

NOTE: This show was recorded before our Christmas one, so some references are backdated. We did some topics: • More listeners than expected? Apparently • Friends who listen to the show • Universal paperclips…again, but previously. This one’s got more detail about the game, including spoilers • Fish or duck? • Jensenification of beginner band music • Bland version of “All I Want for Christmas is You” • An old Sesame Street segment and the...


7: A Very Special(ly Short) Xmas Episode

It’s just called A Very Special Xmas It’s Just Called Two Brothers, super short because we ran out of bandwidth a little soon. We had time to talk about these things: • Our respective Christmas dinners • Too many sweets around • Universal Paperclips, which you can download as an app for Android or iPhone, or play on the web here: • Smartest Baby in the World’s Christmas Extravaganza Thank you for giving our nonsense a listen! You can contact...


Triptychally Pretending

The stuff we muddled over: • L.A. fires and tragedy close to home • Album exchange, for real this time: *Trittico* (”triptych,” which is really a suite, rather than an album), composed by Vaclav Nelhybel • Comparison to Star Trek’s Alexander Courage • *Pretenders* • 80s Rush comparison • Correction, because Marcus was wrong about timing: *Pretenders II* was first released two months after...


5: The Wars About the Star

Music and shaving, our two passions! Basically, we talked about • Shaving and costs of old timey tools • Album Exchange! And fail! • Pretenders II • Not spoiling Stranger Things 2 • Repeatedly viewing other films • The first time we saw Star Wars (1977) • Leitmotifs in SW • Inspiration for John Williams’s Star Wars score • Failing to remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back the first time (1980) • Trashing a small town we lived in • The first time we saw Return of the Jedi...


4: An Eagle on Turkey Day

Show notes for ijc2b004 Things we talked about this week: • Fall mood at the cemetery • Smartest baby in the world • Retirement possibilities • The struggle for the show topic • Praise for our own show • A like from a hero for a Marcus piece • What James likes about teaching music • Thanksgiving segue • Eagle flight in-stadium: • Controversy at the dinner table • Early Xmas music and our personal proclivities • Spotify’s official...


3: More Than a Podcast

Topics blathered: • late night talk show hosts • Stewart Lee: • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee • Gross cold stuff • Red Dwarf • Marvel movies • Marvel comics • Thor • Boston (the band) • Brad Delp as world-class vocalist • Isolated vocals: “More Than a Feeling”: • Beach Boys recording As always, thanks for listening, someday there will be a proper web site to replace


2: Something Something Pod Side

The random gunk we discuss on this ep include: • Pet noises • Intro meta 1:20 • Shows older than this 2:05 • Ad disdain 3:34 (clarification: Marcus says he doesn’t understand why you’d want to do this as your job. “You,” in this case, means us, not anyone in general. Obvi there are lots who’d love to.) • Podcast feed meta 5:18 • The Simpsons trivia 7:02 We mention SNPP, but it’s now...


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