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Kevin Durant, Taylor Swift, and Foo Fighters

In this episode we cover the recent Kevin Durant controversy, give our take on Taylor Swift's new direction, and give our review of the new Foo Fighter's album Concrete and Gold! Be sure to follow us on twitter @JONTPOD

Duration: 01:07:43

All about Guns

This episode is all about Guns! We are joined by longtime listener and certified gunsmith Brendon to discuss a broad spectrum of topics related to firearms. We talk about concealed carry, guns in movies, and why Taylor would be a terrible gun owner. If you're interested in a custom firearm you can contact Brendon at his website columbiagunsmithing.com which should be up and running soon.

Duration: 00:40:02

Scary Story Time

We are joined by top nosleep author Sgt Darwin to read his story "63 years ago". A creepy tale about a young man who enjoys the library a little too much. This one is a lot of fun and an episode you aren't gonna want to miss. If you like this story check out others by Sgt Darwin online at Thought Catalog or search the nosleep subreddit!

Duration: 00:56:42