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It's Super Effective is an award winning podcast, and the #1 most downloaded Pokémon podcast on the web. is dedicated to not only bringing exclusive, creative Pokémon content on the internet. To top that off, ISE is dedicated to bringing you weekly laughs and the best coverage of EVERYTHING Pokémon. ISE covers Pokémon Anime, Movies, Video Games, Competitive Battling, TCG, and more!

It's Super Effective is an award winning podcast, and the #1 most downloaded Pokémon podcast on the web. is dedicated to not only bringing exclusive, creative Pokémon content on the internet. To top that off, ISE is dedicated to bringing you weekly laughs and the best coverage of EVERYTHING Pokémon. ISE covers Pokémon Anime, Movies, Video Games, Competitive Battling, TCG, and more!
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It's Super Effective is an award winning podcast, and the #1 most downloaded Pokémon podcast on the web. is dedicated to not only bringing exclusive, creative Pokémon content on the internet. To top that off, ISE is dedicated to bringing you weekly laughs and the best coverage of EVERYTHING Pokémon. ISE covers Pokémon Anime, Movies, Video Games, Competitive Battling, TCG, and more!




286 Pokémon GO Halloween Event and New Z-Moves!

New Z-Moves shown for the two new Necrozma forms! Vuplix coming to Build-a-Bear, Gen 3 is coming to Pokémon GO. There is a photo contest happening to Pokémon GO too! SBJ also finally catches all the Ultra Beasts in Pokémon Sun and tells a story about Moltres. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:02:25 - News 00:02:30 - Vulpix at Build-a-Bear 00:6:10 - 2017 VGC Formats 00:11:00 - Pokémon GO Photo Contest 00:14:30 - Generation 3 in Pokémon GO 00:27:40 - Sun/Moon Manga 00:28:30 - Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon...

Duration: 01:27:59

285 Ultra Recon Squad!

The Ultra Recon Squad invades Alola! We learn about them and the new possibilities in the Ultra Sun and Moon story. Pokémon's website hints that we'll see new Pokémon in Pokémon GO this October? SBJ, Will, and Al talk about the final trailer for the "I Choose You" movie. Spook it up with this new episode! 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:02:20 - News 00:02:25 - TCG: Shining Legends 00:14:10 - Pokémon GO Update 00:19:00 - Pokémon Halloween Round-up 00:22:45 - Gen 3 in Pokémon GO 00:27:00 - Movie: I...

Duration: 01:24:56

284 Trainer Hamburger Hats!

Entei is here in the Americas for Pokémon GO! Pokken DX gets hamburger hats. Trainer issues with Pokemon GO added an extra day to the Equinox event. SBJ, Will, and Al talk about closing of the Wii eShop and the state of the SNES classic. We tackle e-mails regarding wrestling, and worshiping Pokémon. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:05:20 - News 00:05:30 - Entei in Pokémon GO 00:14:00 - Pokken DX Hamburger 00:15:50 - Wii Shop Close 00:28:30 - Mr. Mime in Japan 00:30:20 - Blu-ray Season 1 00:35:20...

Duration: 01:13:49

283 Mantine Surf!

News regarding Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has hit. SBJ catches a second Mewtwo in Pokémon GO. Will and Al provide insight about the Battle Tree and other e-mails that come through. The Pokémon GO Equinox event is also here. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:05:50 - News 00:06:00 - Pokken DX 00:14:40 - Pokémon G0 Equinox 00:24:30 - Pokémon GO Mewtwo 00:33:30 - Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon 00:44:30 - Break Music 00:45:30 - E-mails 01:01:05 - Pokémon of the Week (Tyranitar) 01:05:30 - House Cleaning...

Duration: 01:09:31

282 UB Assembly & UB Burst! [Featuring Ray Rizzo]

Featuring Pokémon Video Game World Champion (x3), Ray Rizzo! Will and SBJ talk about the new UBs shown in the latest Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer. We go in-depth about possible new Pokémon and our thoughts on Ultra Beasts. SBJ caught a Mewtwo from getting an EX Raid pass. Also, Meowth is coming to Build-a-bear. Ray talks about getting into VGC, commentating, competing, and cheating. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:02:50 - News 00:06:20 - Mewtwo EX Raid in Pokémon GO 00:25:00 - UB Assembly &...

