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Welcome to The J-Man Show, where J discuss various topics from Pop Culture, Videos, Filmmaking, Social Issues, Video Games, and providing comical insight while pursuing his own filmmaking goals.




J360 Update: Hardware Failure.

J360 Update: Hardware Failure. by J.M.Brady

Duration: 00:01:33

The J-Man Show#32: Mass Dysfunction

The J-Man Show Returns with Episode 32, and this week J discusses the latest happenings in J360 Productions, The 45th Retrograde's North Korea Debacle, The Mass Dysfunction happening in Society, the Generation gap, and the Workforce. He'll also try to provide his insight on how we can all recover from it and why not to fear the vicious cycle happening in our social climate as we brave the storm day by day. Production Notes: This is a Black Label J-Man Episode which focuses on more real...

Duration: 00:32:36

The Cyclone#17: SpinCycle

This week the Cyclone Crew discuss the return of Jay Cutler, Blackballing of Colin Kapernick, Poor coaching by Chip Kelly, and they also look into Sports showcased into other forms of media like video games, and movies. In a way entering a spin cycle of different sports outlets and styles while keeping the focus on football and basketball. Come venture into the eye of the sports storm with us. Social Media Follow @J360productions on Twitter Like and Follow us on Facebook.com/j360productions

Duration: 00:38:18

The J360 MiniBytes#14: Dinnah

Dev goes to Wendys to get himself a chicken BLT for Dinner as Alan and J crash the party to get a piece of the action. Follow on Social Media Twitter: @J360productions Facebook.com/j360productions

Duration: 00:01:07

The Cyclone#16: NFC Predictions Pt.2

Picking up from Episode 15, The Cyclone Crew are discussing the other NFC teams from the remainders of South, West, and East. We'll be looking into some skill sets, discussing what makes a good quarterback, and how the anticipation for the new NFL Season looks from our own perspectives. We're joined once again by our good friend Mark from the band: Mark and Margo. You can check out their music via this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOh5EWTJPPWUpqOZJLM5wFQ.

Duration: 00:39:47

The Cyclone#15: NFC Predictions Pt.1

This week the Cyclone Crew are looking into NFC Teams, discussing Awful Quarterbacks, Who's profiting from the league, and doing more offside predictions. They aren't alone as they invite along Mark from Mark and Margo to join in for the adventure. Mark & Margo (The Band): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOh5EWTJPPWUpqOZJLM5wFQ This part one of a two-part episode, and the 2nd half will land tomorrow.

Duration: 00:42:33

The Cyclone#14: Offside Predictions

Welcome back to the Cyclone, picking up from where they left off in Episode 13. The Cyclone Crew switches to football coverage to speak about some presumptions they have regarding the AFC teams this year along with poking fun at different coaching systems and players along the way. This episode is the 2nd half of the first Cyclone Double Special.

Duration: 00:46:12

The Cyclone#13: Them Busts Tho!

The Cyclone Episode 13 is here, and the transition to the NFL Season is complete. As the Cyclone crew say their official goodbyes to the NBA Coverage until next season, they discuss about the potential in players, Off-season Trade claims, The Nightmare in Cleveland, Why you should never depend on the draft, and plenty of busts if time allows. This is the first half of a Cyclone Double Special with Episode 14 landing tomorrow afternoon with the start of Football Coverage.

Duration: 00:24:42

The J-Man Show#31: J-Man Returns

The J-Man Show is officially back on the air! J-Man returns to spread his insight and wisdom on the latest happenings of the 45th Retrograde, Incompetence Inc, The Fight for Net Neutrality, His hatred of YouTube Politics, Standing up for yourself in a world gone mad, and discusses Spider-man Homecoming while tweaking The Amazing Spider-man 2. You'll also find out what J's been up to while on leave from the show other than the Cyclone.

Duration: 00:38:59

The Cyclone#12: Summer League Woes

There's about to be a transitional upgrade here at The Cyclone, The Eves of Football Season are upon us. So this episode is presented as a hybrid covering both NFL and NBA News. J and Dev learn that Alan doesn't watch the Summer League, we discuss some of the craziest NFL Moments, and also Alan has another sports figure he despises while Dev attempts to create a team filled with Brandon Jennings on NBA 2k.

