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Episode 22: The Andersons (Part 3, Ole & Arn to Arn & Tully)

This week's show continues our look at the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. We cover Ole & Arn teaming up and make our way to the early days of what would morph into The Four Horsemen. Where did Arn start his career, and is he really an Anderson? How was it dealing with Ole? What about when Tully Blanchard entered the picture? We try to cover as much ground as possible all the while allowing JJ to spin tales of the "glory years" of pro wrestling. ---Get a phone call from JJ (or Rich, if you want)!...

Duration: 01:10:42

Episode 21: The Andersons (Part 2, The Minnesota Wrecking Crew)

This week's show picks up on our look at the Anderson's. This week's show covers Ole and Gene's contributions to tag team wrestling. JJ shares stories including how Ole nearly derailed his first NWA World Title match, Ole getting stabbed and incidents with fans, and more. ---EMAIL the show - jjdillonshow@mlw.com ---Get a signed copy of JJ's Autobiography "Wrestlers are Like Seagulls" - email horsemandillon@yahoo.com ---Pick up a JJ Dillon Show T-Shirt at www.prowrestlingtees.com/jjdshow...

Duration: 01:10:36

Episode 20: Tampa & The Andersons (Part 1)

This week's show takes a look at some of the names and faces who attended the Championship Wrestling from Florida Legends Fan Fest. Eventually, JJ and Rich get into discussing the history and importance of the Andersons on tag team wrestling. This serves as Part 1 of our look at the legendary "family."

Duration: 00:53:04

Episode 19: Hiatus Shmyaytas

After our non-hiatus, JJ explains his initial reasons for wanting to take a break and why he just as quickly changed his mind. Also this week, JJ and Rich discuss JJ's upcoming trip to the CWF Legends Reunion 2 Event in Tampa, the iconic Fort Hesterly Armory, Sputnik Monroe, and more.

Duration: 00:53:08

The Future of the JJ Dillon Show

We're not going anywhere just yet!

Duration: 00:01:27

Episode 17: Heel Psychology & Heat

Stay tuned to the very end of the show for a very important announcement. This week's show focuses on the in-ring psychology of a heel, ways to draw heat, and more! ---EMAIL the show - jjdillonshow@mlw.com ---Get JJ's Autobiography "Wrestlers are Like Seagulls" at www.jjdillon.com ---Pick up a JJ Dillon Show T-Shirt at www.prowrestlingtees.com/jjdshow ---TWITTER - @JJDillonShow @RichBocchini #AskJJD

Duration: 01:31:57

Episode 16: 4 Questions with the Leader of the Four Horsemen

Steve from Tampa sent us some great questions, so we start with Johnny Valentine, move over to Lord Alfred Hayes and Classy Freddie Blassie, and lots, lots more. ---Get JJ's Autobiography "Wrestlers are Like Seagulls" at www.jjdillon.com ---Pick up a JJ Dillon Show T-Shirt at www.prowrestlingtees.com/jjdshow ---EMAIL the show - jjdillonshow@mlw.com ---TWITTER - @JJDillonShow @RichBocchini #AskJJD

Duration: 01:05:17