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January Jones sharing Success Stories-logo

January Jones sharing Success Stories


January Jones is the author of, Thou Shalt Not Whine....The Eleventh Commandment. Ms. Jones will be interviewing Success Coaches sharing their Stories and their Success Secrets!

January Jones is the author of, Thou Shalt Not Whine....The Eleventh Commandment. Ms. Jones will be interviewing Success Coaches sharing their Stories and their Success Secrets!
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Austin, TX




January Jones is the author of, Thou Shalt Not Whine....The Eleventh Commandment. Ms. Jones will be interviewing Success Coaches sharing their Stories and their Success Secrets!






January Jones - More Holiday Joy - Less Stress: Mother's Guide - Julie McGrath

You can have more joy and less stress! You don’t have to put your happiness on hold -- you can learn how to be happy right now, because you are joy-worthy! In her new book, Joy-Worthy: A Mother’s Guide to More Joy, Less Stress and No Guilt, Joy Coach and licensed social worker Julie McGrath offers down-to-earth guidance on how to get your own needs met so you can be a better mother and create the fulfilling life of your dreams. Joy-Worthy gives you the scoop on how to let go of the five...

Duration: 00:17:31

January Jones-Krisite Kennedy - Beauty Info In or Out?

Inner or Outter Beauty? Kristie Kennedy Ms. Tallahassee 2012 Ms. Coporate America Pageant 2nd runner up Topic Beauty Tips Author Upon the Tables website Meet January Jones

Duration: 00:30:08

January Jones - 70 & Beyond -Four Generations DuBois! Talent & Anne DuBois

70 & Beyond Anne DuBois Four Generations of DuBois! Talent & Destiny Author 70 and Beyond Website Meet January

Duration: 00:30:16

January Jones - You Are a Genius - Genius Coaching - Otto Siegel

Otto is best known for his passionate and precise approach to exploring and developing hidden brilliance and suppressed intelligence as creative assets in individuals and organizations. He is a nationally known expert on genius and innovation who has transformed the lives of his clients as a coach, speaker and co-author of “Yes, You Are a Genius – Whether You Know it or Not”. During the past decade he created The Genius Profile™, a revolutionary new method to evaluate human brilliance and...

Duration: 00:35:52

January Jones -Bullies Be Gone with Al Johnson

Bullies Be Gone Project! with Al Johnson This project provides a complete poetic approach to the subject of bullying. It uses poignant, powerful, humorous, inpsirational and motivational words to offset the vitriolic words of the bully!

Duration: 00:49:16

January Jones - The Inner Peace Diet - Dr. Aileen McCabe-Maucher

Dr. Aileen McCabe-Maucher is the author of the book “The Inner Peace Diet” which was published by Penguin Books and released in December 2008. She currently works as a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice and also holds faculty appointments at Simmons College and the University of Maryland. Aileen is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist who has helped many people find inner peace and discover their unique life purpose. Aileen has...

Duration: 00:49:41

January Jones-Breastless in the City-Cathy Bueti

In the trials and tribulations department for finding love, Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on Cathy Bueti. In her early 20s, Bueti is widowed by her high school sweetheart and a few years later, just as she feels ready to venture out into the streets of New York City to date again, she is diagnosed with breast cancer. For most, a cancer diagnosis—and its related treatments and surgeries—might backburner dating. But for Bueti, it motivates her to redouble her efforts to find love again while...

Duration: 00:40:57

January Jones-Dr. Nancy Irwin - Hypnosis

TURNING PAIN INTO PURPOSE: A FORMULA FOR REINVENTION Dr. Nancy Irwin Therapist/Clinical Hypnotist/Author Dr Irwin reinvented at age 44, transitioning from stand-up comic to therapist. She uses fear as a motivator, not a reason to play safe in life. “As a therapeutic hypnotist and doctor of psychology, I know for a fact that we are all born to win. We learn to fail, and what we learn, we can un-learn. Therefore, I work to clear away the negative programming, undesirable habits, and limiting...

Duration: 00:50:01

January Jones - Sydney Biddle Barrows - The Mayflower Madame

Sydney Biddle Barrows (born January 14, 1952) is an American businesswoman who became known as an escort agency owner under the name Sheila Devin; she later became known as the 'Mayflower Madam'. She has since become a management consultant and writer. In October 1984, her escort service had been disbanded, and after pleading guilty for promoting prostitution, Barrows wrote a 1986 autobiography, Mayflower Madam: The Secret Life of Sydney Biddle Barrows. A TV movie based on the book was...

