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FMF #11 - The Blowfly Principle: Identifying Bad Clients

I don’t care what type of business you have, or how good your customer service is, you’re going to eventually have a few difficult clients, the ones that make you want to stay in bed on a Monday morning and not go to work. And worst of all, they will think their behaviour is perfectly normal and acceptable, not realising they're complete tools. Bad Client Traits You need to learn that most difficult clients – actually let’s call them what they are, “bad clients” – exhibit the same...

Duration: 00:04:59

Psychology of Commitment with Dr. Dave Weiman

My guest today is Dr. Dave Weiman who is a Management Psychologist in Philadelphia. He holds multiple Masters and Doctorate degrees and is a sort after speaker, executive coach and pre-hire assessment specialist at Weiman Consulting. In this episode Dr. Dave Weiman explains the 'Psychology of Commitment' in relation to gatherings and events and why our relationships with our so-called social media friends are not as strong as those we have human contact with. We also discuss: Holding an...

Duration: 01:00:25

FMF - Seven Marketing Myths

In my book, It’s No Secret There’s Money in Small Business I touch on seven marketing myths and the reason I wanted to talk on this subject was because many small business owners still believe these myths are true and it’s holding them back from being successful. If you have any questions, or you have additional marketing myths you’d like to share please email them to me at If you have purchased and read my book I'd like to thank you. If you're sitting on the fence...

Duration: 00:04:59

INS021 - Micro-Story Telling with Matt Hanham

Matt Hanham is a Perth based entrepreneur, investor and consultant with a passion for small business, technology and wealth building. He is the director of Visible and host of #Amplify Your Business podcast. He also has one dirty little secret that he likes to keep hidden; he’s also an accountant, but lets not tell anyone. Seriously though, Matt’s brief accountancy career was really just one building block in his business success. He has a creative mind and he likes using financial...

Duration: 00:51:56

FMF - Was Week One A Hit or Miss?

Well, we’ve made it to the end of week one, 2018 and by now I would imagine you’ve probably seen at least fifty or so post about making New Years resolutions and setting goals. If you haven’t, you’ve either been incarcerated the past week or lucky enough to be on a cruise ship with no Internet. So is this podcast about setting goals for 2018? No it’s not. It’s about reflecting on the past week and seeing how you feel about it. Would you say your first week back at work was a hit or a...

Duration: 00:04:59

INS020 - Know, Like & Trust with Tim Hyde

Tim Hyde is based in Canberra and runs a successful marketing agency called Win More Clients. As Tim points out, your digital presence, marketing automation, your social strategy and your brand are all pieces of a much larger puzzle. Uncle Scrooge Tim was inspired at the age of six by Golden Books Uncle Scrooge. He didn’t quite know what Uncle Scrooge did, but he knew he owned businesses and made a lot of money. This inspired six-year old Tim to create his own circus and charge his...

Duration: 00:41:16

FMF - Post Conference Time Blocking

One of the hardest things to do when returning from a great business seminar, or conference is implementing what you’ve just learnt. You’ll get home and the next day, usually a Monday, you’ll head into work full of vigor, only to realise you have appointments booked solid from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Not to worry though, you still have your lunch break. But just before lunch you receive an email from your Accountant and he or she needs you to call them urgently. By the time you phone them and...

Duration: 00:05:03

INS019 - Create, Execute, Repeat with Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas is an amazingly talented young man based in Bakersfield California. Jordan is the author of three books and his most recent book is Create, Execute, Repeat – Leveraging Creativity in Business & Life. But here’s something really cool about Jordan, he’s only 20 years of age and is currently study Business Administration at California State University in San Bernardino? Three books already at 20 years of age…Amazing! Greg Walker, author of DREAM TO GROW RICH, sums Jordan Thomas...

Duration: 00:26:12

Get Off Your Bum

This week’s episode is all about connecting with other people and building long-term relationships by getting off your bum. I was recently interviewed on the Amplify Your Business Podcast with Matt J. Hanham, and Matt asked what advice would I give a business owner that would help propel their business. My answer was really simple “Get off your bum”. Put In Effort Too many businesses open their doors and think everyone is going to just walk in, without having to put in any...

Duration: 00:04:51

INS018 - Mastermind with Dragon Master Somnath Sikdar

Somnath Sikdar is a 6th Dan Black Belt and the Owner of The Dragon Gym, which is a small chain of martial arts schools in Southeast Pennsylvania. The business Somnath now owns is where he began his martial arts career as a six year old. He holds degrees Science and Electrical Engineering, with minors in Systems Science and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, which proves you can have brains and brawn. Today we discuss: Exercise must come first Your health must come first, it...

