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Welcome to The J-Man Show, where J discuss various topics from Pop Culture, Videos, Filmmaking, Social Issues, Video Games, and providing comical insight while pursuing his own filmmaking goals.

Welcome to The J-Man Show, where J discuss various topics from Pop Culture, Videos, Filmmaking, Social Issues, Video Games, and providing comical insight while pursuing his own filmmaking goals.
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Welcome to The J-Man Show, where J discuss various topics from Pop Culture, Videos, Filmmaking, Social Issues, Video Games, and providing comical insight while pursuing his own filmmaking goals.




The J-Man Show#39: GOP Groping and Fandumb Woes

The J-Man Show is back! For Episode 39 and just in time for the first half of the series Anniversary. J discusses the latest sexual allegations from the fracturing of the GOP, and Hollywood to How the MeToo Movement can be abused and malformed into a different narrative. Then hes into solving fandumb woes from DCEU Fans, Ben Affleck leaving the Batman Role, and his thoughts on Justice League. He'll also discuss why our opinion matters only to ourselves and why people should actually enjoy...

Duration: 00:35:13

J360 Nightmare Food (10/31/17)

On a stormy Halloween Night, Alan decides to tell J about his bad experiences with food, and J decides to air their conversation live on the radio to give a humorous look into fast food, frozen food, and any kind of nightmares they'd find. Though if they aren't careful the storm could become rapid and cut the connection any minute.

Duration: 00:24:47

Mini marathon happening Saturday with Ep.39 landing at 12pm.

There will be a mini marathon featuring the Cyclone 18-20, and The J-Man Show 33-39 on YouTube.com/j360productions. Episode 39 will also make its Soundcloud Debut at the same time the YouTube Channel does so no one is missing out.

Duration: 00:00:53

The J-Man Show#38:Status Report

While looking at his Amazon wish list, J discusses his viewpoints on Thor Ragnarok (Mild Spoilers), New Plans for J360 Productions, Delays and discusses tidbits on Manga, and Animes that have live action film adaptations and compare them. He's also making sure to keep certain Fandumbs in place while he discusses it This is more of a low-key yet comical rambling episode but it's also a clear indicator that the J-Man Show is back for another run.

Duration: 00:31:27

The Cyclone#20: Personnel Ramble

After discussing games from the past, the Cyclone crew steps it up a notch to talk about how the new quarterbacks are holding up in the NFL season so far. Stupid General Manager decisions, and finally taking a look into the NBA Season that's looming in the distance.

Duration: 00:24:48

The Cyclone#19: Games of Future Past (1 Hr Special)

Since it's been awhile since the last Cyclone Episode, and now a quarter or so into the new NFL Season. The Cyclone crew looks into the games of week 4, discussing each Football team in the NFL along with their games and power rankings. They also look into their top 5 young quarterbacks that could rise into greatness as the league continues to thrive. Production Notes: This episode was a little late but it's been doubled up with Episode 20 to catch up in time for week 6.

Duration: 00:35:56

The Cyclone Live Test (made with Spreaker)

This is a live test for the upcoming for the new J360 Radio

Duration: 00:10:25

The J-Man Show#37: The VGM/DCEU Roundabout

After looking into some movie trailers and seeing that Tomb Raider is getting a reboot. J discusses some of his favorite Video Game Movies and looks into many fun ways to rethink and discuss story writing for different films. He'll also mention some video game movies he didn't care for and discusses some qualms about the DCEU, and why even if you dream it we'll never escape comic book or video game movies.

Duration: 00:35:38

The J-Man Show#36: Contemplative Indignation

While re-recording Episode 36 for the Double Special, J looks into an incident from Instagram live and begins to think about Society's first world problems. He begins to look at how hypersensitive people can be when it comes to nice compliments, and sees how a certain 3rd wave movement while intended for good is causing a lot of problems. Is feminism dividing us in a time when the world needs more healing? Why are so many people angry? and is there an endgame to all of this infighting...