Duration: 01:55:18

281 Kingdra & Raikou!

Raikou in Pokémon GO! Pokémon GO seems to be slowing down in users with no word on when Mewtwo is coming or if it will bring back more people. The new Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon guidebook seems to hint at a National Dex for the game. Pokémon CEO thought the Nintendo Switch would be a failure. PAX West 2017 recap too! 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:01:00 - PAX West Recap 00:015:20 - News 00:19:15 - PokéDex Guide Book 00:23:00 - Nintendo Switch Failure 00:31:50 - Raikou in Pokémon GO 00:50:50 -...

Duration: 01:13:26

S20E04 First Catch In Alola, Ketchum-Style! [Bonus Anime Episode]

Bonus Anime Episode! Since SBJ is at PAX West, here is an anime episode featuring SBJ and Irene. These episodes are made for our Patreon-backers, but figured this might be a good treat. The first 10 mins is news focused, the last is about the episode. Season 20, Episode 04.

Duration: 00:37:34

280 The Ultra Show!

A new trailer was shown for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. SBJ and Will break down the differences between the old and new Alola maps. Pokémon GO is bringing Mewtwo, we talk about that. After years, SBJ and Will play some Pokémon TCG and we go in-depth about that format. With Worlds just ending, we cover the winners and their matches. Finally, we tackle your e-mails and our Pokémon of the Week! 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:07:45 - News 00:08:00 - Pokémon TCG Recap 00:19:50 - Mimikyu News 00:20:40 -...

Duration: 01:58:43

279 The Clickbait [Featuring Reversal]

Featuring Pokémon GO YouTuber, Reversal! Reversal and SBJ talk about clickbait on YouTube, Pokémon GO Fest, spoofers, growing up with Pokémon, and more! Small news section this week because SBJ & Will were both at Gen Con this past week! Reversal YouTube: **NOTE, There is little to no coverage on all the recent Pokémon news due to me being on vacation, we will cover that all in Episode 280! 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:02:30 - News 00:08:20 - Break...

Duration: 00:58:59

278 The Seventh Year

[Live Podcast] Shiny Pikachu in Pokémon GO, new Lycanroc Form, and the 20th Movie coming to theaters! SBJ, Will, and Travis talk about the latest Pokémon news, we cover e-mails about Pokémon based on animals, and Travis leaves us brokenhearted. This podcast was recorded live on YouTube. Sorry for any audio issues in post, it was cleaned up as best as possible. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:03:00 - News 00:03:05 - Dusk Form Lycanroc 00:11:15 - 20th Pokémon Movie 00:15:15 - Shiny Pikachu in...

Duration: 01:17:54

277 The New Lycanroc (Dusk Form)

We are back from the MN PokéCon! News of a new form for Lycanroc has come out from Poké SBJ and Will have some tips about Raid Legendary in Pokémon GO. Will explains the new TCG Draft system, GameStop has a Salazzle giveaway, and Unown are spawning in Europe! 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:01:30 - MN PokéCon Recap 00:12:00 - Meeting Professor Oak 00:23:00 - TCG Draft Release 00:26:10 - Pokémon GO Raids 00:34:10 - Salazzle from GameStop 00:35:20 - Dusk From Lycanroc 00:40:30 - Unown in...

Duration: 01:20:14

276 The Pokémon GO Lawsuit & The Ultra Sun/Moon Rumors

Rumors about Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon surface. We talk about the fallout of Pokémon GO Fest and the new lawsuit that appears for attendees not happy that they had to pay for travel. We also go over the Milwaukee County Parks Pokémon GO issues, new codes for Sun/Moon, and e-mails regarding how we all originally met. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:06:20 - News 00:13:00 - Niantic Apology Letter 00:36:30 - Pokémon GO Lawsuit 00:49:20 - Break Music 00:50:00 - Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Rumors 01:02:00 -...

