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Welcome to The J-Man Show, where J discuss various topics from Pop Culture, Videos, Filmmaking, Social Issues, Video Games, and providing comical insight while pursuing his own filmmaking goals.

Welcome to The J-Man Show, where J discuss various topics from Pop Culture, Videos, Filmmaking, Social Issues, Video Games, and providing comical insight while pursuing his own filmmaking goals.
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Welcome to The J-Man Show, where J discuss various topics from Pop Culture, Videos, Filmmaking, Social Issues, Video Games, and providing comical insight while pursuing his own filmmaking goals.




The Cyclone#25: Championship Mode

The Cyclone has landed with Episode 25! This time the Cyclone crew are recapping on what happened in the 2018 Divisional Playoffs this past week, and giving their picks for the upcoming NFC Championship game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles. Followed by the AFC Championship game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New England Patriots. Come take a listen and feel free to share your thoughts below. Follow us on Twitter: @j360productions Like and Follow us on...

Duration: 00:12:20

The J-Man Show#44: Popularity Be Damned

The J-Man Show is back and this time J discusses trends and Popularity and how it affects our society. He will talk about three different forms of Popularity from "General Popularity" "Fool's Popularity," and The ever elusive "Genuine Popularity." He'll expose why it can be a trap for many and how just being yourself along with acceptance of yourself can be all you need to survive in a toxic landscape. Finally J discusses "The Humble Effect" an arrogant person's greatest nightmare. Follow...

Duration: 00:32:32

A J360 Radio Update: Alt.Weekend Schedule

A J360 Radio Update: Alt.Weekend Schedule by J.M.Brady

Duration: 00:01:41

The J-Man Show#43: News Of The World

The J-Man Show is back for 2018, and this week J is discussing the importance of Mainstream Media in our society. He will look into the bare functions of what Journalism is all about from its ethics to the importance of the First Amendment. He'll look into the problems with mainstream media as well from personnel to station ownership and more. He will also discuss why Trump's claims of "fake news" is destroying the fabric of free press and how come you should give the media a little more...

Duration: 00:44:47

Moments with J: About Episode 43.

Lost track of time, and I have to re-record the J-Man Show Ep.43, but no worries things are still coming together and it will be ready for you all by Friday afternoon. Speaking of which you can subscribe to us on Itunes, GooglePlay or TuneIn Radio via "J360 Radio" Everything's going to be fine, but for now just stay patient and we'll be back to speed this Friday.

Duration: 00:02:25

The Cyclone#24: Divisional Playoffs

This week the Cyclone crew discusses what happened during the Wildcard Playoffs and predict the various outcomes happening into the Divisional Playoffs. They even discuss some history of quarterbacks from the past while shedding some light on optimistic possibilities for the underdogs present in the games to come.

Duration: 00:25:21

The Cyclone#23: Post-Season Wildcard Talk

Happy 2018, The Cyclone is officially back on the air and this time J, Alan, and Mark look into the post season while naming their picks for who is going to win the Wildcard Playoffs this weekend. It's good to be back for the new year and there's going to be some bright changes ahead for J360 Radio in the future. Follow us on Twitter: @J360productions Email us (Subject The Cyclone)

Duration: 00:22:31

Moments with J#3: Where the hell have we been?

Hey J360 Legion, J's giving an update on where the J360 Team has been over the last couple of weeks and a quick review of things that happened in 2017 while being optimistic about new events happening in 2018. J360 Radio will resume productions on Jan 8th 2018.

Duration: 00:03:13

The Cyclone#22: Week 15 Ramble

Picking up from where Episode 21 left off, J, Alan and Mark discuss their viewpoints on how the league is progressing and what teams will come out on top in their respective match ups for week 15. Email the Cyclone at (Place episode number in the subject and send us questions or thoughts.)

Duration: 00:22:12

The Cyclone#21: The Return

Since 2017 is coming to a close, so is the NFL Season and now the Cyclone returns to see how everything is progressing into the playoffs season. Al and J are joined by an old friend as they continue to explore what's been going on since the show's been in hiatus. They'll look into the rise of the Philadelphia Eagles to what is going on with the Cleveland Browns. It'll be a variety base show but rest assured J360 Legion, The Cyclone is back!

