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G.I. Joe Ep 82: Grey Hairs and Growing Pains w/ JoeFan82

I'm pleased to be joined by JoeFan82 this week! He's a talented You Tuber who does Joe unboxing videos and a true Joe fan! We watch as the Joes get both de-aged and extra?-aged thanks to Dr. Mindbender! Our Filecard Feature is on the Cobra-La tough guy... Nemesis Enforcer!

Duration: 00:37:35

G.I. Joe Ep 81: The Spy Who Rooked Me w/ Bill Ratner

What an amazing guest we have for you this week! Mr. Bill Ratner, the voice of Flint, joins the Joe on Joe show to dig deep into the history of making the show we all love! We talk about everything, from the casting session, to recording the show, and beyond. This is an episode that you will not want to miss! Oh, and the Joe team has to stop Cobra with the help of a James Bond type, an amazing episode! Our Filecard Feature is on the G.I. Joe Pilot Ace! This episode was brought to you by...

Duration: 01:07:29

G.I. Joe Ep 80: Iceberg Goes South w/ Brian Cunnane

A strange, yet strong episode this week as Iceberg, who happens to be from Texas, in case you were wondering, gets mutated into a full fledged Killer Whale! It's the Island of Dr. Mindbender with my special guest, fan of the show, Brian Cunnane! Our Filecard Feature is on the Cobra Maggot Driver... W.O.R.M.S.

Duration: 00:38:30

G.I. Joe Ep 79: Glamour Girls

Dr. Mindbender gets his hands on face swapping technology and plans to use it on Low Light's sister! With no Nic Cage in sight, the Joes are in trouble! My special guest is actor Rammel Chan (Crisis) who was visiting LA for an engagement of the wonderful play, King of the Yees! Our Filecard Feature is on Blowtorch!

Duration: 00:45:47

G.I. Joe Ep 78: The Rotten Egg

Leatherneck is the subject of today's episode, and also the subject of a deep seated revenge plot! Nick Glassman is my guest as we talk about New Orleans, animation, and all things Joe! The Filecard Feature is on the Cobra Stealth Pilot... Strato-Vipers!

Duration: 00:47:47

G.I. Joe Ep 77 Cobrathon

My guest this week is writer/director Jeremiah Stafford, who welcomed me into his amazing collection of Joe toys and so much more! Cobra has to raise $5 billion dollars, so they have a telethon fundraiser. Of course they did! Our Filecard Feature is on Heavy Metal!

Duration: 00:49:15

G.I. Joe Ep 76: The Million Dollar Medic

Jeremy Vilmur, host of The Geekish Cast, of which I'm also a co-host, is my special guest this week as we watch Lifeline get stalked by a rich little daddy's girl. A super fun episode with strikingly strong animation. Our Filecard Feature is on the Dreadnok Road Pig!

Duration: 00:47:15

G.I. Joe Ep 75: Once Upon A Joe

This is a fun, silly episode of the show. Faced with either labor or babysitting some kids, Shipwreck chooses the latter, and we get to enjoy the results. My guest this week is Michael Feldman, major video gamer, car enthusiast, and marketing guru! The Filecard Feature is on the G.I. Joe Night Vision specialist... Low Light!

Duration: 00:43:16

G.I. Joe Ep 74: Let's Play Soldier

My partner-in-pod today is Chris Goldrup, a long-time Joe fan and we break down what might be the most real episode of G.I. Joe ever! The Joes uncover an operation in Thailand, where Cobra is exporting mind control chewing gum! They're only saved by the orphan children of Thailand! Our Filecard Feature is on the Cobra Falconer... Raptor!

Duration: 00:45:47

G.I. Joe Ep 73: Sink The Montana

This is a wonderful episode of G.I. Joe, full of poignancy and heart, and a parrot with an eyepatch. No fooling, I love this episode and am so happy to have Jeffrey Vineyard join me, of his own cartoon podcast, Doin' Speed (A Speed Racer show!). Our Filecard Feature is on one of the most beloved Joes of all time... Bazooka!

