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We're just three guys who like to talk about stuff. Not just guy stuff, but primarily that which most women don't care about. We're also proud to be a part of the 210 Podcast Network!




Episode 32: Star Wars E2P2

Episode 32: Star Wars E2P2 The saga (and GIANT SIZED) episode continues with more Star Wars discussions. The guys talk theories about Rey’s parents, Luke’s missing time, who is Snoke, Medichlorians, Palpatine, dead Jedi and their lightsabers, force-ghosts, and even theme music and tons of other stuff. Thanks for listening! You can contact us on Google Voicemail @ 210-802-1197, @, on Twitter: @itsaguythingpod, on Facebook: /itsaguythingpodcast...

Duration: 01:18:14

Episode 29: Geeky vs Nerdy

Episode 29: Geeky vs Nerdy We welcome Jeff Riley back for his second show after talking about kidnap vans and the Big Muff Pi. We dive into the thin black line or huge grey and blurred bar for the difference between “Geeks” and “Nerds”. Please feel free to set us straight if you disagree. We cover Star Wars, Star Trek, Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Breaking Bad, The X-Files, Marvel, DC, Action Figures, Anime, Avatar, Dragon Ball Z, Comics, ComicCons, Cosplay, World of Warcraft, and many...

Episode 28: The Best of SA

IAGTPod Ep 28 Episode 28: The Best of San Antonio Gene is back for the second episode he joined us for. Mario is completely wired on Monster and acts a fool. This time, the guys breakdown and start talking about the best in San Antonio. Not every single type of everything under the sun, just the stuff below: Best Burgers Best Fries Pizza Shout out to Fratello’s! Sushi Indian Food Greek/Turkish Mediterranean Chinese Food Seafood Mexican Food Breakfast Tacos Buffet Italian Food Movie Theater...

Episode 27 - Our So Called Lives

Episode 27 - Our So Called LivesThe guys welcome their brother from another mother, Gene, who was in town from his island home of New Zealand. The guys talk about accents and how flexible our minds are about slipping in and out of them, social media, philosophy, fame, pirates, the film industry, art vs. sports, and bad haircuts.Basically, we do what we do; talk, complain, contemplate, get crass, and laugh at ourselves. We think we’re funny, do you guys think we are? Let us know! You can...

Episode 26 Alamo City Terror Expo

Episode 26 Alamo City Terror ExpoThe guys take a brief walk on the floor of the 2016 Terror Expo and get a surprise guest drop in from a famous and former Walking Dead cast member Jose Cantillo - Walking Dead, Chappie, Elysium, Sons of Anarchy, Crank, Crank: High Voltage, Disturbia, and The Manchurian Candidate.You can contact us on Google Voicemail @ 210-802-1197, @, on Twitter: @itsaguythingpod, on Facebook: /itsaguythingpodcast & check out our main...

Episode 25 - The Guys-Reborn...Again

Episode 25 - The Guys-Reborn...AgainJust like Heroes, the Guys are Reborn! (Forget that this was recorded before we found out Heroes Reborn was cancelled) Thanks for tuning in or checking the feed, or meeting us for the first time.We start off by talking about (now old) news about an alligator in the Guadalupe and how Mario isn’t really an outdoor kinda guy. We also got to have our biggest fan on the show, Jeff Riley. Jeff is our only confirmed listener of each and every episode so far....

Duration: 02:29:40

Episode 24: New Year, New Grab Bag (Part 2)

Episode 24: New Year, New Grab Bag (Part 2)Thanks for sticking with us for this two part episode. We continue our discussion of local music and then dive into Mario saying something stupid about cars, popular music and it’s problems, the return of Heroes, sushi, John Carter, and YouTube drummer Meytal (trust us, just look her up, meh).You can contact us on Google Voicemail @ 210-802-1197, @, on Twitter: @itsaguythingpod, on Facebook:...

Episode 23: New Year, New Grab Bag (Part 1)

Episode 23: New Year, New Grab Bag (Part 1)Thanks for sticking through the New Year with us! We really hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months, so we really just wanted to touch base and reconnect with one another and share it with the world. This is the first part in a two part jumbo episode of the pure randomness you all have come to know and love.We talk about used book stores, guitar shops, the Floyd Rose floating tremolo system, Rick’s new pad, Kanye, KISS FM, and local music....

Episode 22: Christmas 2014

Episode 22: Christmas 2014So this is Christmas, our first on the IAGT Podcast, and we wanted to devote an entire episode on some of our favorite Christmas movies, traditions, and some of the stuff we love about this holiday. So sit back, listen to our silky smooth voices wash over you as you down some Egg Nog and check out our guy thing Christmas.Michael and I talk about how the holidays are different now that we’ve got kiddos. What’s Mirth? Is Christmas your favorite holiday? These are...

