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Author and screenwriter Jen Frankel delves into life, love, form, and crazy content in her exploration of past and present writing from her own archives. From short stories to lyrics to raging rants, you never know what the JFRRS! Podcast will dig up. Some mature content, but we'll try to keep the swearing to a minimum. . . Jen Frankel is the author of the supernatural thriller series Blood & Magic and the Vegan zombie comedy Undead Redhead among others. She performs music under the name Xenofranka.








JFRRS 1.5: Sweet Dreams. . . Don't Have To Rhyme

Have you ever woken up in the morning with an irresistible urge to write down your dreams? I've been doing it for a long, long time, and mining those dreams for ideas for my fiction. Music in this episode is, as usual, by my musical alter ego Xenofranka including the JFRRS! theme, Saturday Afternoon Self-Portrait from the album SANS VOCCE except the following: Rossini String Concertos: Royalty Free from Egmont Overture & Under the Hall of the Mountain King by Kevin MacLeod...

Duration: 00:32:50

JFRRS 1.4: Politics as Life

Selections from my poetry collection Politics as Life, presented in the context of the current American presidency and its attendant scandals. Warning: keep an open mind for the sake of compassion! Read more at or at Wattpad under the username Jen Frankel. I welcome your comments and questions!

Duration: 00:17:02

JFRRS 1.3: A Small World

In Episode 3, journey with me to the far reaches of creation as a woman discovers just what it means to grow entirely out of your own life. A literary musing on fitting into the universe: A Small World. Read the story in my collection FERAL TALES, available at

Duration: 00:14:29

JFRRS 1.2: If It's a Sonnet, It Must Be Love

In Episode 2 of the JFRRS! Podcast, I bring you a selection of sonnets, all on the ineffable subject of love. Indefinable, indescribable, wonderful, terrible, and weird, to love is to enter territory that, no matter how many times charted, remains one of life's undiscovered countries.

Duration: 00:12:42

JFRRS 1.1: The Pealing of a Bell on a Silent Night

Welcome to the JFRRS! Podcast, aka Jen Frankel Reads Random S#it! I'm as much a random writer as a random reader, and here I'll be sharing with you my writings on such diverse subjects as time travel and the Titanic. In this first episode, I delve into the magical approach of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa to sound and music in films like Rashomon and The Seven Samurai.

Duration: 00:11:42