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"It's Hard to Find Passions," Jake Hirshman, '20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes...'

In 20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes Who Won’t Go Pro, the authors draw on personal experience, interviews, expert opinion, and industry data to provide a game plan for student-athletes through key transitions at each stage of their careers, from high school through college and beyond. Episode 16 of Jersey2Job has Host Nate Clayberg and co-author Jake Hirshman review the history of writing the book and the help it can provide those that are competing today and those that have...


E15: "Do it Anyway!" HOF Wrestling Coach Jim Miller on mentoring success

What does your “success video” show you doing after graduation? Life after graduation can be nerve racking for college graduates. He says as a wrestler you know are always looking for the next step. In high school and college you know what the next steps are. Wrestlers are looking ahead to the next competition an the next weight workout because it is all scheduled out for you. When they walk across the stage at graduation identifying that next step can be more challenging for...


E14: It’s Not an Issue, Yet!

When someone asks a student-athlete about what career path they will follow, a usual response could be going pro or that they will figure that out after they are done playing. What tends to happen with those student-athletes could be frustration and disappointment with a choice they wish they would have spent more time planning that they did. Knowing your career path is not an issue necessarily when someone is in school, but it becomes an issue when that is the issue. Adam Viet...


E13: Now What? Northern Iowa Standout Jacqui Kalin, searching for her identity.

After playing six seasons as one of the best women’s basketball players at Northern Iowa and receiving two degrees, Jacqui went pro. Playing basketball for two years in Israel then coming back to Iowa to coach at Drake University for just one season. At that point the passion for the game continued to subside from her Senior season. Jacqui found she didn’t have an identity away from basketball. In this episode we will talk through her past success and struggles. What she has done since...


Episode 12: J2J - As a Student-Athlete - Who is Making Your Choices for your Life After the Game?

Episode 12 Former DI College Basketball player Adam Viet and I talk about choosing that major when it may be too late to know if it’s the right choice, if not you could end up in a #QuarterLifeCrisis. Research, Plan and Win! Making Your Choices? Listen to the latest podcast of Jersey2Job..


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