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066 -- Unclear

This time around we end up talking about the limits of strong convictions and the importance of family and nation. Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:53:42

065 -- The World Is Wrong

We talk about how wrong the world is; why is Teva striking; what's there to see in Eilat; Star Wars; and where are my half-Jews? Enjoy!

Duration: 00:54:29

064 -- Empty Streets

Make no bones about it, Trump's announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was historically significant and cause for celebration that did not take place on the streets of Jerusalem. Why is that? Tune in to find out. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:45:00

063 -- God

Special guest star William Blesch drops by and we talk about my favorite subject: God. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:18:23

062 -- Wohad Podcast

Do you really want peace? Then prove to yourself and to the world that you really are the son or daughter of Israel. Otherwise, just move along. Enjoy the podcast!

Duration: 00:56:57

061 -- What Is That Smell?

Yes, our city stinks like a skunk on purpose. Tune in to find out what that awful smell was. Also, long-lasting marriages, pardon denials, sailing ships, crumbling Chicago, fat and young Israelis. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:13:16

060 -- Louis CKXXX

WARNING: Some EXPLICIT content in this podcast. We are talking about sex scandals, so it was needed to be explicit I think. We also talk about JStreet's antisemitism, bank and health fraud and if you stay to the end, you'll find out why there is a picture of Decathlon. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:02:09

059 -- The Real Jerusalem Light Show

Upgrade your sadness and frustration from personal to national. Jerusalemish Podcast will help you do it. We also talk about: bad neighbors, digging up dead people, hebephilia, whoredom and making that light shine bright. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:54:13

058 -- Participation

This episode we let our 3 listeners, er, I mean 3 of our listeners choose the subjects of conversation. 1) rogue Arab politicians 2) aliens landing on Temple Mount 3)Temple Mount sifting project. Watch out for the zombie apocalypse!!! We talk about other stuff too. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:57:20

057 -- The Bitter Month

The religious don't want to go to the army. Merav Michaeli doesn't want us to have families. People are having a hard time explaining themselves. That's where we come in, Jerusalemish explaining the Jewish mess of it all. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:54:47

056 -- The Death of Cafe Alma

Is the closing of Cafe Alma a serious blow to the secular struggle of Jerusalem? Has Aaron gone too far with his theories of Antisemitism? Is Harvey Weinstein worth arguing about? Tune in to find out. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:59:14

053 -- Windows

Galit and Aaron talking up Jerusalemish stuff.

Duration: 00:51:00

052 -- I Love Jerusalem

White nationalism is on the rise, watch out, they're are coming for the Jews first. Meanwhile, listen to Galit and Aaron reminisce about all the cool things there are to do in Jerusalem. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:38:23

050 -- Outrage

I've been subjected to metal detectors almost every day of my life in Israel for the past 15 years that I've lived here. Now our government which is supposed to be a safe haven for the Jewish people is telling our enemies: "If you slaughter us, you will get your way." This is an outrage. And what makes me mad the most is my people are fast asleep. Wake up and get angry over the acute injustice. This is not right and it should not stand.

Duration: 00:23:00

049 -- Taking Back the Mountain

Today, Galit and I visited the Temple Mount and then we podcasted about our trip. We also talk about the courts not allowing same-sex couples to adopt and organic culture. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:45:56

048 -- Galit Goes to the Knesset

Oh man, we talked about so much stuff. First we catch Galit hours before her trip to the Knesset. How are we going to have a free and Jewish state? How? American vs. Israeli Jews. Guess who wins? What else? Another noose on our heads, the Electric company. They have to be taken down. Then, as a bonus, we talk about death and ice cream. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:12:26

Jerusalemish Podcast 046 -- The P Word With Inon Dan Kehati

Inon Dan Kehati drops by for an interview about how Peace has become a dirty word and how he favors actions over words. Check out his movement "The Home" at Enjoy!

Duration: 00:49:35

Jerusalemish Podcast 045 --Wonder Women

In this episode we tackle the explosive subject of feminism and the so-called "rape culture." It's not in 4dx but fasten your seat belt anyway for a bumpy ride. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:47:17

Jerusalemish Podcast 044 -- Damascus Gate

We talk about a lot of stuff. You should listen.

Duration: 00:48:12

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