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Christian Simone

Christian was a blast and so open about life as a plus-sized black woman. She believes you need to find your healthy and it's not a number on a scale. She has a blog and podcast, along with two degrees and a 3rd in the making. She's a badass. Christian Simone is a lover of beauty, health and Sprinkle's vegan is an expression of life as a plus-sized black woman who lives contrary to societal norms. She shares her journey on being healthy, being the most...

Duration: 00:47:57

Devin Trube

Devin is a fellow podcaster and all around great person. We discuss being the first in his family to get a college degree, growing up with asthma in a multi-generational home, having an amazing Mom, brother, sister and grandpa, cerebral-palsy, spina bifida, having a dad who abused drugs and alcohol and what it took to get past crippling anxiety. Devon and his wife have not one but two podcasts. Streamers guide to the galaxy where they review shows on streaming services like Netflix, and...

Duration: 00:49:22

JD Tierney

JD and I talk about being in the military, losing family members, alcohol abuse, the importance of family, reinventing yourself and getting your shit together. JD - in a softspoken way - got personal about his life growing up in the military and joining himself, his bouts with alcohol abuse, trying to make a good living for his family even when being in a motorcycle accident requiring several surgeries to reconstruct his face. Find him on Facebook under Southpaw Laser Concepts. Southpaw...

Duration: 00:57:14

Lisa Lynch

Lisa is my friend and I'm so proud that she was willing to discuss a tough subject. Eating disorders and body image. First I go over some unnerving stats and then we delve into Lisa's story growing up, how and when body image became noticeable, how as a teenager Lisa dealt with it, when an eating disorder came into play and how (in her now 53 years of life) she works with it. Lisa and I have known each other for about 8 years. We were on the same running team. We ran our toughest 10K...

Duration: 00:45:47

Brian Drury

I love Brian's attitude and energy even while talking about losing his Mom to cancer, being young (27) but being a best selling author, having his own business while working full time, speaking languages, travelling and training for a half marathon. Visiting Brians website will guide you to his language program, purchasing his best selling book The First Step and working with him as a coach. He loves challenges, believes your "why" isn't always enough, your old stories don't have to...

Duration: 01:11:32

Olivia Baylor

Olivia and I have a candid conversation about growing up in a tough neighborhood, how important education is, having balance in relationships - especially when kids are in the mix and how you can't help everyone. I'm SO excited that Olivia is able to help people outside of where she's licensed. Her book is now available via her website. It's an amazing book of information and worksheets for any couple ready to take a pre-marriage class. Simply outstanding! About Olivia: IS THIS...

Duration: 01:00:19

Will aka Jack Strider

Will and I have a very candid conversation about depression, suicidal thoughts, college life, relationships. Will - also known as Jack Strider on his twitch account for gaming and video, shares with me his insights on depression and suicide, how the gaming community helped save him, how he pays it forward now and what made him completely switch gears on his degree path. He also raises money to help childrens hospitals. A pretty amazing dude, doing some pretty awesome stuff. Find him...

Duration: 00:44:41

Paul Gowin

Paul and I met at a public speakers conference and his story resonated with me so much that I couldn't wait to have him on the show. If you're wanting a story about sexual and physical abuse, alcoholism, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and service to our country in the Marines, listen and stay until the end. I'm so thankful to Paul for sharing his story. It's a longer podcast and entirely worth it! We delved into his story and he shared so much depth. I'm appreciative of his vulnerability,...

Duration: 01:29:06

Zayd Jawad

Zayd and I met at a public speaking conference and I knew I wanted him to be a guest on my podcast Zayd opens up about his disease - Hunters Syndrome - what it was like growing up, what the struggles were being 4'10" final height, dealing with pain and surgeries, learning how to better himself through diet, exercise and self-improvement. His message: I believe that every person is created in love, for a purpose. And the first step to fulfilling that purpose is learning to love yourself....

Duration: 01:02:07

Brian & Carrie

I was looking forward to this interview with two genuine, raw and lovely individuals. We talked about depression, suicide, bankruptcy, dysfunction in relationships and getting through that to create a beautiful, successful marriage. Brian and Carrie were so much fun to interview. They have so much information online but were willing to dig deeper with me about some tough subject matter. I found out which one of them didn't know they were getting married, how the surprise wedding happened...

