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Gary Wayne Discusses the Jesuits

Researcher and author Gary Wayne joins us in discussion about the Secret Society known as the Jesuits. The Jesuits came on the scene in 1534 as the next Crusaders for the Roman Church. Who are they and how much power do they hold? Did they start the other Secret Societies as a front as some may think? Gary will answer many of these questions, and a whole lot more. Gary Wayne's website is

Duration: 01:42:53

Rothschilds Predict World Currency for 2018

On a January 9, 1988 cover of the Economist Magazine it displayed a Phoenix rising from the flames of cash and wearing a medallion with the date 2018 and having the number 10 on it. Next to it was the phrase "World Currency." The Economist is a Rothschild owned magazine. Is this a prediction or a plan? The Rothschilds have been masters of finances and certainly might have something to do with this plan. Have they targeted 2018 for the unveiling? Will this implement the Mark of the Beast? We...

Duration: 00:54:42

UN Military Infiltraton on American Soil

The UN military vehicles had been spotted across America, but some said that it was to convoy equipment that has been manufactured, Now UN vehicles have been seen staged at awarehouse facility in Maryland and Chicago has requested UN presence to assist in civil unrest, Is this a ploy to allow UN troops on our soil? Will they be ready in the event we go into an emergency situation? This may be the beginning of something worse.

Duration: 00:50:45

News 12/24/17 - UN Sets up in Chicago, Facebook Hands Data Over Data to Intel

This episode we will look at some recent news items. U.N. miltary vehcles have been spotted in Maryland to prep for Chicago uprising of violence. Facebook hands data over to government agencies. A Federal Judge "trumps" The President's decision to ban funding for gender reassignment. Jerusalem the city of Israel, and Trump decides to plant the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. Also 6 Corporations that own the media has been narrowed to 5 corporations. Sources:...

Duration: 00:51:53

Getting the Pagan Out of Christmas

Christmas season with trees, lights, Yule Log, decorations, gifts, and the spirit of joy, family, and feast. Is this truly the day to commemorate the birth of Jesus, or has that been saturated with the overwhelming emphasis on other things that actually has a nonsensical false excuse for celebrating a pagan holiday? As even secularists will come alongside to celebrate in the festivities, making this a secular humanistic observance. How did the day of Christmas land on December 25th? Is it...

Duration: 01:01:05

Digital DNA, AI, Internet and End Times

The Internet has connected all the world. But now it has also connected AI through the D-Wave Quantum computer to interconnect with every human interacting in the world. And now scientists have been successful programming DNA into digital data. Geordie Rose, financiere of D-Wave, has admitted this intelligence is more advanced than we realize, and that it is a different entity working independent of humans. What does this mean for the future? We will discuss: Advancement of Digital...

Duration: 00:55:42

Goddess Worship and New Age at the U.N.

The United Nations will host a statue of the Greek goddess Athena for exhibit on display, We are seeing a rise in paganism and goddess worship, and even female principle of occult magick. We will share the inside of the New Age and its Luciferian connection, and how it has been the indoctrination of Lucis Trust within the United Nations, crafting it policies for the New World Order and New Spirituality for a New Age initiation.

Duration: 01:00:47

10 Foods Never to Eat - Dr. Ted Broer

Dr. Ted Broer joined me previously in an interview about the 10 foods to avoid. He gives insight into the harm some foods can have on the system. We will also go over some news items. We talk about a Monarch Programming center near me, and a payoff in Canada by an MKULTRA hospital to the daughter of a victim. And also another Holistic Doctor found dead. Please note, the original recording was replaced after a problem with the audio feed. This is a fixed version. Dr. Ted Broer - Healthmasters...

Duration: 00:59:20

Facebook: Social Media Hacking our Brain

Facebook President Sean Parker admitted Facebook was developed intending to cause us to become addicted to the social media and be consumed by it. He also stated that Facebook would be used to collect our information. Short of admitting the dangers, he gave us enough to consider Facebook a devious invention. Another company revealed it helps companies find out what stimulates our brain and to use that advantage t trigger us to compulsion. Also Bryon Johnson of Kernal wants all people to have...

