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A weekly podcast discussing each episode every episode of the insanely popular 80s cartoon show, Jem.

A weekly podcast discussing each episode every episode of the insanely popular 80s cartoon show, Jem.
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A weekly podcast discussing each episode every episode of the insanely popular 80s cartoon show, Jem.






S3E12: “A Father Should Be…”

In Season 3, episode 12: "'A Father Should Be...,' Jem and The Holograms (with help from Riot and his dad) search for Ba Nee's father. The Holograms travel to different parts of the country using information provided by Riot and speak to three men they think might be Ba Nee's father: Leonard Martin, Andy Martin and Martin O'Carolan.

Duration: 01:09:12

S3E11: “Riot’s Hope”

In Season 3, episode 11: "'Riot's Hope,' When Riot's mother collapses from stress, he is revisited by his rejecting strict father and they begin to fight constantly. It's up to Jem to try and mend their relationship.”

Duration: 01:06:49

S3E10: “A Change of Heart”

In Season 3, episode 10: "'A Change of Heart,' when Minx has a near-death experience, she decides to change her attitude and become kind and helpful, much to the dismay of Riot and Rapture. She sets out to do all kinds of good deeds for Rio, Jerrica, Jem and the rest of the Holograms to make up for her past bad behavior. Unfortunately, the new Minx turns out to be much more trouble than the old one.”

Duration: 00:46:01

S3E9: “Straight from the Heart”

In Season 3, episode 9: "'Straight from the Heart,' A new fashion designer, Regine Cesaire, comes to town and starts working with Jem and The Holograms. When they initially reject her designs, her frustration turns her to the glamour of The Stingers. However, they soon take advantage of her and eventually cast her aside. Repented, she then returns to The Holograms, asking for another opportunity.”

Duration: 00:58:42

S3E8: “That Old Houdini Magic”

In Season 3, episode 8: "'That Old Houdini Magic,' Jem and The Holograms are invited to perform at a magic convention with Astral, hosted by the gullible Mrs. Farnsworth, but when Rapture tricks Mrs. Farnsworth into thinking Houdini has possessed her body, it's up to The Holograms and Astral to help her see the truth.”

Duration: 01:04:05

S2E24: “Britrock”

In Season 2, episode 24: ‘Britrock,’ “The Misfits go to England to meet Jetta's supposedly aristocratic family. Jetta's lower-class parents, Bertie and Flo strike up a deal with a Lord of England which ends up badly. Meanwhile, The Holograms come to play a show in London and meet Craig and his band. Both him and Aja renew their romance and help the true Earl, Mason Hawthorne, get back his title, which Pizzazz almost got tricked into buying.”

S2E22: “Journey to Shangri-La”

In Season 2, episode 22: ‘Journey to Shangri-La,’ “The Holograms try to find Shangri-La, the mythological city where all music and art is kept, to add a new twist to their music. When Pizzazz and Roxy end up sick and Shangri-La's music is the only thing that can cure them, it's a race against time to save them.”

S2E20: “The Middle of Nowhere”

Synopsis: “Jem and The Holograms visit Ba Nee’s pen pal in Alaska. It’s up to them to stop The Misfits and Eric Raymond from ruining the trip and destroying a natural seal habitat.” Summary: Episode 46 (S2E20) is written by Chris Pelzer. We open with a very busy Harvey Gabor, frantically making phone calls. Pizzazz […]

Duration: 00:36:25

S2E19: “Mardi Gras”

Synopsis: “The Holograms are invited to wear the pirate Jean Lafitte’s jewels for the Mardi Gras celebration. But could Lafitte’s ghost be after them?” Summary: Episode 45 (S2E19) is written by returning writer, Mary Skrenes. We open on a cruise ship as Jem and the Holograms patiently wait for their mystery contact to divulge what […]

S2E12: “Danse Time”

