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Jammed Up #35 Dave Miller (Radical Reels)

Dave Miller is a road warrior for the Banff Mountain Film Tour's "Radical Reels" division! These movies are the most insane and action packed of all the outdoor films. Dave travels around announcing and commentating on the films, the producers, and the athletes for each film. Dave also lives in Banff, AB, Canada, and he gave us the low down on that area. Go to www.banffcentre.com to see the current list of movies and respective links for viewing!

Duration: 01:30:08

Jammed Up #34 Jason Kohler & Luke Griffiths (OWO)

Jason Kohler & Luke Griffiths are part of Outwest Outdoors, an outdoor hunting media company. Through film and photography, they share their stories while on epic hunting trips all across the country. Aside from making badass videos, these two also are good friends and like to drink beer! Needless to say, we had a great time joking around, and getting school on hunting etiquette and conservation! check out their films www.outwestoutdoors.tv IG: @outwestoutdoors @dyedinthewoolmedia...

Duration: 02:24:12

Jammed Up #33 Ryan & Joe (Burning Man)

Episode #33 is guestless this week. Instead, Ryan & Joe shoot the shit about Ryan's recent Burning Man trip. This one was a lot of fun. Lots of funny and interesting Burning Man subjects discussed! Check it out, Share it with your friends, and Rate & Review on iTunes!

Duration: 01:13:24

Jammed Up #32 Kyle Warner (Pro Mountain Biker)

Jammed Up #32 Kyle Warner (Pro Mountain Biker) by Jammed Up

Duration: 01:47:48

Jammed Up #31 Dirty Joe Shipman (Pro Hillclimber)

Dirty JOE!!!! This dude rides dirtbikes up steep hills....professionally!! Hillclimbing is pretty intense, and a lot more involved than one might think! Its a very niche motocross sport, but actually the oldest motocross sport in history, coming up on 100 years. We had a blast hanging out with Dirty Joe, learning the ins and outs of Moto Hillclimbing! Instagram @therealjship119

Duration: 02:13:05

Jammed Up #30 Holden (Thru-Hiking Triple Crowner)

Our guest this week for Episode #30 is the Mike Fagerstrom AKA "Holden". Holden is an experienced ThruHiker, clocking in 10k miles on his feet, including recently completing the Triple Crown of Thru Hikes! He also is a wilderness therapist in Utah working with young adults teaching outdoor etiquette, survival, and proper backcountry techniques. This dude has a big personality, and we loved hanging out learning about his recent experiences. Instagram @fagerventures

Duration: 01:44:51

Jammed Up #29 Duncan Lee (Pro Snowmobiler)

The Duncan aka lil' Dunky, does some not-so-lil' jumps on a 400lb. hunk of metal. Duncan is a Pro snowmobiler, and Avalanche Awareness educator. His Snowmobiling and knowledge of Avalanches has given him the opportunity to travel all over the world, including his most recent trip in Russia. We had a blast hearing about his travels and some of the crazy shit he's done! IG @theduncan775

Duration: 02:03:38

Jammed Up #28 John Hutchins (Fall River Brewing)

John Hutchins is the Owner/Founder of the super tasty Fall River Brewing Co. John is hilarious and extremely knowledgable with all things brewing. His infectious passion for beer makes you want to keep drinking and never stop! If you haven't already, definitely get your hands on some of their brews, and remember, BEST ENJOYED OUTDOORS!!! www.FallRiverBrewing.com Instagram: @fallriverbrewing

Duration: 01:52:45

Jammed Up #27 Mike Leary

Mike Leary is a skateboarding/snowboarding filmmaker, and an incredible photographer. His photography encompasses everything from cityscape, to outdoor landscapes, and human portraits. Mike also skateboards and rockclimbs himself. Go check out his rad photos at www.learjetmedia.com or on IG @_mikeleary_

Duration: 01:32:14

Jammed Up #26 Ryan Ghelfi-Mt. Shasta Record Holder

The long awaited episode with Ryan Ghelfi is here! Ultra-Marathoner, former Half dome record holder, and current Mt. Shasta speed record holder was kind enough to come hang out with us and talk about all the badass races and records he has accomplished and is planning to accomplish! We had a blast hanging with Ryan, and can't wait to get him on again! Follow him on IG @ryanghelfi or @trailsandtarmac, visit www.trails-and-tarmac.com, and check out his sponsors @hokaoneone and @guenergylabs...