Duration: 00:32:36

The J-Man Show#35: Retrogaming with NFG

This week as part of a J-Man Double Special, J takes a look into the Jemele Hill Debacle facing Donald Trump and decides to venture into retrogaming while designing the new PowerPlay Reboot. He begins to look into a favorite pro wrestling game of his while discussing fond memories of the legendary gaming companies: SNK and Capcom. Plenty of reminiscing is happening in this episode, so you won't want to miss out. Production Notes: Do to lack of time, Episode 36 will be uploaded tomorrow...

Duration: 00:26:49

A Moment with J: New Plans

A Moment with J: New Plans by J.M.Brady

Duration: 00:03:20

The J-Man Show#34: The Two-Bit Ramble

The J-Man Show Episode 34 has landed, and this time J decides to talk in a random ramble forum discussing where he's been for the last week, Filmmaking Goals, Marvel and Star Wars Drama (Inhumans and Episode 9) New Ideals, How creatives could handle criticism, and YouTube digging itself into a new whole with their iron grip on content and demonetization. This episode is a bit shorter than usual and freeform as we're starting the process again.

Duration: 00:15:40

The Cyclone#18: Trades, Debates, and Theories

On this special extended Cyclone episode, the Cyclone Crew looks into the Boston/Cleveland Trade regarding Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas wondering where it will lead in October? Dev has a theory regarding the first round draft NFL Draft picks if they're doomed to fail in the NFL if they come from a highly privileged college system? and finally they look into redeeming a new quarterback's grade from bust to prospect as they describe Preseason stats. Plenty to discuss in this episode and...

Duration: 00:29:58

The J-Man Show#33: Reset Mode

After a blackout (hardware failure)happened in J360 Productions, J managed to restore the J-Man Show and the other programs to compile a new impromptu J-Man Episode for all of you. Taking cues from the latest news, issues that happened in society, and the arrival of the solar eclipse things J takes the time to discuss what the J-Man Show is about, why he doesn't mind talking Politics, Religion, and what Incompetence inc has done now, an argument with an old friend, and why he doesn't mind...

Duration: 00:30:36

J360 Update: Hardware Failure.

J360 Update: Hardware Failure. by J.M.Brady

Duration: 00:01:33

The J-Man Show#32: Mass Dysfunction

The J-Man Show Returns with Episode 32, and this week J discusses the latest happenings in J360 Productions, The 45th Retrograde's North Korea Debacle, The Mass Dysfunction happening in Society, the Generation gap, and the Workforce. He'll also try to provide his insight on how we can all recover from it and why not to fear the vicious cycle happening in our social climate as we brave the storm day by day. Production Notes: This is a Black Label J-Man Episode which focuses on more real...

Duration: 00:32:36

The Cyclone#17: SpinCycle

This week the Cyclone Crew discuss the return of Jay Cutler, Blackballing of Colin Kapernick, Poor coaching by Chip Kelly, and they also look into Sports showcased into other forms of media like video games, and movies. In a way entering a spin cycle of different sports outlets and styles while keeping the focus on football and basketball. Come venture into the eye of the sports storm with us. Social Media Follow @J360productions on Twitter Like and Follow us on Facebook.com/j360productions

Duration: 00:38:18

The J360 MiniBytes#14: Dinnah

Dev goes to Wendys to get himself a chicken BLT for Dinner as Alan and J crash the party to get a piece of the action. Follow on Social Media Twitter: @J360productions Facebook.com/j360productions

Duration: 00:01:07

The Cyclone#16: NFC Predictions Pt.2

Picking up from Episode 15, The Cyclone Crew are discussing the other NFC teams from the remainders of South, West, and East. We'll be looking into some skill sets, discussing what makes a good quarterback, and how the anticipation for the new NFL Season looks from our own perspectives. We're joined once again by our good friend Mark from the band: Mark and Margo. You can check out their music via this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOh5EWTJPPWUpqOZJLM5wFQ.

Duration: 00:39:47

The Cyclone#15: NFC Predictions Pt.1

This week the Cyclone Crew are looking into NFC Teams, discussing Awful Quarterbacks, Who's profiting from the league, and doing more offside predictions. They aren't alone as they invite along Mark from Mark and Margo to join in for the adventure. Mark & Margo (The Band): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOh5EWTJPPWUpqOZJLM5wFQ This part one of a two-part episode, and the 2nd half will land tomorrow.

Duration: 00:42:33

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