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Ms Joyce- Jesus' Church Cambridge

In the message we have guest speaker Ms. Joyce. A God fearing woman who delights in studying the scriptures for revelation. In this untitled message she teaches us through scriptures and life experiences about the need to know the Word. Not intellectually bur through the Holy Spirit to ensure we are equipped to battle the enemy. Listen and Be Encouraged.

Duration: 00:30:59

The Gospel Revealed (part 2)- Jesus Church- Pastor Abraham Lankford

This is part 2 of a message Titled. " The Gospel Revealed" from Pastor Abe Lankford of Jesus Church Cambridge. This version has been edited for radio broadcast beginning in September 2016

The Gospel Revealed- Jesus' Church Cambridge- Abraham Lankford

Today at Jesus' Church Cambridge, Pastor Abraham Lankford uses scriptures to help REVEAL the Gospel in his latest message, titled - "The Gospel Revealed". Watch, Listen and allow the Holy Spirit to plant seeds of discernment in your spirit. Please visit the Church at as well as view the video message at

Your Greatest Need- Jesus' Church Sermon - Abraham Lankford

In this Message brought to us by Pastor Abraham Lankford of Jesus' Church Cambridge titled "Your Greatest Need", we learn about just what exactly our Greatest Need is. Listen and be set free.

A Place Called Nothing- Jesus' Church- Abraham Lankford

In todays message from Pastor Abraham Lankford of Jesus' church Cambridge, we hear about "A Place Called Nothing". Its a place that when we get there, we have no choice but to give our burdens and troubles to God. Its that place where we let go and let God. God wants to carry your burdens for you. He wants to set you free! Listen today and be encouraged and delivered by Gods mercy and Grace

Duration: 00:46:45

The Kingdom Of God Brings Deliverance - Jesus' Church Audio

"The Kingdom Of God Brings Deliverance" is a message from Pastor Abraham Lankford of Jesus' Church Cambridge. Today he teaches about how people who are stuck in bondage and how God can set them free. Learn how God will deliver and restore us through the Glory of Grace!

Duration: 01:05:10

Supernatural Deliverance - Jesus' Church Cambridge- Abraham Lankford

"Supernatural Deliverance" is a message from Pastor Abraham Lankford of Jesus' Church Cambridge speaks about being delivered by the Supernatural Power of God. Listen, enjoy and be set free.