Duration: 02:03:38

Jammed Up #25 Josh Mchale

Josh Mchale is a skateboard/snowboard filmmaker, world traveller, and known hoodlum. He is also our first return guest, and we had a blast hearing what he is up to, and telling some ridiculous stories! This one is hilarious, so don't listen while your driving your kids to soccer practice! IG: @joshmchale

Duration: 01:55:58

Jammed Up #24 Scott Pauker (Alaska To Argentina via Bike)

Scott Pauker has achieved nothing short of incredible. 32,000 mile journey from the Northern coast of Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina......ON A MOUNTAIN BIKE!!! The everyday grind of the workforce left Scott feeling unfulfilled, so he left it to become a world traveler on his bike. A true inspiration and an incredible story. Following him on FB, Instagram @spoke_and_words, or visit his website www.spokeandwords.com

Duration: 01:43:00

Jammed Up #23 Caleb Merrill

Caleb Merrill is a Heli-ski guide in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada. He also hosts his own podcast called The Avalanche Hour where he records and catalogs interesting stories from people who work around or have been caught in Avalanches. We had a blast talking with Caleb. You can follow him on IG @cmerrill279 to see some rad backcountry photos, and also go check out his podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud, if you're into avalanches, mountaineering, and backcountry skiing, and follow the podcast...

Duration: 01:57:31

Jammed Up #22 Kat Sweet

Kat Sweet owns and operates the successful and reputable Sweetlines Mountain Biking School (based in Seattle, teaching kids, women and men all things Mountain biking. She also travels all around the world teaching people basic and advanced mountain biking techniques.She is also a ripper on the trail in her own right. She also loves pink, and kitty cats!! Listen in and visit her website to see what she's got going on!! IG: @sweetlines www.sweetlines.com

Duration: 01:43:12

Jammed Up #21 The Wandering La Vignes

The Wandering La Vignes are thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail and the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand. They currently travel around the US giving presentations about the Te Araroa Trail, their experience, and guidelines to planning a trip. They are avid adventurers and live their lives accordingly!! We had a blast talking with them on their tour to get the inside scoop on the trail, and some of their mini epic adventures while on tour!

Duration: 01:41:13

Jammed Up #20 Chase Nelson

Chase Nelson AKA Cowboy, went from the corporate life in the bay area, to hiking the PCT, to living in the mountains and currently on a 6 week road trip. He is also an existential deep thinker, an author of an unreleased book "Cowboy Walking" (which we hope he will release soon)and all around adventure junkie! Good times we're had! Follow him on Instagram @chasewildly to see some of his awesome photography!

Duration: 01:38:23

Jammed Up - #18 Randy Propster (Backpacker Mag)

Randy Propster is the front runner for Backpacker Magazine's Get Out More Tour. He travels all over the country giving inspirational talks about his stories backpacking, and showing off the lates cutting edge outdoor gear. Check out one of the seminars at an outfitter near you! Instagram @getoutmoretour Twitter @getoutmore Facebook @getoutmoretour

Duration: 02:17:22

Jammed Up #17 Chris Carr (Shasta Mountain Guides)

Chris Carr is the owner & guide of Shasta Mountain Guides. He is extremely knowledgable, and experienced with all aspects of the outdoors, from techniques to safety and survival. Shasta Mountain Guides has been around since 1982, and has a remarkable reputation amongst its clients. You can find them at www.shastaguides.com , or on Facebook @shastaguides, as well as Instagram @shastaguides.

Duration: 02:02:53

Jammed Up #16 Tommy Corey & Joey Rice (PCT2017)

Tommy Corey & Joey Rice are both 2017 Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers. Joey hiked in 2013, and didn't get enough so he is back for more, and Tommy is a first timer! Tommy is using his hike to create an inspirational photography project which you can find on Instagram @mannequinpct. Tommy's other Instagram account is @tommycoreyphoto and his website is www.tommycoreyphoto.com Joey's Instagram is @stand_hard. Be sure to follow them for some epic backcountry photos!

Duration: 01:28:23

Jammed Up #15 Amy Morrison (Pro Mountain Biker)

Amy Morrison (IG: @insamymo) is an accomplished Pro Enduro Mountain Biker and extreme sports junkie. She has won some of the biggest races around the world. Thanks to Amy for talking with us, and being our first female on the podcast!!

Duration: 01:22:09

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