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Known for his enthusiastic outlook, energetic character, and engaging personality, Rabbi Josh Broide has attracted thousands of listeners throughout the United States with his Jewish Pride radio show. Josh Broide offers his unique take on the day's topics with comedy and satire and has built a place where people can come to find and discover Jewish Pride. The daily 30-minute talk show also features Broide taking listener calls, as well as interviewing high-profile special guests. His mission is to help people find meaningful avenues to connect with Judaism by linking Jewish people to their passions, their communities, and the world. The live radio program is heard each morning on the Internet on and Archived shows can be found on podcast on, and Finally an exciting, relevant and inspirational Jewish radio program that will make you feel proud to be Jewish.






Jewish Lessons from David Bowie

1) Fame 2) Space Oddity 3) Chilly Down 4) Under Pressure 5) All the Young Dudes

Duration: 00:32:33

Your Unique Purpose in this World

Here are five steps to help you discover what your unique contribution and purpose is and how to live it.

Duration: 00:31:06

How to win the Lottery this week

Its the biggest lottery game in the world and everyone would love to know the secret to winning!

Duration: 00:31:23

A Happy New Year??

Yes ladies and gentleman and fans of Jewish Pride Radio all over the world. We are back!! And with almost 300 shows, I am so excited to strat this new season with all of you!!

Duration: 00:31:15

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Duration: 00:00:02

2013 - The Best Year Ever - Jan 08,2013

2013 has just begun and its time to make sure to start doing all of those things you have been puting off for so long. Lets make this year the one that makes a real difference.Jewish | Judaism | Happiness | God | Israel

Duration: 00:30:41

More than we have faith in God, God has faith in us - Nov 15,2012

What makes some children succeed while others fail? More generally, what drives some people to great achievement while others languish, their dreams unfulfilled? Jewish | Judaism | Success | God | Achieve

Duration: 00:30:54

Interview with Daniel Friedmann - The Genesis One Code - Nov 14,2012

Were the heavens and the earth created 6,000 years ago, as the Bible suggests? Or did the universe expand into existence nearly 14 billion years ago from a spontaneous “Big Bang”? Both dates cannot be right. Or can they? Imagine medieval manuscripts, written some 800 years ago, that could help us decipher Genesis and thereby pinpoint exactly when the universe began – an instant squaring, moreover, with our most up-to-date cosmological theories. Further, suppose these same manuscripts could...

Duration: 00:31:33

The Week in Review - Oct 05,2012

Take a look at all of the great Jewish news stories that you might have missed... but we didnt. Tune in to Jewish Pride Radio for all of the amazing stories that took place this past week in the Jewish community. Shabbat Shalom! JoshJewish | Judaism | Israel | God | News

Duration: 00:30:22

Celebrating the Torah - Bible, why now? - Oct 05,2012

We are just about to begin another Jewish Holiday and we are in the home stretch. This one that follows the final days of Sukkot is called Simchas Torah, tune in to find out something amazing about this time time of year.Jewish | Judaism | Torah | God | Bible

Duration: 00:31:21

Off to Israel - Jul 04,2012

I will be leaving for Israel on TJJ, an incredible trip for Jewish teenagers.Jewish | Judaism | Israel | Israeli | Teenager

Duration: 00:05:59

Tel Aviv University: Interview with Kaylee Volpert - May 29,2012

Tel Aviv University: Interview with Kaylee Volpert Four decades ago Tel Aviv University first opened its gates to accomplished students who came from all over the world to embark on a remarkable personal and academic journey. Tel Aviv University has since consistently ranked as one of the top institutions of higher learning world-wide. As a world-class academic institution, many members of its distinguished faculty have won international recognition and are considered leaders in their...

Duration: 00:30:38

Week in Review and Memorial Day - May 29,2012

The Week in Review and Memorial Day: Take a look at the great news stories that took place this past week in the Jewish community around the world and a special look at Memorial Day in the USA.Jewish | Judaism | Israel | Jew | News

Duration: 00:30:50

ABC's of Shavuot - May 25,2012

ABCs of Shavuot: Celebrating our receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai.Jewish | Judaism | Torah | Bible | Ten Commandments

Duration: 00:30:01

Adversity to Advantage - May 22,2012

Adversity to Advantage: Despite daily challenges ranging from limited resources to security needs, Israeli creativity and inventiveness help make the world a better place. Israel has made significant advancements in the fields of science, environment, medicine and technology, and has shared these developments with the rest of the world. Be inspired!!Jewish | Judaism | Israel | Israeli | Middle East

Duration: 00:30:41

The Jewish Week in Review - May 11,2012

The Jewish Week in Review: Tune in for a look at all of the positive Jewish news stories from around the world, only on Jewish Pride Radio. Inspire yourself to inspire others... Shabbat Shalom, JoshJewish | Judaism | News | Israel | God

Duration: 00:31:03

Lag B'Omer and Gratitude - May 10,2012

Lag BOmer and Gratitude: Tony Robbin’s secret to happiness and achieving success.Jewish | Judaism | Happiness | Happy | Tony Robbins

Duration: 00:31:14

ABC's of the Omer - May 09,2012

ABCs of the Omer: The Significance, customs and mechanics of counting the Omer.Jewish | Judaism | Omer | Passover | Shavuot

Duration: 00:30:57

I have a dream - May 07,2012

for a bright Jewish future and it all starts here! Inspire yourself to inspire others... JoshJewish | Judaism | Israel | Inspire | God

Duration: 00:24:04

An A for Effort - Mar 26,2012

Whats more important in life - effort or results?Jewish | Judaism | God | Torah | Bible

Duration: 00:14:41

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