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Janie’s Daughters is a podcastumentary that follows the adventures and antics of five women of color in different stages of life, as they navigate the daily challenges of marriage, career, sex, family, faith, and everything in between. We’re redefining what it means to be a kick ass woman of color in 2013, and we’re having a damn good time while we’re going it. Join us!




[JD S01E09] Season Finale Part II: Chatting LIVE With the Women Behind Janie’s Daughters

Thank you for hanging out with us all season! From a crazy idea hatched in the middle of the night (note to self: ice cream and tequila before bed makes for some crazy ass business ideas) to nine awesome episodes, featuring five amazing women, thank you so much for being a part of the Janie's Daughters family these last couple months. I can only hope the experience was as transformative for you as it was for myself and all of our awesome JDs. Want Season Two? Wanna see a Season Two of...

Duration: 01:02:17

[JD S01E08] Season Finale Part I: Building Our Wings On The Way Down

IN THIS EPISODE: SOLANA - comes to terms with the end of her relationship with N, her fear of being mediocre, and her expectations for 2014. CARMEN - admits her biggest failing of 2013 and sets a new intention for 2014. MAYA - says a final goodbye to her ex-husband TAMAR - opens up about the impact that grad school, a not-so-great coming out process, and financial hardship has had on her relationship ZORA - drops some knowledge regarding the African belief of "the three existences" and what...

Duration: 00:30:08

[JD S01E07] Brown Girl. White Guy. Let the Existential Crisis Begin.

IN THIS EPISODE: SOLANA - explores her preference for dating white guys, near exclusively. CARMEN - confronts the question of "what's next" and wishes for just five minutes with her presumably fabulous future self. MAYA's date with sexy Stephan takes a steamy and unexpected turn for the better. TAMAR - reflects on past due apologies she's never received and apologies she's never given. ZORA - shares her plans for "bringing sexy back" this holiday season. Join the Conversation! Jaine's...

JD S01E06 : On, Meeting As Strangers and Leaving As Sistafriends

IN THIS EPISODE: SOLANA - envisions life as a superhero. Her superpower? Probably something to do with wine consumption. CARMEN - is reminded of the gift of "now" as she deals with the passing of a friend and fellow artist. MAYA - gives herself the gift of indulging in small pleasures in order to ease the stress of an intense work deadline. TAMAR - celebrates her 26th birthday and the theme of "growth" that seems to come along with it. ZORA - meets an unexpected sistafriend - a rare site in...

Duration: 00:35:03

JD S01E05 : Dear Body, Why Can’t I Love You?

IN THIS EPISODE: SOLANA - discovers a love or running and the positive effects (i.e. massive weight loss) it has helped her achieve but wonders if she will ever be able to love her body as is, no strings attached.. CARMEN - is tempted by the return of her ex, and not just any ex - the off-and-on boo she's been in love with for almost 10 years! MAYA - has a school girl crush on a sexy former athlete and discovers that love and life can actually be fun. TAMAR's insecurities flare up during a...

Duration: 00:32:51

JD S01E04 On Old Breakups, New Beginnings, and Sexy Men Who Don’t Shave.

IN THIS EPISODE: SOLANA - cuts off communication with N and attempts to refocus on school and her career. “Attempt” being the operative word. CARMEN - tempers the frustrations of living at home and being underemployed by recounting some of the things she is thankful for (including sexy men who don’t shave)! MAYA's celebration of the Indian New Year brings about time with family… in addition to unexpected intimacy with her ex. ZORA - shares her experience keeping a pain journal and why every...

JD S01E03: #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen You’re Broke As Hell… And Still Decide to Quit Your Job

Special Announcement! Janie's Daughters launched in iTunes today. We're trying to make it to the New & Noteworthy section and we need your help! If you've got an iPhone/iPad/iAnything, instead of streaming this episode, please subscribe in iTunes. (Just click here and "open in iTunes.) Not only will that move us closer to our goal of becoming "new and noteworthy," but new episodes of Janie's Daughters will automatically download to your device as soon as they're published. Not an Apple...

Duration: 00:32:37

JD S01E02 Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil

IN THIS EPISODE: SOLANA - Grapples with the accounting class from hell and a confusing relationship with her long distance boo at the same time as her sexy ex- moves back to the Windy City. CARMEN - Tackles one of the biggest questions a twenty-something (ok, honestly, an any-something) can ask herself: Who AM I? and comes up somewhat lacking in answers. MAYA - Balances a surging tide of monthly hormones amidst a government shutdown fueled job-crisis and the resurfacing of painful childhood...

Duration: 00:33:57

JD S01E01: Adulthood? Does this thing come with a user’s manual?

IN THIS EPISODE: SOLANA - Contemplates life in law school and what it means to "have it all," while dealing with the ramifications of a relationship recently turned long distance. CARMEN - Wraps up a three and a half week theater tour which has forced her to confront the reality of life as a woman of color in a predominately white arts industry. MAYA - Outs herself as a late bloomer and explores her vision of dating post-divorce. TAMAR - Reminisces over the painful process of coming out to...

Duration: 00:25:24