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#509 Part 2: Year Of The Mudboi

Mike's Teeth: Mike has tales of teeth and dentist appointments! These Heaux: We got Martin Shkreli, new American Horror Story season and new music video from Cash Me Ousside girl. Also LAYNZ! Quicksand Fans: We fall into the dark world of quicksand fans and our minds are blown. LOVE AFFAIR!, TWO STRAIGHT MEN!, SPACED!, BITCHES!, OL DIRTY BASTARD!, INSANE CLOWN POSSE!, CRY!, ALCOHOL!, DR. TEETH!, THE MUPPETS!, POEM!, NEW!, SWITCH IT UP!, WIDSOM TEETH!, CRACKED TEETH!, NACHOS!, BROKEN!,...

Duration: 01:38:06

#509 Part 1: All Your Heroes Are Pillheads

Smackdown: The boys were at Smackdown Live this week! Here are the tales! Jim Carrey: Is Jim Carrey a weirdo or did he forget how to be funny? Also did he murder his ex-girlfriend? GOSSIP: We turn into gossipy hens falling down a Daily Mail rabbit hole of trash. Like a human Ken doll!? EQUATION!, CHAOS THEORY!, JAFFA CAKES!, SPACED!, PODCAST!, ITUNES!, REVIEWS!, UNKIND!, FREE!, DONATE!, 30 DOLLARS!, DIGS!, FEEL BAD!, THE JQ!, WOKE!, WACHOWSKI SISTERS!, DEAD NAMES!, SMACKDOWN!, BACK TO THE...

Duration: 01:28:03

#508 Part 2: FALL TV PREVIEW 2017

Gift of the Magi: It's that time of the month! Not that time, time for the GIFT OF THE MAGI! Fall TV Preview: We are breaking down all of the FALL'S HOTTEST SHOWS! Doctors and lawyers and cops galore! With a hint of family drama, autism hijinks! Stuff We Like?: Are there things we like this FALL TV PREVIEW!? Tune in to find out. But don't worry we also see a clip from the Laura Clery Project. SODOMIZED!, BENT OVER!, PREACHER!, SAVES THE DAY!, SELL MY OLD CLOTHES, I'M OFF TO HEAVEN!, DONK...

Duration: 01:45:41

#508 Part 1: Juggalos V. Turtloids

Hurricanes: The hits keep on coming here in states, not to be outdone by Harvey, Irma is ready to serve up some WIND! Juggalo March: We get into the Juggalo March infomercial Freedom Fighters: We don't stop on the ICP train as we learn more about their fight for FREEDOM ADOLF FUCKING HITLER!, PREACHER!, REVIEWS!, BROKE THE INTERNET!, HURRICANES!, HURRICANE IRMA!, FLORIDA!, KEYS!, HURRICANE JOSE!, AFRICA!, SLAVE SHIPS!, WINDS!, BLACK WOMAN!, DISNEY WORLD!, UNIVERSAL!, CLOSING!, TAMPA BAY...

Duration: 01:30:03

#507 Part 2: Jerk Off Monster

Companies and Words: From Brach's fruit snacks, Reese's Pieces to Nevada and everything in between. Jerk Off Monster: These Louis CK jerk off monster stories are not going away. Tig Notaro believes he needs to address this Animal Noises: Some people take shit too far, rather than baby talk they start meowing to each other. Also some funeral home facts and expenses. ROSIE O'DONNELL!, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM!, LARRY DAVID!, THE STRYDER!, 11:11!, WITCH MAGIC!, MATURE KIDS!, SEX!, POETRY!,...

Duration: 01:34:36

#507 Part 1: JJ THOT

Hurricane Harvey: We go over some of the greatest hits of Hurricane Harvey that recently hit Houston. Food War: Nothing like a natural disaster to kick start a food war. Rabbit Hole: After giving out some Patreon names we fall down a video rabbit hole to cleanse the pallet. DID YOUR DIZZLE!, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM!, REVIEWS!, JAPANESE!, CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!, REVIEWS!, ITUNES!, DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM!, THE KEG!, WHO'S IN!, HOUSTON!, HURRICANE HARVEY!, FLOODS!, THOT!, JJ WATT!, DONATIONS!,...