Duration: 00:44:33

G.I. Joe Ep 72: Computer Complications

It's a romantic episode this week, so who better to have as a guest than Rebekah Slepski, or as she now calls herself... Toileteel! You have to listen to understand! Zarana and Mainframe fall in love and our Filecard Feature is on the Dreadnok Pirate... Zanzibar!

Duration: 00:32:38

G.I. Joe Ep 71: Last Hour to Doomsday

He's back! Paul Galliano joins us this week to talk about one of his absolute favorite episodes! He also comes clean as being the S.A.C.C., or Special Assistant to Cobra Commander! Our Filecard Feature is on the G.I. Joe Drill Instructor... Sgt. Slaughter! Don't forget to visit our Facebook page and enter our June sharing contest!

Duration: 00:40:43

G.I. Joe Ep 70: Arise, Serpentor, Arise Part 5

Serpentor is here! So are Pablo Romero-Estevez, Stephanie Goldstein, Amber Bansak, and Julius Pantera! The gang unites for the ultimate Cobra victory. Our Filecard Feature is on the Cobra Emperor himself, Serpentor!

Duration: 00:48:32

G.I. Joe Ep 69: Arise, Serpentor, Arise Part 4

The penultimate chapter of the Serpentor saga is here and you have to listen in... this... I command! My guest is Julius Pantera and he's a major fan of Serpentor, and it shines through the episode. A lot of Cobra fun here, I know you'll enjoy it. The Filecard Feature is on the G.I. Joe Tracker... Spirit!

Duration: 00:52:24

G.I. Joe Ep 68: Arise, Serpentor, Arise Pt. 3

My special guest is TV Editor, Amber Bansak, aka Clamber Standback! We watch Cobra continue to collect DNA and they face their first setback! But... Sgt. Slaughter gets caught in the process! Our Filecard Feature is on the Cobra Trainer... Big Boa!

Duration: 00:46:02

G.I. Joe Ep 67: Arise, Serpentor, Arise Part 2

Stephanie Goldstein returns to Joe on Joe for Arise, Serpentor, Arise Part 2! The Joes are pushed back on their heels by Cobra's global search for DNA of tyrants from history! Genghis Kahn, Napoleon, even Dracula is fair game! Our Filecard Feature is on the Joe SEAL... Wet-Suit!

Duration: 00:37:28

G.I. Joe Ep 66: Arise, Serpentor, Arise Part 1

The G.I. Joe team welcomes a whole new season of characters and Cobra enemies as Sgt. Slaughter arrives, Dr. Mindbender dreams up the idea of Serpentor, the Dreadnoks get new members, everything is happening! I'm joined by Pablo Romero-Estevez (Wildkat Wrestling, @pablofnpersona) to break down this historic episode! Our Filecard Feature is on the Cobra Viper!

Duration: 00:40:15

G.I. Joe Ep 65: There's No Place Like Springfield Pt 2

We close out the first season with a gooey mess as Shipwreck sees his idyllic life literally melt in front of his eyes. Writer Joelle Sellner joined me to talk about her career in animation and her new comic book from Lion Forge, Mer! Think Twighlight with gills! Our Filecard Feature is on our favorite Cajun, long before Gambit ever hit the scene... Gung Ho!

Duration: 00:43:06

G.I. Joe Ep 64: There's No Place Like Springfield

Season 1 of the show comes to a rip-roaring close in part 1 of this classic episode! Director & Writer Barry Battles (The Baytown Outlaws) joins me this week to break down Shipwreck's encounters in the perfect world of Springfield. Written by Steve Gerber, you know this is gonna be great! The Filecard Feature is on the Dreadnock Thunder Machine driver... Thrasher!

Duration: 00:48:53

G.I. Joe Ep 63: Skeletons in the Closet

Super fun episode this week with my special guest Scot Peacock! Scot came all the way from Scotland in order to bring authenticity to this episode of G.I. Joe! Lady Jaye inherits a Scottish castle which just so happens to be occupied... by Destro! The Filecard Feature is on Lady Jay herself!

Duration: 00:45:18

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