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January Jones sharing Success Stories


January Jones is the author of, Thou Shalt Not Whine....The Eleventh Commandment. Ms. Jones will be interviewing Success Coaches sharing their Stories and their Success Secrets!

January Jones is the author of, Thou Shalt Not Whine....The Eleventh Commandment. Ms. Jones will be interviewing Success Coaches sharing their Stories and their Success Secrets!
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January Jones is the author of, Thou Shalt Not Whine....The Eleventh Commandment. Ms. Jones will be interviewing Success Coaches sharing their Stories and their Success Secrets!






January Jones - Loss and Love "Tomorrow Comes"- Donna Mebane

The worst nightmare – and the worst wound – for any parent is the loss of a child. Such a loss cuts to the core of one’s spirit and soul. But that painful experience sometimes opens our senses to mere inklings as well as clear indicators that there is an energy of life that survives mortal death. Such was Donna Mebane's experience. Practical, busy, grounded. All adjectives that could be applied to Donna. A successful businesswoman who consulted with companies around the world, Donna was also...


January Jones-Money Ripples-Cash Flow -Beyond Rice & Beans-Chris Miles

January Jones - Money Ripples Beyond Rice & Beans Chris Miles, the "Cash Flow Expert" and “THE financial advocate for the entrepreneur” is a leading authority teaching entrepreneurs and their spouses how to quickly free up and create cash flow and lasting wealth TODAY spending time doing what they love most! He’s an author and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate.com, interviewed on TV & radio, and has a high reputation with his company, Money Ripples getting his...


January Jones-Here Is Your Mindset For Success with Myles Miller

Meet Miles Miller and Develop Your Mindset for Success Believe You will Succeed Overcome One Obstacle at a Time Only compete with Yourself Commit To the Best Options Develop A Growth Mindset http://www.mylesofsuccess.com


January Jones-Having It All with Celia Ward-Wallace

My Journey As a wife, mother, friend, coach and business woman, I have experienced the highest joys of happiness and the lowest pains of loss. My purpose and passion is to use the experiences of my journey to help others embrace their own. All people start from the same place of being whole when we are born. Most of our lives we strive to find our way back to feeling whole. Life is about this journey: the journey of removing the blocks preventing us from having peace, love and success....


January Jones - Elderly Health Care - Bob Roth

Meet: Bob Roth who was raised in the start-up, technology marketing world, working for the likes of SimpleNet, broadcast.com, Yahoo! and 4INFO, to name a few. His foray into the health industry came when he began working with The University of Chicago. Through connections, he met co-founder, Bobby Cardwell, and, together, they optimized the “summit” model to more efficiently and effectively reach millions worldwide.


January Jones - You Can be Successful Too! - Ben Newman

Own Your Success Ben Newman Topic Design Your Own Successful Life Author Own Your Success Fight The Good Fight website http://www.bennewman.net Meet January http://www.januaryjones.com


January Jones-Spiritual Tantric Sex-Victor Gold

January Jones-Spiritual Sex-Victor Gold January Jones-Tantric Sex-Victor Gold Meet: Victor Gold and his tantric partner, Aimee Lyndon-Adams are one of only a handful of couples teaching the principles of erotic spirituality (spiritual sex). Victor’s writings have helped to demystify tantric sex for the masses. His new audio course entitled, “How To Prolong Your Sexual Orgasm: Instruction in the Art of Ecstatic Lovemaking” is a major breakthrough in the field of sexual education....


January Jones - Go GIVER Bob Burg

"GO GIVER" #6 Wall Street Journal's Business Bestsellers Bob Burg's FIVE LAWS FOR SUCCESS! Law of Value Law of Compensation Law of Influence Law of Receptivity http://wwwburg.com/thegogiver1/.


January Jones - LinkedIn Masteringin 7 Days - Changes & Trends-Jan Wallen

Jan Wallen LinkedIn Game Changer 4 Speakers Jan Wallen is the the author of Mastering LinkedIn in 7 Days or Less - Updated for 2013 - the easiest way to maximize LinkedIn to boast your sales & grow your business. Do U have all the clients u want? Her practical approach to using LinkedIn gives you all the tools you need to start using LinkedIn to find clients faster than any other networking tool. Jan delivers her message with straightforward clarity, so you will know exactly what to do on...


January Jones - Valentine's Day - Day of Romance or Resistance?