Duration: 01:10:29

Ann-Marie Graham

Ann-Marie and I discuss growing up in poverty, abuse, depression, anxiety, finding yourself and your true desires. I loved talking with Ann-Marie, located in Jamaica (and listening to her accent) as she described her life growing up, her health challenges, getting past wanting more love from her parents and getting past disappointment to live her true life. Here's more about Ann-Marie: Ann-Marie Graham is a visionary and a world changer who is anointed by God and whose mission on earth...

Duration: 00:42:19

Susie Eastman

Susie and I have a candid conversation about floods, marriage, infidelity, divorce, raising kids and starting a business Susie and I met at a 3 day women's conference in 2011 in Kingston, WA. It was an amazing time - all women runners who got to share goals, run, do yoga, dancing, SUP workouts and try new products. Susie was there with RecoFit Compression and, with my ignorance about her product, a great friendship was born. Here's a little more about Susie: My name is Susan Eastman...

Duration: 01:05:11

Joseph Galata

Friendship, sexuality, moving on and laughing among many other things discussed will remind you how integral your own friendships are. It would have been difficult for me to drill down what to spend time talking to Joseph about but he was unwavering. Friendship. With everything he's done in his life - from writing, producing and acting in productions, to literacy and money management with foster kids, to travelling the world, being a parent and on and on - we could have discussed a ton...

Duration: 01:21:19

Matthew J. Murphy

Matt takes us on his journey living with ulcerative colitis, but he helps with all digestive disorders. Matt was honest about his journey and his strong desire to help others. His struggle was helped in great part due to his Faith and I'm so pleased he was willing to share it with all of us. Matt has an incredible story of Faith, Healing, and overcoming life’s adversity that I would like to share with you. In fact, once you hear it you will realize that it is not just a story but a...

Duration: 01:06:26

Tim Cruse

Tim owns Be Strong Fitness in Reno, NV and his goal is to reduce obesity in Reno by 10% which is 50,000 people!! Tim talks frankly about being the chubby kid in an athletic family, battling weight along with diet choices and exercise and the event and person who dramatically altered his life's trajectory. A little about Tim: I've worked with sports such as football, baseball, softball and track to prevent, and rehabilitate injuries. I am a personal trainer that is employed at Sierra...

Duration: 00:52:34

Angela Wagner

Angela and I talked about being left - almost literally - at the alter, meeting her husband via Eharmony, going through infertility, running a business that's amazing, but what it took to get it there....... Find Angela HERE. Angela Wagner has long found her passion in helping others identify and pursue their own happiness and goals. An experienced life coach and the owner and founder of YogaSport in Dallas, Texas, since 2004, Angela has created a safe place at her studio to inspire and...

Duration: 00:54:27

Meg Shea

Meg is your gal if you want to live a healthier lifestyle and learn how to remove the masks we put on in life. She's a friend worth having! Meg is happy to hear your story, so don't be shy reaching out! Meg Shea Independent Sales Consultant edible Reno-Tahoe Magazine C: 925.788.6051 E: Integrative Nutrition Health Coach "Creating a ripple effect for good"

Duration: 00:58:13

Ralph Peterson

It was so much fun to visit with Ralph. Catching up with old friends is how I want everyone listening to feel! Ralph and I went to high school together and - although we haven't seen each other in 30 years, the bond is strong with this one. I admire Ralph's candidness about his weight, attitude, upbringing, weaknesses and how he finally maintained a healthy weight and a much happier life. Join us on the journey! Ralph Peterson has tried nearly every diet on the planet: Atkins, Herbalife,...

Duration: 01:32:14

Johnny Sladivia

Johnny is a golfing friend of mine who shared his story with me on a golf course in the summer of 2016, We remained in touch and I'm so thankful he was willing to share his story. Johnny was put in foster care in Puerto Rico at the age of one where he remained until he joined the army. With 7 children in the home, plus the reconnecting with biological siblings from both his mother and father, his family is very large. Johnny has a laid back, no nonsense approach to his life. Although...

Duration: 00:38:30

Sean Stephenson

WOW! Is the best way I can sum up this podcast! Sean was amazing - raw and honest and empowering! We discussed Sean's life, his battles and struggles and how he keeps going strong! Sean's personality is magnetic and his wisdom is invaluable. I loved how honest he was in answering all of my questions (especially through some technical difficulties!). Sean has an upbeat attitude and is funny as hell along with being smart and direct. He corrects me without hesitation and I appreciate his...

Duration: 01:03:47

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