Duration: 00:48:16

Five Minute Friday - But My Business Is Different

But My Business Is Different is actually the title from chapter one of my book It’s no Secret There’s Money in Small Business, and the reason I wrote this chapter is because it’s a common response received from business people when someone is trying to give them sound advice, especially if the person offering the advice is not in the same industry or profession. “But you don’t understand, my business is different”. Here’s the truth…No it’s not. Every business has customers, clients,...

Duration: 00:04:59

INS017 - Drive Your Business with Jeff Peterson and Bill Davis

In this episode I interview Jeff Peterson, CEO and Co-Founder of Geneva Supply and Bill Davis, VP of Sales and Marketing at Snap On Industrial Power Tools, sub-brand Sioux Tools. Jeff is also the co-creator of Biz Tank, which is a nonprofit organisation connecting kids to real life business experience and real life business people, and producer of The Kids in The Tank podcast. I interviewed the kids from the Kids in the Tank on episode 13 and on the same day I was interviewing them, Bill...

Duration: 00:51:29

Five Minute Friday - The Brain Book

Last week I wrote a blog for my website titled Create A Future Ideas Folder (FIF) and the purpose of this folder is to store marketing and advertising, created by other people, that captures your eye. Things that really jump out at you that make you pay attention, or you think is unique in some way. It may be a newspaper, magazine, or even an online ad. It could be a stylish website or landing page, or if you’re out driving around town it may be a billboard. Regardless of what jumps out...

Duration: 00:04:49

INS016 - The Brilliant Mind of A Magician with Dennis Friebe

A Magician is an Actor playing the part of a Magician. My guest Dennis Friebe, aka Kardenni, is both a Magician and Actor based in Orlando Florida. One thing I know for sure, he is a doer of many things. To understand something fully he can’t just read about it, he must experience it and do it, and then add it to his skill set. He was encouraged early in life by his mother to do whatever he wanted, and therefore he believed he could be anything he wanted if he put his mind to it, and...

Duration: 00:52:43

Five Minute Friday - Your Ideal Client

Today I was having a Zoom call with my good friend Dana Cardinas from Texas and we got onto the subject of identifying your ideal client and why this is the most important thing every business needs to do, way before they think about marketing. Dana runs a business called Practice Tech Solutions and we're both passionate about helping small business owners, both in and out of the health industry, have more successful and profitable businesses, and it all starts with knowing your ideal...

Duration: 00:04:59

INS015 - Take Action with Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller is the host of The Ziglar Show: Inspiring Your True Performance, and clinic and global platform developer for True Life Medicine in Colorado. He’s the father of nine children, yet still makes exercise a priority, as fitness has always been a big part of his life as a retired professional cyclist. Excess = Success If you’re truly passionate about something you’ll find time to fit it into your life, no matter what it is. Busy people simply get things done. The more tasks we...

Duration: 00:43:39

Five Minute Friday - Events and No Shows

Today I want to talk about something that everyone seems to brush under the carpet and for some reason, no one really wants to talk about, and I don’t know why. I want to talk about Events and No Shows People say YES to an event and then simply don’t turn up. Now I’m not talking about the people that contact you an hour before an event with a last minute excuse why they can’t make it. And rarely do they phone, it’s always a text message, email or Messenger. You know the excuses I’m...

Duration: 00:04:59

INS014 - Forever Truckin - Mastering The Will To Win with Eddie Truck Gordon

Eddie Gordon is a mixed martial artist and winner of the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) – Season 19. He’s a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and Bestselling Author of Forever Truckin – Mastering The Will To Win. In this episode we discuss: Why being in business and being a fighter are quite similar. In both you have to struggle mentally, physically and emotionally. Our bodies can take a lot, but our minds can take a lot more. Also UFC When an opportunity presents itself you have to...

Duration: 00:52:26

Five Minute Friday - The Importance of Being Genuine

If you're in the public eye, or ear, for an extended period of time you will be judged, and people will have a certain level of expectation when they meet you. Here's the big question: Do you live up to that expectation? This podcast episode is based from a blog article I wrote on my website, shortly after meeting some pretty cool podcast hosts in Brisbane at this years WE ARE PODCAST: My blog was titled THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING GENUINE

Duration: 00:04:59

INS013 - Kids In The Tank

As I discovered, not every young person runs around like a headless chook, in fact some are super switched on about their future careers and I think this is one episode you’ll want your kids to tune into. Today I had an awesome conversation with four high school students from Wisconsin, USA. Madelyn, Jenna, Noal and Ryan are hosts on a podcast series called Kids In The Tank, created by BizTank, an educational experience about the world of business for high school juniors and...

Duration: 00:30:22

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