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Tavis Talks: M Night Shyamalan

Tavis Talks: M Night Shyamalan. Tavis Smiley talks with the famed film director and screenwriter about his new book, "I Got Schooled." It's his first non fiction work, which outlines his ideas on improving the education system in the U.S.

Duration: 00:14:56

Milling About with Daniel Radcliffe & John Krokidas

Daniel Radcliffe was once the bespectacled boy wizard of Harry Potter. With a bit of a scruff and near 25 it doesn't seem odd that he prefers Dan. Speaking to him since he's 10, you happily adopt the name as he's permanently left the Hogwarts building. In Kill Your Darlings he may still be wearing Potter-shaped glasses but the comparisons firmly end there. Dan joins host Robin Milling to discuss taking on the role of Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. He tells Robin he modestly dabbled in sonnets...

Duration: 00:18:43

Slash Talks About His New Movie "Nothing Left To Fear"

An interview with Slash from Guns N' Roses about his new movie company Slasher Films. He talks to the guys from This Is Infamous Radio about the first film he's releasing called "Nothing Left To Fear." Slash discusses Velvet Revolver, the break-up of Guns N' Roses, and where his music career will go next. Check out the full show here.

Duration: 00:13:08

Your15Minutes Radio Special Edition-Jennifer Hudson

Join us as we have a conversation with Grammy Award winning artists Jennifer Hudson as she discusses her latest film Winnie Mandela.

Duration: 00:29:21

Conversations 27: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

On the latest episode of Conversations, we sit down with veteran actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt who'll discuss his directorial debut, Don Jon. Gordon-Leavitt wrote, directed and starred in this story of a modern day Don Juan who objectifies everything in his life, especially women. He discusses his film and more on the latest episode of Conversations.

Duration: 00:39:05

TOMMY MORRISON Last Audio Interview RIP

Former Boxing Heavyweight Champion and star of the hit film "Rocky 5" Tommy "The Duke" Morrison passed away last night, 9/1/13. We had the pleasure of conducting what we believe to be the last audio interview with Mr. Morrison. Tommy Morrison 1969-2013 Rest In Peace. On August 11, 2011,Tommy Morrison joined the Gang at Matty P's Radio Happy Hour in what still stands out as one of the most infamous interviews in show history. Hear Tommy discuss going from 8th grade drop out to Toughman...

Duration: 01:14:58

Keeping It Reel 213: Oprah Winfrey

This week on the BIG show, the most influential woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey will be our special guest to discuss her role in the historical drama, Lee Daniels' The Butler. The media titan and honorary Oscar winner returns to the big screen in a very showy and effective performance that is drawing talk of an upcoming Oscar nomination. Plus, we'll have entertainment news and reviews of the latest film including Kick-Ass 2 and the abovementioned Lee Daniel's The Butler on Episode 213 of...

Duration: 01:36:20

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky, one of the world's leading intellectuals stops by the "Diner" to talk with guest host Douglas C. Rapier. Noam Chomsky,is a noted philosopher, political critic, activist and long-time professor at MIT. Noam has written extensively on politics, war, corporatism and the mass media. Prof. Chomsky has been described as a prominent cultural figure and prolific "Voice of the People." Topics might include: Snowden, the NSA, Manning, Wiki-leaks. D.C. Rapier is an outspoken relayer of...

Duration: 01:30:55