Duration: 00:42:28

J360 Radio: Net Neutrality

J, Alan, and Mark discuss the importance of Net Neutrality as the deadline happens on Dec 14th. If you don't want telecom companies dictating your media consumption, blocking or throttling the content you like to watch, and stomping your first amendment rights. Get involved, talk to your congress and try to keep the internet free and open. Get involved, take a stand, and make a difference.

Duration: 00:01:10

Moment with J#2: More Research needed for Ep.43, and update on the Cyclone#21.

Hey all, it's time for another moment with J. This update is about Ep.43's delay I've been a bit off due to time management and I need more research for it. So i'm going to make this one into a Saturday Special for you all. The Cyclone#21 is coming next week, and I'm also working on reviving another series for the YouTube Channel. Thank you all for being patience.

Duration: 00:02:09

The J-Man Show#42: The Lament

J-Man returns for Episode 42 but this time he discusses some issues ranging from Hollywood and Politics dirty relationship with sexual harassment. How The desire to quit producing independent media, and how it's a lie and dangerous to all creators. He'll also mention why he wasn't around so often in light of the internet rollback issue and what he did with his time. There's also some hints of new J360 Developments for 2018 featured in this episode.

Duration: 00:23:24

A Moment with J: Tax Reforms, New developments, and no fear

Since Episode 42 is going to be fine-tuned, J introduces a new back-up segement called "Moments with J" and this time he's looking into the Tax Reform, New J360 Developments, and other musings he may have. Don't worry Episode 42 will land tomorrow at 12pm!

Duration: 00:04:45

The J-Man Show#41 Internet Blackout

After finishing off an amazing Turkey Dinner and relaxing away the Black Friday events. J learns of an issue that could change the way Americans can enjoy their daily media consumption. The current FCC chairman wants to roll back the Net Neutrality rules for big business to have total control on how the internet can be used. J decides to discuss how it can affect all of us and what we as a people can do to prevent the issue and prepare for a big fight as the decision happens on December...

Duration: 00:23:02

The J-Man Show#40: Real Talk Retrospective

While finally reaching the 40th episode and crossing the 1 year milestone for J360 Radio. J looks back at what inspired the changes necessary to restructure J360 Productions from a dark place. He also looks into Net Neutrality woes and attempts to motivate and inspire other creatives out there who may not be pursuing their passion. Finally J will discuss the dark troubled moments in building the business while explaining what to do about toxic people and pushing yourself forward in trouble...

Duration: 00:19:47

The J-Man Show#39: GOP Groping and Fandumb Woes

The J-Man Show is back! For Episode 39 and just in time for the first half of the series Anniversary. J discusses the latest sexual allegations from the fracturing of the GOP, and Hollywood to How the MeToo Movement can be abused and malformed into a different narrative. Then hes into solving fandumb woes from DCEU Fans, Ben Affleck leaving the Batman Role, and his thoughts on Justice League. He'll also discuss why our opinion matters only to ourselves and why people should actually enjoy...

Duration: 00:35:13

J360 Nightmare Food (10/31/17)

On a stormy Halloween Night, Alan decides to tell J about his bad experiences with food, and J decides to air their conversation live on the radio to give a humorous look into fast food, frozen food, and any kind of nightmares they'd find. Though if they aren't careful the storm could become rapid and cut the connection any minute.

Duration: 00:24:47

Mini marathon happening Saturday with Ep.39 landing at 12pm.

There will be a mini marathon featuring the Cyclone 18-20, and The J-Man Show 33-39 on Episode 39 will also make its Soundcloud Debut at the same time the YouTube Channel does so no one is missing out.

Duration: 00:00:53

The J-Man Show#38:Status Report

While looking at his Amazon wish list, J discusses his viewpoints on Thor Ragnarok (Mild Spoilers), New Plans for J360 Productions, Delays and discusses tidbits on Manga, and Animes that have live action film adaptations and compare them. He's also making sure to keep certain Fandumbs in place while he discusses it This is more of a low-key yet comical rambling episode but it's also a clear indicator that the J-Man Show is back for another run.

Duration: 00:31:27

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