Duration: 01:31:53

#506 Part 2: Point Of View

CHOACH COACH: Mike Steele asking questions like he been on the Choach Coach about his real life first person point of view. Juggalo March: Nazis have made the Juggalo March relevant much to our chagrin! Also Taylor Swift ripping off Beyonce? MUSIC WARS: Jeff doesn't like it when you are Jeff to him about music he likes ALAN RAILS!, RICK AND MORTY!, THE OUTFIELD!, THE NIGHT GAME!, CHAMPION OF THE PEOPLE!, EMO!, JESSE LACEY!, BRAND NEW!, INTERVIEW!, CRY!, OKJA!, PIG!, IMPRESSION!,...

Duration: 01:52:26

David F. Sandberg on Annabelle: Creation, Shazam, Red Letter Media and More

Jim and Them check in with David F. Sandberg director of Lights Out, Annabelle: Creation and the upcoming Shazam film to chat about filmmaking, being Hollywood, Shazam, Red Letter Media controversy and more.

Duration: 00:46:09

#506 Part 1: City Of Stars

9/11 BOYZ: Jim is back from Denver, Colorado with tales of the 9/11 BOYZ! Jackbox: Mike, Jeff and Kristin have tales of gaming with goons. David F. Sandberg: Here is a snippet from our interview with Annabelle: Creation director David F. Sandberg RICK AND MORTY!, NOOB-NOOB!, DAVID F. SANDBERG!, IMPROV!, REVIEWS!, NARUTO!, DEAD WEIGHT!, 9/11 BOYZ!, TERRORISTS!, SCHOOLBOI!, MASTERS!, DENVER, COLORADO!, ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA!, PULLING FROM A HAT!, ALASKA!, DOINK CAPITAL!, CHOACH!,...

Duration: 01:37:43

#505 Part 2: Annabelle: Creation

Cat Smiley: Jim and Them have decided to dust off the ol' retired Cat Smiley, is this a mistake!? Scary Clips: Once again we enjoy Mike reacting to some scary clips in the only way he can. Scary Houses: We keep the scary talk a rolling after watching kids put a baby in a fridge and some potential real life scares and creepy music. DICKON!, GAME OF THRONES!, NOTORIOUS BIG!, LONG KISS GOODNIGHT!, CRY UPDATE!, WRESTLING!, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM!, INCEST!, HULKSTER IN HEAVEN!, POETRY!, CAT...

Duration: 01:25:49

#505 Part 1: The Phantom Menace

NUCLEAR WAR: Tensions are building, but who is afraid of nuclear war!? 9/11: Brand new film on the 9/11 tragedy featuring Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg Ashley Judd: Ashley Judd schools everyone on everyday sexism at the airport. KHALEESI!, MOTHER OF DRAGONS!, JON SNOW!, KING IN THE NORTH!, OH BEHAVE!, SMOKING!, MEMES!, BORAT!, THE MASK!, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!, REVIEWS!, REDDIT!, CANS!, MIXER!, ISSUES!, PATREON!, GIFT OF THE MAGI!, BOOK EM DANNO!, DARK TOWER!, PRIZES!, NON WINNER!, ALEX...

Duration: 01:28:28

#504 Part 2: Gerbert

Nostalgia: A caller's question about fidget spinners sets us down a nostalgia rabbit hole. Toys: Classic toys and classic Utah Jazz players and classic cartoons. Gerbert: Jeff pulls on the brakes by introducing us to a Christian puppet show he watched. JERKED OFF IN THEIR HOUSE!, SICK! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD JIM AND THEM #504 PART 2 RIGHT HERE!

Duration: 01:10:59

#504 Part 1: RAVE PARTY!

PATREON: Just a reminder of the things we offer and the exciting things on the horizon! Social Media!, Patreon! All kinds of great stuff! Purity Balls & Small Town Ecstasy: Daughters pledging their virginity and we finally talk Ecstasy Dad Rave Culture: We get into some rave culture discussion and look back upon Jungle, Trance, Happy Hardcore and more! CUM STAIN!, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM!, LARRY DAVID!, LEON!, REVIEWS!, GHOST CAR!, LOOSE CHANGE!, BREAK IN!, UPDATE!, SOCIAL MEDIA!, WHERE TO...

Duration: 01:42:24

#503 Part 2: Microchip Gang

Microchip: What convenience would it take for your to implant a microchip into your body? Cookies and Ice Cream: Timeout for a quick food war. Mark and Dylan Redwine: So where are the pictures of the dad eating feces from a diaper that caused him to murder his son? STITCHES!, LITTLE PRICK!, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM!, PIEBALD!, JUST A SIMPLE PLAN!, CRY UPDATE!, HEY ARNOLD!, NOSTALGIA!, JELLO BIAFRA!, DEAD KENNEDYS!, POETRY!, DESPACITO!, CAMERON STRANGER!, WIFE!, MEME ALPHABET!, MEMES!,...