Episode 21: Grab Bag Vol. 2

Episode 21: Grab Bag Vol. 2In our second “grab bag” episode, we digress all over the place. We also introduce a new guest to you, a buddy from way back for Rick and Michael and new friend to Mario, Jack. Just Jack.We immediately dive right in to the new Terminator Part 50-something trailer and what we think and how we feel about the debacle. While we’re at it, we tear up the old ones (a la our Time Travel Episode) because we love them so much.How into the events of the world are you? Does...

Episode 20: Star Wars IAGT Episode 1

Episode 20: Star Wars IAGT Episode 1It was only a matter of time until we tackled this subject full on. Luckily, you’ll be getting constantly updated episodes peppered throughout the future of this podcast. This is the first episode all about Star Wars!What do you remember about the first time you were enlightened by the multiverse of Star Wars? We talk about our earliest memories, our experiences with the merchandise, the themes, and what we love or hate about the six films. We also talk...

Episode 19: Halloween Pt. 3

Episode 19: Halloween Pt. 3Thanks for tuning in for our final Halloween episode. We pick right up where we left off and discuss sulfur, more San Antonio and local spooky shit and places, and cars made out of skeletons. We also throw in some spooky, gory, or freaky films or bits of films and music videos. We also take a brief trip into bootleg music and the death of the mixed tape.Devil’s BackboneEl CamaroncitoBloody MaryYou can contact us on Google Voicemail @ 210-802-1197, @...

Episode 18: Halloween Pt. 2

Episode 18: Halloween Pt. 2Thanks for tuning in to part 2 of our Halloween Special. This episode, we still bounce around a bit, but we talk a little bit more about San Antonio lore and ghost stories and then divert to our top horror, spooky, and creepy flicks, t.v. shows, and the Care Bears?Ghost TracksEl CamaroncitoOur list of top horror flicks.Mario Poltergeist Serpent and the Rainbow The Omen American Werewolf in London Jaws The Never Ending Story IT The Shining InsidiousMichael Blair...

Episode 17: Halloween Pt. 1

Episode 17: Halloween Pt. 1Thanks for tuning in for the first part of our three part Halloween Special.First off, we let you have a little more behind the scenes “before” we were rolling. We chat about comics, comic movies, masticating, and post podcast food. We also open up the meat and potatoes portion of the show with some of Michael’s original music for a film he’s scoring under the name Juncture, and can be found at Michael and I discuss how our Halloweens have...

Episode 16: Fantasy Football

Episode 16: Fantasy FootballOh my god, you’re still here!This week we talked a little about fantasy football and all the fun and frustration that comes with. We realize that many weeks have passed but some of this you can listen to and laugh at who we have or you can cheer us on because our players are finally killing it. Either way, this is pure guy stuff.You can contact us on Google Voicemail @ 210-802-1197, @, on Twitter: @itsaguythingpod, on...

Episode 15: Nina Diaz, Tobin Center, and Paul is Dead

Episode 15: Nina Diaz, Tobin Center, and Paul is DeadHey, there you are. We we’re looking all over for you. We were here, it was you that was absent for a few weeks. Anyway, this week we talk about our visit to the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts to watch David Garza, Lonely Horse, and the Nina Diaz Solo Project.While we were there, we had a What If discussion about music, the forced absence of some pop stars, and who we would choose to be. We love theoretical questions, so this might...

Episode 14: Who's Rick

Episode 14: Who's RickIn the second of our Who Are We series, we take a deep look into the man we know as Rick, Ricker, Cro, and Team Felix. The guys dive into who the hell this Rick guy is and discuss his love for animals, film, Michael Bean, his football achievements, and private school culture. Rick and Mike also share stories of their high school and formative years and how they became friends and the bonds they share. They also talk about their connection with Mario and how he fits...

Episode 13: Who's Mario

Episode 13: Who's MarioIn our first episode of the "Who Are We” series, we find out more about Mario. He created 210 Local Media, the 210 Podcast Network, and Co-created It’s a Guy Thing Podcast. He talks about some of incorrect memories, his family, how he decided to start 210 Local Media, his favorite films, music, local music, and in a twisted chain of events, Michael and Rick decide not to roast him completely. We also chat about the Frank Zappa clan, Marc Maron, ROTC, Civil Air...

Episode 12: Grab Bag Vol. 1

Episode 12: Grab Bag Vol. 1We start off this episode talking about Rick’s podcast-table manners and if there's something up with the blue M&M’s. Since the World Cup has just finished, we talk about how countries vie to be selected as the future site and how much they might spend when doing so. Some of the numbers are astounding enough to drive Mario into a tizzy about why they and other entertainers make so much money! We also talk about why entertainers make more money than teachers,...

Episode 11: Guy Things We Wish We Knew

Episode 11: Guy Things We Wish We KnewThe guys talk about the stuff they know, don’t know, wish they knew, and wish they didn’t know about traditional “guy things”. Find out how we rate on grilling, fishing, hunting, weapons, fighting, and some other stuff that guys may or may not have experience with and how we feel about them.You can contact us on Google Voicemail @ 210-802-1197, @, on Twitter: @itsaguythingpod, on Facebook: /itsaguythingpodcast &...
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