Duration: 00:30:48

The Cyclone#12 Teaser: The NBA D-League's Name Change

Teaser for the Cyclone#12, J discusses the importance of The NBA G-League's name change. Since there's no J-Man Show this week, the Cyclone is covering the time slot this Thursday at 5pm.

Duration: 00:00:23

The Cyclone#11: The After-Draft

This week on The Cyclone, Alan and Dev discusses the after math of the NBA Draft. Looking into some of the highs and lows of the prospects. They debate about Lonzo Ball being a win or a bust for the Lakers, and arguing about The Minnesota/Chicago Trade debacle. Coming along for the ride is J from The J-Man Show taking up the third seat again to keep the egos in check. You don't want to miss the hilarity that happens on The Cyclone tonight!

Duration: 00:35:11

The J-Man Show#30: Political Blood Money

From the Cyclone Milestone (10 Episodes) to another J-Man embarks on another battle with Incompetence Inc. This time fighting over the evils of the formerly secret GOP Senate Bill. Join in as J attempts to discuss the repercussions of a juvenile government gone mad and explain with his insight on how things could get better as we remove our apathy. He'll also discuss why Healthcare shouldn't be something you worry about paying for in broad strokes but why it being elusive is the most vile...

Duration: 00:31:42

The Cyclone#10: Eve of The Draft

Just in time the Cyclone#10 has landed in honor of the NBA Draft. The Boys decide to discuss how to handle a basketball team as potential GMs, and since J is out sick for the Episode, they manage to recruit a prospect named Brandon. Alan also shares an embarrassing secret that he's been holding in since the show began, what could it be? Come listen and find out. Since this is the 10th Episode, J360 Radio has finally reached another milestone.

Duration: 00:34:26

The J-Man Show#29: The Evils of Fandumb

The J-Man Show#29 has landed, and this time J takes the show on the road (literally) to discuss something vicious in our society. The evils of Fandom called "Fandumb" where no matter what creative thing you do, the evil version of your fanbase will hate you for it. J attempts to speak how this condition has come about into our lives, what can we do to stop it, and asks the critics the main question "if you can do better, why won't you?" Production Notes: Butts will be hurt in this episode,...

Duration: 00:35:49

The Cyclone#9: Eat Crow!

The 2017 NBA Finals have come to an end with the Warriors triumphant. The Cyclone crew is going through a bit of highs and lows. Sure the season is officially over but what went wrong for the Cavs? What went right for the Warriors? Why is J laughing? And how much crow can Alan eat? Sit back and laugh at the circumstances, J360 Legion because the new Cyclone is here.

Duration: 00:26:53

The J-Man Show#28: There's too much going on

After much delays, J is finally back to The J-Man Show, and this time discussing multiple topics and loose ends. He looks into the aftermath of Game 3 regarding the NBA FInals since there's no Cyclone Report this week. Addressing the Question of the Week from Episode 26, and speaking about the DCEU's latest success with Wonder Woman but also discussing an issue that has been plaguing society for quite some time after Gamergate in 2014. We've extended this episode a little bit to discuss...

Duration: 00:48:41

The Cyclone#8: Onward to Game 3

This week on the Cyclone, Al and J discuss what happened in Game 1 and 2 of The 2017 NBA Finals. They attempt to figure out what's going on with the Cavs, Give credit to the Warriors, and J explains why being a sore loser is just as bad as being a bandwagon fan. They even dabble a bit into the latest issues that have plagued the NFL regarding roster cuts and contract disputes. It's all happening before Game 3 lands this Wednesday Night at 9pm. Feel free to discuss sports with us on our FB...

Duration: 00:31:26

The Cyclone Report#1: Game 1 Review

The Cyclone Report is a specialized mini show developed for when the Cyclone crew has topics to cover that aren't looked into on the regular Cyclone Show. This week we're discussing what happened in Game 1 of The NBA Finals and what we would like to happen for Game 2 happening this Sunday at 8pm.

Duration: 00:08:47

The J-Man Show#27: For your "Safety" (With Covfefe)

This week J battles against the 45th Retrograde's latest issues and all of the dangers that come with leaving the climate summit, giving away secrets to false allies, and why you should be careful of what you vote for. He'll even discuss how someone like Trump could actually turn you into a monster if you aren't careful. We'll even take a good look at Kathy Griffin's latest artwork too. Production Notes: This is a black label J-Man Episode and covers topics that might not be suitable for...

Duration: 00:35:43

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