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Technology Podcast266-2017-12-15

Tech 266 is finally here. On it, NVDA and my thoughts, an interesting tech talk dealing with clicking ads, and finally: how do blind people use an iphone or android without enough sight? A demo of how I ended up deleting messages I wanted to delete. Hope you enjoy. See you on another edition of the podcast.

Duration: 01:05:00

Technology Podcast265-2017-11-04

Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of the podcast. Football is in the air, College football is in full swing, college basketball is around, and of course, its been busy for me too. I started this podcast when IOS version 11 was released, and I talked about my initial thoughts as well as quick demos of do not disturb changes. One app I really loved was called Notesy. While it still worked, I needed my time sheet to sync with something in case I made mistakes on the phone. Google...

Duration: 01:31:26

Technology Podcast264-2017-09-22

Hi all, its been a long time since I've done a podcast. Seeing AI, talk about breaches and my thoughts, and audio game hub 2.0 demo. Enjoy this extended podcast!

Duration: 02:13:25

Technology Podcast263-2017-07-15

In this hour and 40 minute podcast, I, Jared Rimer, take you through Google Docs on the PC and on the web. I hope you'll enjoy the program as much as I had putting togehter for you.

Duration: 01:44:21

Technology Podcast262-2017-07-08

Last podcast, we talked a little about where I ran off to and the fact I had gotten a new computer. On this podcast, I talk a little about my experience with Windows 10 as a new user. Shaun Everess is also on in regards to the demo aspect of things where he demos blind cricket from audio game hub. I've played and won this game, haven't played it in awhile. Hope this podcast finds you well, and since I thought I released this one, found I did not. Good one, right? Hope you enjoy the show.

Duration: 01:02:58

Technology Podcast259-2017-05-29

Welcome to podcast 259 of tech. I've been wrapping my head around the WannaCry worm turned ransomware, or worm turned in to a not so money making venture. To date, 250,000 machines and only $110,000 in money. The blog has various articles on it including my longer piece on vocal. I also have a talk by Mikko Hyponen, as well as some JFW stuff I've fond as I've started the relearning process. All of that on this podcast. Thanks for listening.

Duration: 01:47:03

Technology Podcast257-2017-04-01

On this podcast, we talk about a variety of stuff including ransomware, and I have some segments asking for comment on what we should cover. Hope to hear from you!

Duration: 01:05:40

Technology Podcast258-2017-05-14

Hello folks, welcome to the tech podcast. I'm Jared Rimer, and its been busy. I started writing for a site called Vocal, and wrote two tech specific articles for the site. The first is: How Can We Defend Against Ransomware? May 10, 2017 aand the second is ATPC Hit with Ransomware, Does Not Pay April 25, 2017 which got a ton of hits. I've also been busy writing short things for the blog here and the one I'm focusing on right now which is generating some interesting...

Duration: 00:54:19

Technology Podcast256-2017-02-18

Welcome to the technology blog and podcast, this is podcast 256. On this podcast, we have 7 different segments for you including vocal thoughts on the AI squared issue, which one of my helpers of the blog sent an E-mail on. Be sure to read my post before podcast 255's release entitled Making sure we give out accurate information for the reading of my thoughts. The Transit App has a function where you can put in intersections. I demonstrate that as part of segment 2. Segments 3 and 4...

Duration: 01:29:07

Technology Podcast255-2017-02-10

Welcome to the technology podcast, this is podcast 255. On this edition of the podcast, we start with an interesting Uber find, as I was curious on whether they allowed us to book a trip in advanced. I take you through a demo, and you may read more about the cities that Uber supports by going to this page which asks: Can I make a reservation? You may also go to the page that talks about Scheduled Rides s for extra peace of mind as it gives you the list of cities involved. Our news notes...

Duration: 00:58:15

Technology Podcast254-2017-01-23

Hi folks, welcome to the podcast. On this podcast, I give my thoughts, and I also have a segment on this and other info in regards to Urgent issue with AI squared access technology which links to a page on AI squareds site which is providing updates. Thanks for listening, and stay tuned to this cast for a whole lot more. Running time is 46 minutes.

Duration: 00:46:16

Technology Podcast253-2017-01-15

On this podcast, we vcatch up from the news from the last podcast and now. Also, I present a mac class I did from June of 2016. If you find different methods that are different than the teaching methods taught me, please get in touch at tech at Put the at sign where it goes. Thanks for listening and enjoy the cast!

Duration: 01:53:43