Duration: 00:59:59

January Jones - Playing From Blue Tees -Super -Dr. Madeline Lewis

Welcomes Dr. Madeline Lewis Guest: Dr. Madeline Lewis Topic: Meeting Super Woman! Author: Finding Your Best Inside

Duration: 00:49:43

January Jones - Actress Amy Lyndon

Actress Amy Lyndon was most recognized for her roles in television. In the early stages of her acting career, Lyndon starred in action films like "Lust For Freedom" (1987) starring Melanie Coll. She continued to work steadily in television throughout the early 2000s, appearing on "Entourage" (2003-2011), "NCIS" (CBS, 2003-) and "Ugly Betty" (ABC, 2006-2010). More recently, she tackled roles on "Eagleheart" (Cartoon Network, 2010-14) and "Law & Order: LA" (NBC, 2010-11). She also appeared...

Duration: 00:51:07

January Jones -Bob Burg -The Go Giver

Meet Bob Burg who shares information on topics vital to the success of today’s businessperson. He speaks for corporations and associations internationally, including fortune 500 companies, franchises, and numerous direct sales organizations. Bob is an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve. He is a founding board member of Club 100, a charitable organization focused...

Duration: 00:30:14

January Jones - You Can be Successful Too! - Ben Newman

Own Your Success Ben Newman Topic Design Your Own Successful Life Author Own Your Success Fight The Good Fight website Meet January

Duration: 00:30:02

January Jones - The Art and Craft of Writing - Antoinette Kuritz

Antoinette Kuritz Book Developer, Publicist, Media Coach, author, Publishing Guru and Founder of the LaJolla Writers Conference …is up-to-her-keyboard in the art craft and business of writing. Former educator and bookseller, Antoinette turned her love of words into a multi-media enterprise, taking writers from inspiration to publication; and representing authors from new to New York Times Bestsellers. Antoinette has inspired Chicken Soup mogul Mark Victor Hanson, launched the national...

Duration: 00:50:16

January Jones - The End of Death with Admir Serrano

MEET: Admir Serrano is a Brazilian-American researcher, writer and speaker on paranormal phenomena. Based upon his own near-death experience and subsequent research, he is particularly focused on what pertains to the possibility of life after death. The depth of debate between belief and denial stands in evidence that this subject has always fascinated humankind. As a researcher, writer and frequent lecturer on reincarnation, NDE, OBE and death-bed visions, Admir has shares this...

Duration: 00:47:32

January Jones-Beyond Rice & Beans Money Ripples-Chris Miles

January Jones - Money Ripples Beyond Rice & Beans Chris Miles, the "Cash Flow Expert" and “THE financial advocate for the entrepreneur” is a leading authority teaching entrepreneurs and their spouses how to quickly free up and create cash flow and lasting wealth TODAY spending time doing what they love most! He’s an author and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money,, interviewed on TV & radio, and has a high reputation with his company, Money Ripples getting...

Duration: 00:50:16

January Jones thanksgiving Loss and Love "Tomorrow Comes"- Donna Mebane

The worst nightmare – and the worst wound – for any parent is the loss of a child. Such a loss cuts to the core of one’s spirit and soul. But that painful experience sometimes opens our senses to mere inklings as well as clear indicators that there is an energy of life that survives mortal death. Such was Donna Mebane's experience. Practical, busy, grounded. All adjectives that could be applied to Donna. A successful businesswoman who consulted with companies around the world, Donna was...

Duration: 00:40:18

January Jones-Thanksgiving - One of Every Thing-Donna Voss

It may be an understatement to describe Donna Voss’s life experience as eclectic. She is a Berkeley grad, a stay-at-home mom, a former pagan, and a devout Mormon. Clearly a study in extremes, she is a fifty-something homemaker who loves rap music, outrageously expensive shoes, and people who own their flaws and call her on hers. She is avoids negotiating the price of anything but will dive into intense interactions, especially if they are about politics and religion. Raised in the shadow...

Duration: 00:47:46

January Jones-Stock Broker Douglas Goldstein - Rich As A King

When Dougls started on Wall Street, his favorite client was his grandmother. She, in fact, had been a stock broker many years earlier, having been one of the first women to earn the license. Following in her footsteps, my mother also became an investment advisor, helping clients plan and build wealth throughout her 17-year career. I joined her as a partner in 1992, and the #1 lesson that I learned from her was the importance of educating clients about handling their money wisely. Though we...

Duration: 00:49:10

January Jones - Pets for Paws -- Ann Greenberg

Ann Greenberg is the founder of The Underground Chic, a collection of stylish eco-friendly handbags, made from recycled plastic bottles! She paired her talent in design and passion for animals and created a new line called: A Pet With Paws! As a veteran of the fashion industry, Ann used to design women’s clothing, which she loved. But after working in the industry for 20 years, she no longer found it fulfilling. Ann noticed three things were happening: people's...

Duration: 00:48:37

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