Duration: 01:32:32

Bonus! Pokémon GO Interviews [Featuring Reversal, Trainer Tips, CND, Twintendo, & Pokémon GO Radio]

SBJ talks with Nick from Trainer Tips, Reversal, CND, Twintendo, and the folks over at Pokémon GO Radio all at Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago. You can find links to all of them on our YouTube page:

Duration: 00:36:03

275 The Pokémon GO Fest Recap

We talk about the entire Pokémon GO Fest experience! Talks range from the good that came from the event, and of course, the bad that came from the event. From John Hanke getting boo'd, Pikachu Raids, Unown appearing, Heracross showing up, sunburn, and disappointment... This was recorded the morning after Pokémon GO Fest. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:02:00 - Pokémon GO Fest Recap 00:35:00 - Break Music 00:36:00 - Pokémon GO Fest Recap 01:59:00 - Post Credits

Duration: 02:00:17

274 The Unown

News & details about Pokémon GO Fest, Unown YouTube Video, and the 20th Pokémon moive all talked about in the episode. SBJ and Will talk about the impacting gaming can have on kids and adults, as well as, we talk about our Pokémon of the Week! 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:01:40 - Pre-House Cleaning 00:04:05 - Monster Hunter Podcast 00:08:45 - News 00:10:20 - Pokémon GO Fest 00:32:40 - Mystery Files 00:38:40 - 20th Pokémon Movie 00:51:40 - Break Music 00:52:30 - E-mails 01:16:15 - Pokémon of...

Duration: 01:24:03

273 The Pokémon GO Anniversary!

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of Pokémon GO, be on the lookout for a special Pikachu while exploring your world! SBJ, Will, and Travis talk about Pokémon GO Fest, The Anniversary Box Sale, and North American International Championships! We also go over your e-mails regarding new Pokémon regions and ASMR and other non-Pokémon related questions you all ask. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:03:00 - News (Pokémon GO) 00:49:45 - Break Music 00:50:30 - North American International...

Duration: 01:50:48

272 The Magikarp Jump Update

Pokémon GO Raids are still fun! SBJ, Micah, and Travis talk about the Magikarp Jump update and a couple strategies in regards to that. Speaking of strategies, we talk about the 2017 US International tournament happening this past weekend. We also tackle your e-mails about overpriced Pokemon Center goods. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:04:30 - News 00:22:50 - Pokémon GO Raids 00:49:10 - Break Music 00:50:00 - E-mails 01:27:04 - Pokémon of the Week (Chansey) 01:37:10 - House Cleaning 01:43:00 -...

Duration: 01:43:54

271 The Pokémon GO Gym & Raid Update

All your information regarding Pokémon GO Fest and the changes to the Pokémon GO gym rework. SBJ, Will, and Travis all talk about the new raid system, the free gifts for Sun/Moon, and getting married in Japan with Pikachu. We also address some e-mails and our Pokémon of the Week! 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:02:00 - News 00:07:00 - Pokémon GO Fest 00:30:45 - Pokémon GO Gym & Raid Update 01:00:00 - Break Music 01:01:30 - E-mails 01:27:45 - Pokémon of the Week (Lapras) 01:35:00 - House...

Duration: 01:38:33

270 E3 Recap - Pokémon Switch - Marshadow

Nintendo E3 Recap. SBJ, Travis, and Will give their impressions on the Pokémon announcement for the Nintendo Switch. We touch on a few other E3 things before talking about Pokémon GO and Marshadow. We tackle your e-mails regarding an open world Pokémon game and give you a moveset for Pokémon of the week! 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:02:00 - Pokémon on Switch (E3 Segment) 00:21:00 - News 00:29:50 - Break Music 00:31:00 - E-mails 01:15:30 - Pokémon of the Week (Bastiodon) 01:19:15 - House...

Duration: 01:22:00

268 Pokémon Profit - Cycling Road - Tiny Tourney

Pokémon reports making a net profit of $143.3 million during their last year. We talk about Pokémon GO and still playing it after Adventure Week has come to past. Magikarp Jump is still an active mobile game that we are playing. Tiny Tourney is coming up and we give you a Pokémon that should work alright in it during our Pokémon of the Week. 00:00:20 - Introduction 00:03:00 - News 00:38:30 - Break Music 00:40:00 - New Anime Podcast 00:42:30 - E-mails 01:27:15 - Pokémon of the Week...

Duration: 01:36:41

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