Duration: 00:57:41

Leftist Luciferian Agenda, Antichrist Speculation

George Soros and his band of antagonizers are starting fires to stir up activism against Trump. But it is really against citizens, and against Christians, to push his Luciferian NWO agenda. Will this lead towards the Antichrist? In the news another Holistic doctor is found dead. Another entertainer is accused of sexual inappropriate behavior, and the world is going to hell. Holistic Doctor Found Dead...

Duration: 00:44:59

Texas Shooting, EMP Threat, Las Vegas Witnesses Dead

A shooting in Texas killed 27 to date. We will report on it. Several have been warning that the EMP Drill conducted by DHS will result in nationwide power grid shutdown. We still with you? Las Vegas shooting witnesses ending up dead.

Duration: 01:01:43

JFK Files Disclosed

The White House under President Trump released 2,900 or so classified files on 10/26/2017 related to former President John F. Kennedy’s assassination on Nov 22, 1963. Will we see the rest of the papers? In this episode we analyze a few to confirm some of the conspiracy theories that have been denied for the past several years.

Duration: 00:43:42

Doc Marquis Explains Halloween

Ex-Illuminati witch Doc Marquis joins me for this episode into the background behind the dark holiday known as Halloween. Doc saes his insight as well as his warning into the dark occult rituals and celebration that has become what we know as Halloween. After this episode you may not look at this season the same way,

Duration: 01:17:22

Hollywood Satanic Sex Rituals

Several claim have been exposed of Hollywood abusers in the industry. Harvey Weinstein is a recent case as a predator. But several others also confirm this as an industry standard of sexual abuse, homosexuality, Hollywood sex parties, and occult rituals.

Duration: 00:37:34

New Age and Halloween with Laura Maxwell

My guest Laura Maxwell brings us her interesting perspective on the New Age beliefs and their relationship with Halloween. She will tell her testimony and how she came to know inside the New Age and Spiritism, then how she came out of it to the salvation of Jesus Christ. Laura will share her insight on New Age and its relationship with Halloween. She explains the New Age philosophy and how some New Agers use Halloween to lure people into the Craft. *What New Age believes *The foundation of...

Duration: 00:59:12

History of the Knights Templar - October 13

Friday October 13th 2017 marked a significant anniversary of sorts with the history of the Knights Templar. The Templars may have been eradicated on October 13, 1307 but they have long from dissappeared. They simply took off their identifiable surcoats with the red Maltese cross and blended with the Society of the Freemasons. Bringing into the Order was their suspected sacred texts they escavated from underneath Solomon's temple site. This episode breaks down their history and how they...

Duration: 00:16:30

Las Vegas Shooting Weapons and Inconsistencies

We will discuss the official narrative of the massacre in Las Vegas and the weapons said to be used. Also the suspicions that come up,

Duration: 00:57:15

Black Ops, Secret Societies and the NWO

The Black Op budget was disclosed by the Washington Post. Each departent was listed nd their mode of operation. Though we know the Black Ops have a more devious intent even for its domestic purposes. We will discuss their connection with Secret Societies and with the occult, and to the NWO agenda. Sources:

Duration: 01:05:32

The U.N. and Rothschild Illuminati NWO

Trump gave his address recently to the U.N. General Assembly in NYC. Jim and co-host Bob will analyze the message with the NWO agenda in mind. We will connect it with the plan of the Rothschild Illuminati outline and why the nations focused on are such a big threat. Also Jim gives his insight into the shift of the NWO Headquarters and the Antichrist link.

Duration: 01:05:09

Economy, DNA, and Mark of the Beast with Leonard Ulrich

Leonard Ulrich joins us to explain the economy, the connection with DNA, and the Mark of the Beast. Leonard has a unique way of explaining complex subjects and breaking them down in simplistic manner that anyone could understand. He has studied and researched many topics, especially the economy, the New World Order, and biblical prophecy.

Duration: 01:46:37

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