Valentine's Day Humorist Bobbe White Topic A Day of Romance or A Day of Resistance Secret Admirers? Meet Bobbe http://www.trylaughter.com Meet January http://www.januaryjones.com Amazon http://goo.gl/MyUzw


January Jones - Ignorance on Fire with Dana Wilde

Dana Wilde is the creator of the revolutionary program, Train Your Brain and CEO of The Mind Aware. She is a trusted authority in creating positive mindset for entrepreneurs, sales professionals and corporate leaders, helping them achieve results and success. In addition, Dana has hosted her series, where she interviews experts on positive mindset and cutting edge marketing strategies for entrepreneurs. In addition to her extensive history as an entrepreneur and trainer, Dana’s background...


January Jones - You Can Beat Lung Cancer with Dr. Carl Helvie

Can you overcome lung cancer without harsh chemicals, surgery and debilitation? Are alternative interventions effective? Why do conventional physicians not use them? Can you prevent cancer recurrences and live into old age without chronic diseases and prescribed medications? This book answers these and other questions. This is one of the most comprehensive books available on alternative treatments for lung cancer. It explains the treatments used successfully by a health professional/cancer...


January Jones-Meet Your Leading Men Only with Dr. Richard Norris

Leading Men Only Dr. Richard Norris Topic 7 Key Lessons 2 Your Journey 2 Success


January Jones - Life that Sings & Soars- The Bliss Mistress Guide- Ms. Weinstein

The Bliss Mistress Guide Transforming the Ordinary into the Extrordinary Edie Weinstein Do you long for a life that sings and soars? Do you have dreams & desires that light you up from the inside? What what it would be like to be a human sparkler? The Bliss Mistress Guide beckons you to take a step into the life you have always wanted-filled with love, abundance, adventure, success, healing, joy, healthy relationships, self exploration and fun. Come along on a journey with the Bliss...


January Jones presents The Leader of Oz, Kevin Gazzara!

The Leader of OZ, Kevin Gazzara visits with January Jones The Leader of OZ author, Kevin Gazarra, shares his thoughts on the dynamic exploration of the challenges that businesses go through today. This is an interview that anyone who wants to be a leader rather than a follower must hear. Kevin provides great information with inspiration. Experience - 25 years of management and leadership in industries Intel Corporation from 1989 to 2007 Managed, Intel’s first-line Managing Through People...


January Jones - Puppy Pets & Paws -- Ann Greenberg

Ann Greenberg is the founder of The Underground Chic, a collection of stylish eco-friendly handbags, made from recycled plastic bottles! She paired her talent in design and passion for animals and created a new line called: A Pet With Paws! www.apetwithpaws.com. As a veteran of the fashion industry, Ann used to design women’s clothing, which she loved. But after working in the industry for 20 years, she no longer found it fulfilling. Ann noticed three things were happening: people's...


January Jones - Mayflower Madame and Daniel Blanchard, Feeling Lucky!

Meet: Sydney Biddle Barrows, known as the Mayflower Madam, was a modern American madam. After her escort service was exposed and disbanded, she gained worldwide notoriety, in part because she was part of the upper-class Biddle family of Philadelphia and is a Mayflower descendant. After a short career in fashion (after graduating from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology), she was introduced to the world of high-class prostitution and started her own escort service named Cachet, which...


January Jones - Blessed Assurances: Success Despite Odds - Jacque lewis Kemp

Jacqueline Lewis-Kemp, author of Blessed Assurance: Success Despite the Odds, tells the story of her unlikely life highlighting three main themes--juvenile diabetes, a young, African American female CEO of an automotive manufacturing company, kidney failure and organ transplants- long term complications of diabetes. Jacquie lived with juvenile diabetes and was insulin dependent for 33 years. She was diagnosed with the chronic disease at age 7. Her story chronicles the history of diabetes...


January Jones - Vibrational Harmony with Beverly Nadler

Beverly Nadler was born and bred in the fascinating city of New York. Now a native of Connecticut, where she enjoys the serenity of overlooking beautiful woodlands, she has spent most of her adult life balancing both her inner and outer worlds – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. While raising a family and pursuing several different careers – including Holistic Health consultant, speaker, singer, direct marketer, and owner of a Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Center – she has...


January Jones and The Spunky Old Broad, Gayle Carson-

This is a networking club for women over 50 years young! The founder of the SOB Clubs is Dr. Gayle Carson, known as the Spunky Old Broad®. In our busy lives, it’s difficult to meet women that are spunky, open and brave so this club offers a networking environment to bring like-minded women together for the sole purpose of sharing insights, stories and building friendships and business relationships. OUR MISSION: The Spunky Old Broad ® Clubs are a community of smart business women who have...


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