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Chandler, AZ


Jared is an open book and shares everything with the KMLE Nation… this sometimes gets him in trouble with his wife and two daughters when they have to shop 30 miles away to avoid any embarrassment he's caused them. He's been in radio for over 15 years, starting in Pittsburgh with stops in Iowa and Colorado, now finding himself in Phoenix on the New KMLE. Jared and his family love the outdoors and feel that a weekend is wasted if they spend it inside. Jared is a self-proclaimed geek and useless knowledge fanatic, making him a formidable competitor at couple’s game night. He loves spending time with his family and discovering new and exciting places and things to do. Especially when it involves food… Jared and his wife love to eat! Jared got into radio while in college when his friends told him he never shuts up and should be on the radio… with a love for music and no talent, he thought it was a great idea.



This show will be available on Mon, Jun 1 at 1PM.