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JACK'S FARM RADIO - getting to know the people behind your food. Dan Heckler, organic vegetable farmer, engages in casual conversations with farmers, food executives, chefs, educators, food advocates, eaters, cook book authors and more. Get a refreshing, honest glimpse of the personalities behind your food. Learn about the issues facing the food industry and the people behind it and explore the lives and thoughts of food providers.




A Multi-Generational Farm with Bob Wiker- Old Homestead Farm

Bob Wiker from Old Homestead Farm joins me on this episode of JFR.The post A Multi-Generational Farm with Bob Wiker- Old Homestead Farm appeared first on JACK'S FARM RADIO.

The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative operates urban farms in Detroit. This is a great group of young folks committed to urban farming and reinvigorating the city of Detroit. In this Skype conversation Molly Hubbell- Vice President and Pinky Jones – Farm manager talk with me about urban farming, the struggles of intercity folks to access food in a bankrupt city.The post The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative appeared first on JACK'S FARM RADIO.

Fresh Vegetables at your local Food Bank with Larry Welsch

You should be giving. A great place to give, if you’re into food, is your local food bank. In this episode I visit with Larry Welsch of the Chester County Food Bank. Larry gives me an overview of the food bank system. Did you know that over 10% of the United States population receives some sort of food assistance? We talk about that and more on this episode. So get out there and give; your time, your money or your food, it doesn’t matter, people need to eat.The post Fresh Vegetables at...

Managing a 10 Acre CSA Non-Profit Farm with Theresa Mycek

Theresa Mycek manages Colchester Farmin Georgetown, Maryland a 10 acre non profit vegetable farm. Theresa has been at the farm for over 5 years. This is a great interview with a lovely person who has followed what I’d call a classic small farm career path from intern to farm manager. The post Managing a 10 Acre CSA Non-Profit Farm with Theresa Mycek appeared first on JACK'S FARM RADIO.

The Foodie Farmer- Jenny Schmidt and Her Husband Hans.

The Schmidt’s are extremely active in the farm industry as advocates for agriculture in general and are focused on trying to dispel some of the myths they see as villainizing family farms and larger farm enterprises. Visit Jenny’s Facebook page and her blog The Foodie Farmer. This is a fascinating conversation with the owners of an extremely large farm and believe me, it’s all about family. I think they think just like I do with just some extra zeros on the ends of their numbers.The post...

Paying the Bills with Alison Howard of Homestead Farms

In this episode I talk with Alison Howard of Homestead Farms in Millington, Md. Homestead Farms is a USDA Certified Organic produce and small grain farm. Allison shares her experience with starting Homestead with her husband, Luke. This is a very good conversation which includes the subtle struggles of a true working farm: paying the bills through scale; the ego battles of the farmer with herself; the fact that farming is a commodity business and the mixed messages that consumers send to...

A Traditional Seedsman- Steve Freeman

I visited several food industry people on the Eastern Shore of Maryland this spring. This is my conversation with Steve Freeman a traditional seedsman who supplies his farmer clients with seeds and service. This is an interesting discussion about the practical aspects of supplying seeds and the seed industry. A big takeaway from this is that selling GMO seed isn’t always easy. This episode is brought to you by the generous support of Technology Management Phoenixville, Pa.The post A...

Fruit Geeks- Lisa Kershner from North Star Orchard

I talked with Lisa Kershner from North Star Orchard in Cochranville, Pa. North Star is Synonymous with fruit and producer only farmers markets in the Philadelphia. They seem to be at all the best, busiest markets in the Philadelphia region. Lisa and her husband Ike have grown their orchard business along with the growth in the local food movement. This is an innovative business. They aren’t afraid to try new things; they are excellent marketers and they aren’t afraid to evolve as the local...

Chicken Farming and Much More with Jenny Rhodes

Jenny Rhodes Is an Eastern Shore chicken farmer and a Maryland Coop Extension educator.The post Chicken Farming and Much More with Jenny Rhodes appeared first on JACK'S FARM RADIO.

Making and Selling Compost as Part of a Diversified Farm with Erich McEnroe

Erich McEnroe from McEnroe Organic Farm joins me on this episode of JACKS FARM RADIO. In their words: Farmingover 1000 acres in the Harlem Valley, New York, McEnroe Organic Farm is committed to organic and sustainable agriculture. The farm produces certified organic produce, meats and garden transplants. Ourcompost and soilis approved for organic production and available in bulk, wholesale, and retail. Our FarmMarketcarries farm grown meats and produce, a wide selection of organic and...

