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Welcome to Jewish Latin Princess, where Jewish femininity takes a Latin twist. I hope you find JLP a warm, friendly and inspiring place to visit. Bienvenida a Jewish Latin Princess, donde la femininidad judía tiene un twist latino. Espero encuentren en JLP un espacio cálido, amigable e inspirador el cual visitar.








Episode 20: Rebecca Schweiger, Artist & Founder of The Art Studio NY

B”H Have you ever said, “Well, I’m really not that creative?” or “No. I’m not the creative one…” Or are you the creative one? My guest today has a unique take on creativity, which she will share with us. With her approach, she’s been able to transform the lives of thousands of students who have walked past her studio, The Art Studio NY. I have Rebecca Schweiger on the show!

Duration: 01:00:06

Episode 19: Sarah Chana Radcliffe

B”H Ladies today we discuss a topic that is near and dear to most of us: marriage and parenting! We can never learn enough about it, in fact we should be constantly learning about it! Because as my guest today will tell you, both marriage and parenting require work! I have Sarah Chana Radcliffe a foremost expert on the topic of marriage & parenting. Sarah Chana is a psychologist in

Duration: 00:58:53

Episode 18: Robin Saex Garbose, Film Writer, Producer & Director

B”H I love a good film and good theater…I used to act in college. I married an actor, yes my husband was an actor. I definitely have an affinity for the world of performing arts. And today’s guest knows the film, t.v. and theater business in and out, and is using her vast and top notch experience to bring high caliber productions to the Jewish world. My guest is Robin

Duration: 00:57:40

Episodio 17: Shirley Varnagy, Periodista, Anfitriona de Radio y TV

B”H ¡Hoy nos vamos a Venezuela! Tengo el inmenso placer de presentarles a una mujer verdaderamente increíble. ¿Están listas para decir wow? Yo se que muchas ya la conocen pues es figura publica y una figura quien no oculta ser una mujer judía. Mi invitada de hoy es Shirley Varnagy, Periodista, Anfitriona de Radio y Television. Y si bien muchas la conocemos como una profesional ejemplar, una periodista venezolana que

Duration: 00:55:52

Episode 16: Perl Wolfe, Music Composer & Singer

B”H Are you at all musical? I’m not the most musical in my family. I have a husband and kids who were blessed with that talent. But, I do love music. And today, I have a young woman who’s made music her career, and not in the way most women in the music industry do. Perl Wolfe is a chassidic music composer and singer who performs only in all women’s

Duration: 01:05:09

Episode 15: Abigail Pogrebin, Author of My Jewish Year

B”H Welcome to Jewish Latin Princess Podcast. Do you know all the Jewish Holidays? There are a lot! Do you observe them, know what they are about? And if you do observe them, do you go through the motions year after year or do you try to be mindful and intentional about the time in the calendar that you’re experiencing? My guest today is Abigail Pogrebin, who took on the task

Duration: 00:38:53

Episode 14: Amanda Steinberg, Author of WORTH IT

B”H Welcome back to Jewish Latin Princess Podcast! Do you sometimes feel like you have money coma and have no clue what in the world is happening with your money? Perhaps you want to give to a cause that is really meaningful to you, or to a family who really needs it, but you don’t even know if you can! (Even though you’re making six figures or more!) You don’t

Duration: 00:29:55

Episodio 13: Dra. Coty Benarroch, Re-educadora Nutricional

B”H Hoy tengo el placer de presentarles a la Dra. Coty Benarroch de Carciente, Re-educadora Nutricional. Me topé con Coty y su trabajo pues tenemos amigas en común y … ¡lectoras de nuestros blogs en común! Coty tiene un blog de nutrición, vidasaludable, y además trabaja con pacientes privadas en Caracas, Venezuelas e internacionalmente a través de what’s app, skype etc. Coty Benarroch estudió medicina y oftalmología, pero las vueltas

Duration: 00:33:18

Episode 12: Genie Milgrom, Genealogist & Crypto Jews Expert

B”H Welcome to Jewish Latin Princess Everyone! Today I speak with Genie Milgrom, Genealogist and Crypto Jews Expert. And this is not a title she earned by going to university, but something she has earned with hard work, sweat and many tears – not just hers, but surely of her ancestors. Genie is the author of My 15 Grandmothers, and most recently of How I found My 15 Grandmothers a

Duration: 00:36:57

Episode 11: Devorah Sisso, Motivational Speaker & Creator of BREAKTHROUGH

B”H Today I have the pleasure to introduce you to an amazing motivational speaker, Devorah Sisso. Devorah is the creator of Breakthrough, a six week mind training program. She is an acclaimed speaker, teacher and life coach empowering her students and listeners to access their inner greatness and take on a path of self growth using the framework of Torah. One of the things that makes Devorah so great and

