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Jay & Dan Podcast

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Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole flip the world of sports upside down in their FOX Sports podcast.

Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole flip the world of sports upside down in their FOX Sports podcast.
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Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole flip the world of sports upside down in their FOX Sports podcast.






Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 13 - "The Week of December 4th"

Dan does a little bit of TSN Housekeeping, addressing both bathroom and parking space etiquette. Jay tells his own parking lot tale. Engineer Jim drops by for Six Degrees and Jim Pearl takes us on a "trip". A sneak peak at up coming shows “Third Stringer” and “The Numbers”. Plus; A Major Jay and Dan Announcement!

Duration: 00:50:06

Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 12

The boys recap the Grey Cup, give an update on Jay’s car, and Dan reads a lengthy Yelp review for a gentlemen’s establishment. Plus; Is there really a Gretzky biopic starring Justin Bieber? Can Dan and Ben Teller co-exist on one podcast? Was Mr. Dressup Casey’s father? Answers to these questions and more in Episode 12 of the Jay and Dan Podcast!

Duration: 00:51:19

Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 11

Jay recounts his mishap at the parking garage, Dan tells tales of the tenants from hell and there’s a bus in the way! Note; This episode may or may not contain a mystery call in guest.

Duration: 00:49:33

Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 10

It’s the "Just Got In" edition of Jay and Dan as the guys return from their weekend on the west coast! Dan continues to make electoral promises, Jay ponders if Dan is actually adopted, and the boys take a few questions from the listeners via Facebook Live. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:35:56

Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 9

Dan vows if elected everyday will be like Christmas Day!…with daily parades, reindeer and...strippers? The boys chat with Wheeler Walker Jr about his new album ‘Ol Wheeler’. TSN MMA Insider Aaron Bronsteter drops in for a visit to recap the exciting weekend that was in the UFC.

Duration: 00:52:15

Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 8

Dan’s run for office continues! The boys are joined in studio by actor and comedian Gerry Dee. Gerry discusses the success of Mr. D, how he comes up with his material, reveals what teachers do on P.A. Days and reminisces on his visit to Scotland. #VoteToolsie

Duration: 00:57:37

Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 7

Pierogi Parties! Concerts! Festivals! Chris Sheppard!…well, sort of...It’s Episode 7!! Dan is adopting kittens and running for Mayor, while is Jay is sorry…again. Ben Teller drops in for another memorable "Would You Rather" and we check in on Dan’s friend “Tubey”. VOTE DAN O’TOOLE!

Duration: 00:50:09

Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 6

We’re Six Deep! This week; Concert crowds turns on Harry Potter, and then the Wiggles. Jay and Dan continue to pitch Original shows to Netflix. Engineer Jim gives us his 6 Degrees on the Smashing Pumpkins. Jonathan Torrens and Jeremy Taggart stop by to promote their new book “Canadianity”.

Duration: 01:00:16

Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 5

Happy Turkey Day! Jay and Dan recount their Thanksgiving Festivities, discuss security checks and plan Dan’s House Party (Listeners invited-errrrr?). Plus; Engineer Jim and Matthew Scianitti drop by for a chat, we open The TV Theme Vault and play a game of Harry or Ramsey. C’mon It’ll Be Fun!

Duration: 00:55:46

Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 4

Jay and Dan bring on Engineer Jim for a proper Tom Petty tribute. Dan creeps out Mrs. Trudeau, Larry David steals from the guys, and we open the TV Theme Vault for The A-Team. By the time the episode is done you’ll say “it has changed my life”.

Duration: 00:48:05

Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 3

With significantly less time spent talking about penis surgeries, Jay and Dan are back with Episode 3! The dynamic duo discusses the NHL’s potential expansion to Asia, Dan tells us how to find out if a raccoon has rabies, and Peter Schrager regales us with tales of travel disasters. Also covered; a serial lawn pooper and the origins of You don’t wanna miss it, I mean you already read this far, might as well listen….

Duration: 00:53:44

Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 2

The boys really deliver on Episode 2! Dan shoots guns and deals with Service Ontario (on separate occasions…..for now). He then brings on his friend “Mike” who has undergone an un-googleble surgery, Engineer Jim joins the guys for 6 degrees and we meet new friend of the podcast, Robin. Trust us, you don’t wanna miss it!

Duration: 00:56:36

Jay and Dan Podcast 3.0 - Episode 1

The boys are back and so is the pod!!! Jay and Dan are back to their humble beginnings as they recap their time off, discuss poop (shocker!) and catch up with old friends. Where is Clarington? What’s the survival rate on Dan’s backyard slide? What on earth is a party phone line? It’s the podcast that leases you asking more questions than it answers! Why Not Eh?!

Duration: 01:22:15

Jay & Dan Promo


Duration: 00:00:30

2/18 - Episode 100!!!


Duration: 01:06:19

2/11 - Dan Patrick


Duration: 01:04:47

2/4 - Ephraim Salaam


Duration: 01:04:32

1/28 - Jim Jackson


Duration: 01:16:07

1/21 - Dominick Cruz


Duration: 00:52:15

1/16 - Shawne Merriman


Duration: 01:01:26

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