Synopsis: “Richard Xanthos holds a contest for $250,000 for the group that can make the best music video that personifies friendship and goodwill. Jerrica Benton decides that if Jem and The Holograms win, they will donate all the money to Haven House. Naturally, the only opponents are The Misfits.” Summary: Episode 38 (S2E12) is written […]

S2E11: “The Jazz Player”

Synopsis: “Legendary trumpet player, Taps Tucker, is humiliated on the Lin-Z Pierce show when The Misfits crash his interview and harass him. Outraged, Jem and The Holograms visit Taps and offer to help him put his famous Taps Tucker Band back together.” Summary: Episode 37 (S2E11) is written by Michael Reaves. We open with legendary […]

S2E10: “Music Is Magic”

Synopsis: “The Holograms are the musical guests at a magic show. When strange things start happening and people start to disappear, the Holograms have to team up with the magicians and the Misfits to solve the mysteries before it’s too late.” Summary: Episode 36 (S2E10) is written by Paul Dini. We open with Kimber attempting […]

Duration: 00:47:48

S2E9: “Aztec Enchantment”

Synopsis: “A prestigious film contest is coming up and Video is determined to win the competition. She brings Jem, The Holograms and Rio down to Mexico to film their newest video at a top secret location that is sure to give her the first prize.” Summary: Episode 35 (S2E9) is written by Misty Stewart-Taggart. We […]

S2E8: “The Treasure Hunt”

Synopsis: “Richard Xanthos sponsors a literature-themed treasure hunt in which the winning team will get a priceless item from the Zanthos collection. Jem chaperones the Starlight Girls team which consists of Ashley, Krissie and Ba Nee, while Pizzazz chaperones three street urchins named Molly, Ellen and Sandra, that Eric paid off.” Summary: Episode 34 (S2E8) […]

Duration: 01:02:50

S2E7: “Father’s Day”

Synopsis: “Video is having trouble coming up with a Father’s Day present, so Jem suggests creating a film featuring video footage of their fathers and an original song. Everyone is excited except for Kimber, who is sad about having no father to celebrate with and refuses to write the song.” Summary: Episode 33 (S2E7) is […]

Duration: 01:07:01

S2E6: “The Fan”

Synopsis: “A wealthy young man, Prescott Wentworth, who is completely obsessed with Jem offers a reward to anyone who can tell him her real name. The Misfits convince him to build an exact replica of Starlight Mansion and hire actors to pose as The Holograms.” Summary: Episode 32 (S2E6) is written by returning Jem writer, […]

S2E5: “The Bands Break Up”

Synopsis: “Upset with the way their bands treat them and over Jerrica’s objections, Kimber and Stormer form a friendship and subsequently decide to form a duo and begin performing together.” Summary: Episode 31 (S2E5) is written by Marv Wolfman, and Cherie Wilkerson. We open with Jem and the Holograms debating if the song on the […]

Duration: 01:08:36

S2E4: “One Jem Too Many”

Synopsis: “Jerrica, stressed-out from dealing with tax forms and the usual trouble at home and the office, gets into trouble with a nasty-tempered Jem impersonator, whose outrageous, public meltdowns and temper tantrums threaten to destroy the real Jem’s career.” Summary: Episode 30 (S2E4) is written by Buzz Dixon. We open with an exhausted looking Jerrica […]

Duration: 00:48:38

S2E3: “Scandal”

Synopsis: “When Jetta finds Kimber’s diary the Misfits start a scandal to try to ruin the Holograms.” Summary: Episode 29 (S2E3) is written by Mary Skrenes. We open with Jem and the Holograms arriving in beautiful Venice Beach, California. Raya is to make her debut interview appearance with the rest of the Holograms on Harriet […]

28: “The Talent Search: Part 2”

Synopsis: “As the Holograms deliberate over which semi-finalist will be their new drummer, the Misfits try to bribe one of them to reveal Jem’s secret identity.” Summary: Episode 28 is written by Christy Marx and is the conclusion to two-part episode: “The Talent Search.” We open with Jerrica bringing the good news to the Holograms […]
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