Duration: 00:44:05

Episode 10: Bari Lyman, Author and Creator of Meet to Marry

B”H Welcome to Jewish Latin Princess Everyone! Thank you for being here with me today. Are you standing in your own way of finding and keeping true love? Do you find that you might be attracting the wrong type of people? Today’s guest is Bari Lyman. Bari is the creator of the Meet to Marry Method and Author of Meet to Marry: A Dating Revelation for the Marriage Minded. Through

Duration: 00:32:06

Episode 9: Rena Reiser, Intuitive Eating Coach

B”H Welcome Back after Shavuot! I hope you all had a good holiday. Are you perhaps feeling guilty about all the cheesecake and blintzes you ate during the Holiday? Maybe you didn’t celebrate Shavuot, but you went away for Memorial Day weekend and indulged in a way that has left you feeling out of sorts. Can someone relate to feelings of guilt, shame, uneasiness around food, around weight… obsessive thoughts

Duration: 00:38:55

Episode 8: Debbie Sassen, Financial Planner & Money Coach

B”H Welcome back to another episode of Jewish Latin Princess Podcast! I am working like crazy this week to leave Jewish Latin Princess, Blog and Podcast sort of on autopilot during the month of June, and hopefully take some time off to spend with my children before they begin camp. I have a lot of amazing women on the show in June, so stay tune for that. Today, I’m bringing

Duration: 00:43:35

Episode 7: Shimona Tzukernik, The Kabbalah Coach

B”H Do you think Judaism does not have what to offer you in terms of spirituality? Are you spiritually inclined, but think spirituality can be achieved through other traditions? Or perhaps, you’re super practical and don’t think Jewish spirituality has much to offer you because, “who has time for that stuff?” I think today’s interview will be insightful, no matter which of those camps you’re holding on. Today, I speak

Duration: 00:42:25

Episodio 6: Dr. Debbie Berebichez, PhD en física y anfitriona de televisión

B”H Hoy tengo el placer y el honor de presentarles a una vieja amiga, Debbie Berebichez. Debbie es doctora en fisica, con un doctorado de la universidad de Stanford. De hecho fue la primera mujer mexicana en recibir este título. Debbie es co-anfitriona del show de T.V. Outrageous Acts of Science – tal vez la reconocen de ahí. Debbie aparece frecuentemente en otros medios de comunicación como Travel Channel, CNN, FOX, MSNBC,

Duration: 00:41:02

Episodio 5: Jael Toledo, Autora de ¿Quién Soy?

B”H ¿Alguna vez te has sentido sola en la vida, o que no te encuentras? ¿O tal vez después de que tuviestes hijos, sentistes en algún punto, “¡ya va, es que ya no se ni quien soy!”? Hoy en mi entrevista con Jael Toledo exploramos estos sentimientos y que podemos hacer para si realizarnos – realizar nuestro potencial. ¡Discutimos que no sólo es importante para nosotras sino para nuestras familias!

Duration: 00:39:14

Episode 4: Barbara Stanny, Best Selling Author and Money Coach

B”H Did you ever think to connect spirituality with your Personal Finances? Well let me tell you, in today’s interview with Barbara Stanny you will take a journey into the spiritual work of wealth. Barbara is the leading authority on women and money. She is a bestselling author – her latest book is titled Sacred Success, a Course in Financial Miracles, which we talk about today – a sought-after speaker,

Duration: 00:44:01

Episode 3: Barbara Reich, Professional Organizer

B”H Do you love The Container Store, have a set schedule, and know where everything is in your home? Or, do you feel totally scatterbrain, and can’t find the scissors when the kids need to do that project, NOW? Do you fall somewhere in between? Today’s guest is Barbara Reich, Professional Organizer at Resourceful Consultants and Author of Secrets of an Organized Mom. I love Barbara and let me tell

Duration: 00:36:38

Episode 2: Leah Gottfried, Actress and Film Director

B”H Actress & Film Director Leah Gottfried Podcast Interview on JLP Did you get a chance to watch my Video interview here, or listen to the Podcast below? Not long ago, I posted here about the web series Soon By You. I decided to dig a little deeper as to who was making such quality work. To my wonderful surprise I found that it was none-other-than a young Jewish woman,

Duration: 00:15:07

Bari Tessler Podcast Interview on JLP

B”H THE ART OF MONEY: Bari Tessler Podcast Interview on JLP You may also like | Puede que también te gusteJewish Modern Art DIYShabbat in Guatemala || Shabbat en GuatemalaMost Popular Posts of 2015My Article in The Jewish Herald Voice

Duration: 01:05:50