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Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier Foods

Getting kids to eat healthy is not always easy. However, that doesn't mean it is impossible. There are some tried and true tips to getting your kids to try new foods and even to help change how they view healthy eating. Here to help you direct your children away from unhealthy snacks and junk food, and toward alternatives that both taste good and are good for them is Maria McIntosh. She is a Registered Dietitian and Clinical Nurse Manager at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital.

Duration: 00:15:35

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals for the New Year

Have you resolved to lose weight or exercise more in the new year? In this podcast Adnan Hyder, Fitness Director, Henry Mayo Fitness and Health, will help you learn how to set achievable goals, develop and stick to an exercise plan that works for you.

Duration: 00:10:50

Warning Signs of Teen Drug Use

What steps should you take to prevent your teen from using drugs? What warning signs should you look for that might indicate your teen is using drugs? In this segment Cary Quashen, executive director of Behavioral Health at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, joins the show to encourage parents and teens to gain knowledge, engage with resources, learn the laws and most importantly have an open and honest conversation about the dangers of drug use and addiction.

Duration: 00:12:47

Prostate Cancer and The Henry Mayo Robotic Program

According to the CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, aside from non-melanoma skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the United States. The good news is that prostate cancer is very treatable and physicians now have many tools in their tool box to successfully diagnose and treat this very common cancer. Henry Mayo is has brought the latest minimally invasive surgery system to the Santa Clarita Valley. It's the da Vinci Xi® surgical system, and it...

Duration: 00:10:29

Colon Cancer- Early Detection May be the Key to Survival

According to the Centers for Disease Control, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Colon cancer is most easily detected by a colonoscopy, a visual inspection of the interior of the colon using a lighted tube and tiny camera inserted in the rectum. Early detection may be the key to survival. Henry Mayo's education program has two central messages: First, you can often prevent colon cancer by eating healthier, exercising more and getting...

Duration: 00:09:35

Breast Cancer: The Importance of Early and Regular Screenings for All Women

From the latest digital mammography and ultrasound detection, to state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technologies, the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Center offers the advanced technologies you need to assure the best possible outcome. Joining the show to discuss the importance of early and regular screenings for breast cancer, and the treatment options available at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital is Dr. Dortha Chu. She is a breast surgeon and a member of the medical staff at Henry Mayo Newhall...

Duration: 00:20:45

Healthy Eating for Young Athletes

It's important for children to eat balanced meals and have a healthy diet, but that balance may need to be slightly different for kids who play on a sports team. Listen in as Kim Brown, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist gives advice for feeding your young athletes so they can be at the top of their game, both on and off the field.

Duration: 00:11:30

Can You Prevent Diabetes?

Are you worried about getting diabetes? Have you been told that you have pre-diabetes? 1 out of 3 American adults has prediabetes. If you have prediabetes, you can make changes now to improve your health and prevent type 2 diabetes. The PreventT2 lifestyle change program can help you lose weight, become more physically active, and reduce stress. Here to tell us how to live with, manage and even possibly prevent diabetes is Liz Tarabour, MS, RDN, she is a Registered Dietitian...

Duration: 00:08:30

Bat Rabies and the Plague That Has Come to California

Rabies is a viral infection of the central nervous system that may be fatal. Bats and striped skunks have replaced the dog as the primary maintenance species of rabies in California. Forty-two species of bats are found in the United States, all microbats and in California alone there are up to 23 species. Here to offer vital information regarding the prevention of bat rabies is Dr Oliver Sahagun, he is an emergency medicine physician and a member of the medical staff at Henry Mayo Newhall...

Duration: 00:10:18

Robotic Assisted Surgery for Urological Disorders

Using minimally invasive robotic surgery to treat urological conditions has rapidly grown as an option for many patients. Henry Mayo recently acquired a da Vinci Xi Surgical System, an instrument that utilizes advanced robotic, computer and optical technologies to assist surgeons. The system is designed to allow surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgery with enhanced vision, precision, dexterity and control. It includes a 3D high-definition (3D-HD) vision system that gives a surgeon a...

Duration: 00:08:34

Preventing Skin Cancer

According to The American Cancer Society, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. In fact, more skin cancers are diagnosed in the US each year than all other cancers combined. The number of skin cancer cases has been going up over the past few decades. The good news is that you can do a lot to protect yourself and your family from skin cancer, or catch it early so that it can be treated effectively. In this segment, Dr. Emily Newsom, board certified dermatologist,...

Duration: 00:11:19

Staying Safe When Being Active Outdoors

There's so much to do and enjoy outside and in nature, however, there are some tride and true safety tips to make your outdoor fun safe and enjoyable! You never know when you'll have a medical emergency, but you always know that you can go to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital. In this segment, Seth Sushinsky, MD an emergency medicine physician, shares his best advice for actively enjoying the outdoors, with out having to put an end to the fun because of an injury and possibly end up in the...

Duration: 00:13:47

Antibiotic Stewardship and Infection Control

According to the CDC, antibiotics have transformed the practice of medicine, making once lethal infections readily treatable and making other medical advances, like cancer chemotherapy and organ transplants, possible. On this segment, Ellsworth Pryor III, MD., discusses improving the use of antibiotics as an important patient safety and public health issue.

Duration: 00:07:53

Developing a Fitness Plan You Can Really Stick To

Many people begin an exercise program, just to then abandon it shortly there after. However, you can increase your chances for long-term success if you follow some simple tips to achieve your fitness goals. Henry Mayo Fitness and Member Services Director Sharlene Duzick is here to outline the keys to a successful exercise and fitness program.

Duration: 00:11:25

How Do You Know if You Need Urgent Care or the Emergency Room?

Wondering if you should visit our Urgent Care or the Emergency Department? Remember, ED visits should be reserved for true emergencies, such as chest pain and severe injuries or trauma. Small injuries and illnesses can be examined by our urgent care physicians. If greater care is needed, our staff will direct patients to the proper healthcare provider, or, if it is a true emergency, we will transfer patients directly to the emergency room for further treatment. What is the difference...

Duration: 00:09:41