Duration: 01:11:18

#503 Part 1: Boonk Gang

Cameron: Cameron is back in the studio with tales of marriage and Australian crazy people! BOONK: Fresh off of last week talking about the guy that steals for the Instagram video we found the one and only BOONK Widow Gets Lost: What standard as a standard stroll through the state park with her dog Yoda to scatter her dead husband's ashes turned into a six day affair. JESUS CHRIST!, JANE CHRIST!, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM!, REVIEWS!, QUARTERBACKS!, CAMERON!, WIFE!, GOLDBRICKER!, WRESTLING!,...

Duration: 01:35:28

#502 Part 2: Long In The Tooth

Fuck My Dad: How did we miss out on Violent J's ode to his deadbeat dad and some attempts at updating the Juggalo sound. Migos: DoitlooklikeIwasleftoffaDeltaflight? Also Usher paying to keep his herpes under wraps. Filming Shit: Whether it be watching a man die, hitting someone with a bottle or just stealing shit, people be filming. CHOKE ON EM!, DAY OF THE DEAD!, CHICAGO!, SATURDAY IN THE PARK!, KIMCHEE!, MEMES!, COMPETITION!, WEEKLY UPDATE!, CRYING!, DEPRESSION!, ANIMAL VIDEOS!, WHEN...

Duration: 01:19:19

#502 Part 1: Choach That Doink

Choach Doink: We got ourselves some legal doink here in Las Vegas R Kelly: Is R Kelly a mastermind behind a sex cult of SEX SLAVES!? Pimpin Pat: Is Pimpin Pat potentially the best dude!? Or is Country Randy? NO MORE ROOM IN HELL!, DAWN OF THE DEAD!, GEORGE ROMERO!, FUN!, NO REVIEWS!, MURPH!, RETURN!, DEESH WARSHEER!, CHOACH BABY!, CHOACH SHOW!, DISPENSARY!, FRESH BAG!, DOINK BAG!, LEGAL!, EDIBLES!, WAITING ROOM!, CULTURE!, BULLET PROOF GLASS!, BUDTENDER!, BUDRISTAS!, GROW!, SELL!,...

Duration: 01:34:51

#501 Part 2: Dancing Monkeys

Shia Labeouf: Shia back in the news being best or being the worst!? McGregor Vs. Mayweather: Shit talking! Racism! Homophobia and misogyny! All the great things leading up to a fight. Sex Ed: Controversy over Teen Vogue and anal sex as well as a try hard video of parents talking to little kids about masturbation. SEX WITH UNCLE!, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM!, DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND!, LOOKING FOR THE MAGIC!, YOU'RE NEXT!, FIRE WOOD!, POETRY!, CHICKEN HUNTIN'!, GIFT OF THE MAGI!, PATREON!, WINNER!,...

Duration: 01:17:08

#501 Part 1: 2017 Gathering Of The Juggalos (Deesh Warsheer)

DINNER: We have tales of heading out to dinner with cast and crew from the most recent Jim and Them Special, the celebration continues! Gathering Of The Juggalos: The wait is over! Jim and Them go over the latest Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial for the 2017! ICP Beef: There is some beef brewing between Twiztid and ICP, let's get into it. Also the Juggalo Avengers BALD ASSHOLE!, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM!, HATE CRIME!, REVIEWS!, DINNER!, OLIVE GARDEN!, CESAR!, STEAK!, CHAD!, RESTAURANTS!,...

Duration: 01:40:51

#500 Part 2: Man Reads To Cobra

GIFTS: Gordon and Tom are in the building and they come bearing gifts for the celebration! PISSBOIs: In a very humbling episode, we drunkenly take calls from PISSBOIs that are very complimentary and it is quite a celebration. Thank you all so much. Youtube Rabbit Hole: We check in on a lady that is marrying a train station and fall into a clickbait hole of shitty videos. Also some recorded audio from some PISSBOIs CAVEMEN AND ASTRONAUTS!, ANGEL!, SPIKE!, JUNCTION 18!, LIL JOEY!, CONTACT...

Duration: 02:18:52

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