Retailing Whole and Local Foods with Terry Brett – Kimberton Whole Foods

In 1986 Terry Brett was running a humble farm store in Chester County, Pennsylvania, selling organic yogurt made on-site at a biodynamic dairy farm, now known as Seven Stars Farm. During the ensuing 27 years he has grown that store into a group of natural grocery stores that actively reflect his commitment to local farming and his prioritization of organic and fair food. Kimberton Whole Foods is now a multigenerational family business and continues to grow while maintaining a passionate...

50 share Certified Organic CSA- It’s a Lifestyle

TomReinhardtfrom Nev-R-Dun Farm joins me in this episode. This is a lifestyle farm in Westminster, MD. The goal of the Nev-R-Dun Farm cooperative is to provide organically grown produce to Carroll County residents along with the neighboring counties. As the demand for fresh organically grown produce increases, the amount of such produce available is less than adequate. We hope to do our share in offering such produce. Most produce that is available for sale in supermarkets is...

Born to Farm – Joan and Drew Norman from One Straw Farm

One Straw Farm is the largest Food Alliance Certified vegetable farm in Maryland. Lovingly tended by Drew and Joan Norman since 1983, One Straw Farm supplies families, restaurants and wholesalers with the finest certified produce. The goal of farming is more than simply growing a satiable crop, but also the responsibility of safeguarding the integrity of the land we cultivate. Each week we promise thew provision of sustainable produce with a responsible ecological footprint. We extend our...

GMO- Science, Fear and Facts with Kevin Folta of The University of Florida

Kevin Folta from The University of Florida joins me on JFR this episode. Kevin is an expert on GMO in food production. Here’s how he describes himself: I’m a plant biologist. My job is to contribute to the understanding of gene function, then use this knowledge to inform crop improvement. In the long run I hope to guide the development of better plants that produce more nutritious food and with less environmental impact. Undergraduate and public education are a huge part of my program. If...

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8 Acre Certified Organic Vegetable CSA – John Good- Quiet Creek Farm

John and Amy Good of Quiet Creek Farm are a true organic farming success story. I talked with John recently and he shared his enthusiasm and true deliberate journey in farming. John is an articulate guy and this is a really good story. Listen!The post 8 Acre Certified Organic Vegetable CSA – John Good- Quiet Creek Farm appeared first on JACK'S FARM RADIO.

580 CSA Shares going on 600 and more- Mike Nolan of Earth Spring Farm

I talked with Mike Nolan from Earth Spring Farm recently. Here’s his story in his own words: Mike Nolan, Farmer My farming days started back when I was a kid in 7th grade. My parents were friends with a local beef farmer who was also helping out with the Dutchess County 4-H club in New York. He wanted to help the club grow and approached them about having me join and raising a beef steer on our property. My parents have 15 acres and and 2 barns where they run a landscape company so it was...

26 Acre Dense Suburban Farm- Pennypack Farm and Education Center

I visited with Andy Andrews from Pennypack Farm and Education Center in the Philadelphia Suburbs. Andy has done a great job of growing the farm over the past 8 years. Here’s the Pennypack story in their own words: Pennypack Farm grew from the commitment of a handful of citizens who responded to a letter in a local newspaper (Ambler Gazette, April 2000) suggesting the formation of a community farm for the purpose of accessing fresh, local, organic produce and preserving land within our...

Robyn O’Brien Author of The Unhealthy Truth talks about GMO and More

I first learned about Robyn O’Brien through a random internet search. She has a really good TED-X talk about food allergies and their link to food. In her book, The Unhealthy Truth,she shares her story about her children’s food allergies and the fight to overcome them. I talk with her about food, food allergies, disease and global health and food trends. Here’s her story from her website: My Story “Robyn O’Brien’s message describes the toxic tangle of American food, government, and culture....

Grass Farming with John Hopkins of Forks Farm

John Hopkins and his wife own and operate Forks Farm. They have been in the local food and grass based meat business for a long time. Here’s their story in their own words: In 1992 we grew our first batch of pastured chickens for ourselves and a few friends. Since then our farm has evolved from a simple newsletter and order form for pastured foods to a community-supported farmer’s market. On market day you’ll meet other local farmers who share our desire for locally-grown, chemical-free,...

2500 Member CSA – Mike and Terra Brownback- Spiral Path Farm

Spiral Path Farm,owned and operated by Mike and Terra Brownback is a 200 acre plus USDA Certified Organic vegetable farm in central Pennsylvania. The Brownbacks recently erected 4 acres of high tunnels on a separate piece of property. As with every operation I’ve talked with both large and small with Spiral Path it’s all about family. These are forward thinking folks that exude passion for growing vegetable organically. Very good business people, the Brownbacks have evolved Spiral Path into...
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