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Welcome to Jewish Latin Princess, where Jewish femininity takes a Latin twist. I hope you find JLP a warm, friendly and inspiring place to visit. Bienvenida a Jewish Latin Princess, donde la femininidad judía tiene un twist latino. Espero encuentren en JLP un espacio cálido, amigable e inspirador el cual visitar.

Welcome to Jewish Latin Princess, where Jewish femininity takes a Latin twist. I hope you find JLP a warm, friendly and inspiring place to visit. Bienvenida a Jewish Latin Princess, donde la femininidad judía tiene un twist latino. Espero encuentren en JLP un espacio cálido, amigable e inspirador el cual visitar.
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Welcome to Jewish Latin Princess, where Jewish femininity takes a Latin twist. I hope you find JLP a warm, friendly and inspiring place to visit. Bienvenida a Jewish Latin Princess, donde la femininidad judía tiene un twist latino. Espero encuentren en JLP un espacio cálido, amigable e inspirador el cual visitar.








Episode 35: Faigy Pollock, Expert on Marriage and Intimacy

B”H It’s December already, wow! I’m in Miami this week re-connecting with old friends… friends who I haven’t seen in years and physically connecting with many of my newer virtual friends, who I’ve made through this platform the blog and the podcast, Jewish Latin Princess. I’m down there for a speaking engagement so I will also get to meet new women. Always so fun. Mothers, if you listen with your

Duration: 01:22:35

Episode 34: Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., Author of Why Won’t You Apologize?

B”H Have you ever been on the receiving end of a “non-apology”? One of those apologies that left you wondering, “what was that!?” How do you deal with the unapologetic offender? And what if you are the offender? Yikes! How good are you at apologizing? You’re listening to Jewish Latin Princess everyone. Welcome. I don’t know that I’m so good at apologizing. I recently had to apologize to my really

Duration: 00:49:23

Episode 33: Demystifying Investing with Debbie Sassen

B”H Today I have a special episode with Financial Planner and Money Coach, Debbie Sassen, which we’ve called Demystifying Investing. Debbie is the creator of the 6 month online course, Smart Women Build Wealth and I’ve brought her on today because I wanted her to demystify the world of investing for my audience and to tell you about her course, Smart Women Build Wealth. I know that investing seems like

Duration: 00:56:27

Episode 32: Leigh Hershkovich, Author & Creative Director of CTeens

B”H Today I welcome my youngest guest yet, Leigh Hershkovich. When you hear her speak you will not believe that she’s only in her early twenties… the confidence, maturity and clarity … G-sh I wasn’t like that at 24 and I was considered to be quite mature. Leigh just published a novel, Shattered Illusions and is hard at work on her second novel. She is also the creative director of

Duration: 00:44:24

Episode 31: Wendy Sachs, Author of Fearless & Free

B”H Have you ever changed career paths, or felt stuck in the cusp of professional change? Have you been forced to change because of getting fired, or perhaps you left your career to raise your kids and after a few years, you want to go back into the workforce and are wondering, how do I go back? Well today’s guest is full of priceless advice for women in those kinds of transitions.

Duration: 00:40:22

Episode 30: Stacy Middleman

B”H Today’s interview is moving and inspiring. My guest is a cancer survivor. Stacy Middleman is on the show and today we talk about her journey and her new book Dear Cancer, Love Stacy. Stacy is a Houstonian, now living in Austin, TX, a wife and mother of two children. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the early age of 35 and after a double mastectomy and fully recovering, eight

Duration: 00:38:41

Episodio 29: Silvia Cohen, Food Creative Blogger en Lemishmash

B”H Siempre es un placer re-encontrarse con una vieja amiga y hoy me re-encuentro con una amiga de hace muchos años que esta creando bellezas con la comida. Bellezas a la máxima potencia y ademas no solo bellas, sino que dice que ¡sanas y facilitas de hacer! Tengo a Silvia Cohen, Food Creative Blogger, creadora de Lemishmash. Nacida en Caracas, Venezuela, Silvia siempre fue una persona muy visual y creativa. Silvia

Duration: 00:44:09

Episode 28: Yael Trusch on Judaism & Money with Farnoosh Torabi

B”H So happy to be back behind the mic. Today is Tuesday, October 17, the 26th day of Tishrei. Tuesday!? Yes, I took a day off! More than a day. I actually took Sunday and Monday, to regroup after the High Holidays of the month of Tishrei finished. I mentioned to you last week, during my interview with Professional Organizer Rebekah Saltzman, that as Tishrei winds down, and we wave

Duration: 00:37:16

Episode 27: Rebekah Saltzman, Professional Organizer & Founder of Balagan Be Gone

B”H I hope every one is enjoying the holiday of Sukkot! Later this week we culminate the festivities with the Holiday of Simchat Torah. In a way we’re entering the last stretch of the month of Tishrei and towards this time I start wanting to get my life back into a routine. For me that always translates into organizing, decluttering, paying attention to my spaces, my home etc. Yup, I always go through

