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002 - Wendy Russell Brisbane Buyer's Agent

“Stick to your values and boundaries with money” is the financial advice Wendy Russell would give her younger self. Wendy started in the real estate industry in her early 20s, and, together with her partner, became very successful. They had what seemed to be the perfect life, but it soon came crashing down. They separated, Wendy felt she had hit rock bottom, and even suffered from depression. It’s not uncommon for all of us to have challenges like this in life, but for many, it’s a taboo...


001 - Bryanna McDermott of Fearless Female Traders

On today's show, Samantha will be interviewing Bryanna McDermott the founder of She created this digital platform, so people could use it as a resource to learn about money. Bryanna will be telling her financial story; where she started, why, and where she is today. In her early 20’s, Bryanna had major difficulties handling her personal finances. Pinpointing the start of her financial downturn to when she was 18 years old. At that time her mother...


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