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Season 2, Episode 2: PIGS! / Animals

This episode the boys analyse the amazing annals of all things animal, whether whacky and wonderful species or anecdotes detailing enigmatic encounters. Expect the usual nonsense plus appearances from new capers.

Duration: 00:34:23

Season 2, Episode 1: Wuk Voodoo / Evolution

The boys are back and this time they're bigger and better than ever! Kicking off where it all began, join the Jeans on Toast guys through the journey of evolution. With some classic features along with some newcomers!

Duration: 00:41:22

Episode 8: African Ghost / Alcohol

Here's an episode to quench your thirst! This week the Jeans on Toast boy's sip upon the teat of alcohol and all the wonders it offers along with the not so wondrous side effects. With the usual crap kickstarter and play-along games why not pull up a stool and join us. This rounds on us.

Duration: 00:45:33

Episode 7: State Disco / Election Special

This week, the boys delve into the ins and outs of the General Election, mandatory discos and shit-covered furry walls. Consistent classic Crap Kickstarter is present, as well as a few frothy election-themed games to keep your appetites whet.

Duration: 00:32:49

Episode 6: Bleach Utopia / Philosophy

This week the boys bite off a little bit more than they can chew as they delve into the pleasantly perplexing world of Philosophy. The boys pick apart the great minds of this subject whilst also giving an insight to their own outlooks on life. Rob aims to solve's the barefaced man's biggest dilemma with this week's "Crap Kickstarter", Peter provides another genius round of "Line to the Throne", and Alfie fights off a bit of a cold.

Duration: 00:34:44

Episode 5: Clarts & Miffies / Britain

Tonight the boys dissect Britain; from accents to traditions to what it actually means to be British. As always, classic features rear their recognisable heads and the lads have a ruddy good laugh.

Duration: 00:37:27

Episode 4: Super Soaker Extreme / Growing Up Pt. 1

This week see's the boys delve into the wondrous and traumatic world of growing up, and more specifically, Primary School. Featuring tales of Pokemon cards, School Disco's, and Playtime. Including regular features such as; Crap Kickstarter and Sandwich or Language, plus all-new feature: Line to the Throne. Title Track:…rcial-music/

Duration: 00:43:50

Episode 3: Mad Midnight Mishaps / Wetherspoons

Rob aims to solve man's lifelong problem in this weeks 'Crap Kickstarter', Alfred tries to gain his first win in 'Sandwich or Language', and Peter confirms a few things James Corden can't do. Join the Jeans on Toast boys for this weeks episode on 'Wetherspoons'.

Duration: 00:38:02

Episode 1: Chad Matthews

Join Alfie, Peter, and Rob for the first episode of Jeans on Toast! Jeans on Toast is youthful wisdom at its most irreverent; three Twentysomethings approach different themes as well as revisiting the ridiculous regular features, which include the critically acclaimed "Sandwich or Language" and family favourite "crap Kickstarter".

Duration: 00:40:31