Duration: 00:58:14

Episode 26: Michelle Poler, Founder of Hello Fears, Speaker & Fear Facer

B”H Maybe you’ve thought that this year you might want to be braver, more bold, tackle some unchartered territory or maybe the thought of doing that still terrifies you… Often fear gets in the way of us living our best lives and being the best versions of ourselves… Something that my guest today, explored intimately and lived to tell us all about it… I have Michelle Poler on the show

Duration: 00:42:04

Episodio 25: Nathalie Levy Riess, Conferenciante & Líder Espiritual

B”H ¡Jewish Latin Princess! El año nuevo a llegado y estamos en los dies días de teshuvá, en preparación a Yom Kippur. Espero que todas están disfrutando de las fiestas de Tishrei y que estén de ánimos alegres. Recuerden que la alegría es al mejor canal para acceder todas las cosas buenas que Di-s nos quiere entregar en nuestra vida y una teshuvá real tiene que ser infundida con alegría.

Duration: 01:02:23

Episode 24: Nomi Freeman, Expert in Near Death Experiences

B”H What would it take for you to totally turn your life upside down? Do an entire 360! How would you change your life if you could suddenly see all of the far-reaching consequences of everything you’ve ever done? Today’s guest has interviewed hundreds of people who have experienced close encounters with death, well more than close, they’ve actually died and come back… And she has found through her interviews

Duration: 00:46:25

Episode 23: Erika Keswin, Founder of The Spaghetti Project

B”H Do you have a love hate relationship with technology? We all do to a certain extent, don’t we? Being plugged so to speak affords us so many wonderful opportunities, flexibility and so on. On the other hand, it can keep us hooked to the point that we’re just not connecting as human beings. As my guest on the show says, “left to our own devices, we’re not connecting.” I

Duration: 00:48:45

Episodio 22: Nomi Freeman, experta en episodios de cercania con la muerte

B”H ¿Cómo cambiarías tu vida si pudieras de repente ver las consecuencias de todo lo que has hecho en este mundo, hasta de las cosas que parecen mas insignificantes? Mi invitada de hoy ha entrevistado cientos de personas que han tenido encuentros cercanos a la muerte, o mas bien lo que se conoce como experiencias cercanas a la muerte (NDE serian las siglas en inglés) – ósea han muerto y

Duration: 00:56:09

Episode 21: Julie Starr, Founder of Possibility Life Coaching for Women

B”H Who thinks they could benefit from working with a life coach? I think it’s very a valuable experience. And today I get to talk to a very special life coach – a life coach who has been doing this way longer than most coaches out there. In addition, you will hear how her background as an Activist and as a Dance Therapist, as well as the challenges she’s faced

Duration: 00:50:23

Episode 20: Rebecca Schweiger, Artist & Founder of The Art Studio NY

B”H Have you ever said, “Well, I’m really not that creative?” or “No. I’m not the creative one…” Or are you the creative one? My guest today has a unique take on creativity, which she will share with us. With her approach, she’s been able to transform the lives of thousands of students who have walked past her studio, The Art Studio NY. I have Rebecca Schweiger on the show!

Duration: 01:00:06

Episode 19: Sarah Chana Radcliffe

B”H Ladies today we discuss a topic that is near and dear to most of us: marriage and parenting! We can never learn enough about it, in fact we should be constantly learning about it! Because as my guest today will tell you, both marriage and parenting require work! I have Sarah Chana Radcliffe a foremost expert on the topic of marriage & parenting. Sarah Chana is a psychologist in

Duration: 00:58:53

Episode 18: Robin Saex Garbose, Film Writer, Producer & Director

B”H I love a good film and good theater…I used to act in college. I married an actor, yes my husband was an actor. I definitely have an affinity for the world of performing arts. And today’s guest knows the film, t.v. and theater business in and out, and is using her vast and top notch experience to bring high caliber productions to the Jewish world. My guest is Robin

Duration: 00:57:40

Episodio 17: Shirley Varnagy, Periodista, Anfitriona de Radio y TV

B”H ¡Hoy nos vamos a Venezuela! Tengo el inmenso placer de presentarles a una mujer verdaderamente increíble. ¿Están listas para decir wow? Yo se que muchas ya la conocen pues es figura publica y una figura quien no oculta ser una mujer judía. Mi invitada de hoy es Shirley Varnagy, Periodista, Anfitriona de Radio y Television. Y si bien muchas la conocemos como una profesional ejemplar, una periodista venezolana que

Duration: 00:55:52

Episode 16: Perl Wolfe, Music Composer & Singer

B”H Are you at all musical? I’m not the most musical in my family. I have a husband and kids who were blessed with that talent. But, I do love music. And today, I have a young woman who’s made music her career, and not in the way most women in the music industry do. Perl Wolfe is a chassidic music composer and singer who performs only in all women’s

Duration: 01:05:09

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