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G.I. Joe Ep 102: Transformers: Only Human w/ Matt Keil

I am joined by Matt Keil ( who is an amazing Transformers expert, to watch the classic crossover episode of The Transformers... Only Human! Cobra Commander is still alive in the far future of 2005 and going by the name Old Snake! It's such an amazing episode, I hope you like our take on it. Remember to listen to the episode for contest details! The Filecard Feature is on the Autobot... Springer!

Duration: 01:09:52

G.I. Joe Ep 101: G.I. Joe The Movie w/ Everyone

This is the big one! The amazing G.I. Joe The Movie is finally here! In order to do this justice, I invited every past guest in Los Angeles over to my studio to watch together in a giant recording session! It was such a fun time. Big thanks to all my guests and we hope our fun shines through. There is an audio issue on the opening of the episode, but I PROMISE you, without any kind of hyperbole, if you get through that first 10 minutes, you will be treated to a very special Easter Egg...

Duration: 01:56:33

G.I. Joe EP 100: The PSAs Pt. 5 w/ Rebekah Walendzak Slepski

We did it! 100 episodes of the Joe on Joe podcast! I'm so excited to tackle the final segment of our Public Service Announcements with my guest and partner in crime, Rebekah Walendzak Slepski, but to also announce a new contest! Listen to this episode for details how you can win some G.I. Joe Marvel Comic Books! Thank you all for listening to 100 episodes of my show, I hope you've enjoyed them as much as I've enjoyed recording them. I appreciate each and every one of you listeners and...

Duration: 00:51:43

G.I. Joe Ep 99: The PSAs Part 4 w/ Rebekah Walendzak

Week 4 of the PSAs is here as Rebekah Walendzak Slepski joins me again to break down water safety in a rainstorm, huffing paint, healthy eating, motor vehicle safety, and falling out of poorly made treehouses!

Duration: 00:48:51

G.I. Joe Ep 98: The PSAs Part 3 w/ Rebekah Walendzak Slepski

Week 3 of the PSA breakdown continues with the delightful Rebekah Walendzak Slepski! This week we break down PSAs about runaways, good sportsmanship, and good ocular health! Everything a good G.I. Joe recruit needs! #eatyourspaghetti #marvins Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all our listeners!

Duration: 00:49:49

G.I. Joe Ep 97: The PSAs w/ Rebekah Walendzak Slepski

She's back to help us save your life with a deep dive into the Public Service Announcements! Rebekah Slepski is here to break down creepers in the bathroom window, putting out fires, and bloody noses!

Duration: 00:44:08

G.I. Joe Ep 96: The PSAs Part 1 w/ Rebekah Slepski

This week is the much anticipated deep dive into the legendary Public Service Announcements! My wife, Rebekah Slepski, and I watch some of the PSAs and break them down with a new game we call... Plausible, Stupid, or Awesome... The PSA GAME! We hope you enjoy the episode!

Duration: 01:05:39

G.I. Joe Ep 95: Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep w/ Steve Aleck

Cue the theme to M.A.S.H., tell Klinger he can finally go home, and roll up the tents because it's the final episode of the Sunbow G.I. Joe series. Of course, it's also the CRAZIEST name of an episode ever, but it's so great! It has the start of the COIL! Cobra Commander's offshoot subset of Cobra! My guest host is Steve Aleck, a talented actor and editor and a big G.I. Joe fan himself. I know you'll love this episode! The Filecard Feature is on the Joe Jungle Trooper... Recondo!

Duration: 01:05:05

G.I. Joe Ep 94: In The Presence of Mine Enemies w/ Ryan Liebowitz

It is all about comic books this week! Comics! Comics! Comics! My guest is Ryan Liebowitz, owner of the legendary Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles! We talk about the origins of the store, the state of the current comics industry and of course... G.I. Joe! Listen for some serious Thundercats talk too! The Filecard Feature is on the Cobra Stinger Driver!

Duration: 01:18:29

G.I. Joe Ep 93: Sins of Our Fathers w/ Paul Viera

I am joined by my co-host on the Geekish Cast podcast, Paul Viera! He’s an actual member of the US Air Force, so he’s here to keep it real. Speaking of real, Cobra Commander summons an ancient demon to assassinate Serpentor, while Dial Tone goes full Shawshank. The Filecard Feature is on the G.I. Joe SEAL... Torpedo!

Duration: 00:45:24

G.I. Joe Ep 92: Not A Ghost Of A Chance w/ Clay Adams

I'm joined by Fried Comics Co-Creator Clay Adams, who is currently Kickstarting his comic book, Red X-Mas: Oh Holy Crap! Together we break down a real fun episode of G.I. Joe where they tell their side of a story, Cobra gets to tell theirs, and only Hector Ramirez can decide who is telling the truth! The Filecard Feature is on the Cobra Viper Glider Pilot!

Duration: 00:40:01

G.I. Joe Ep 91: Joe's Night Out w/ Jesse McCullough

This is a crazy episode. Insane premise, but top level character & team work making it a real strong 2nd season episode. I'm joined by fan of the show, Jesse McCullough and we talk about all things Joe and his career as a top notch pharmacist! The Filecard Feature is on Lt. Falcon!

Duration: 00:53:38

Joe on Jem Ep 1: The Beginning w/ Christian Cintron

Happy Halloween! The show is in costume today to celebrate Halloween! Who better to get in the Halloween mood with than Ms. Dianya Birthday herself, Christian Cintron! Together, we watch the first episode of one of the most groundbreaking cartoons of the 1980's... Jem and the Holograms! We hope you enjoy the diversion!

Duration: 00:50:30

G.I. Joe Ep 90: Second Hand Emotions w/ Omar Spahi

We've got a fantastic episode this week, written by Carla and Gerry Conway, so who better to join me than Publisher of OSSM Comics, Omar Spahi! We talk about the Joes, comic books, The Flash, and get to watch Lifeline and his Dad reconcile! The Filecard Feature is on the Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver!

Duration: 00:45:47

G.I. Joe Ep 89: Nightmare Assault w/ T.J. Troy

G.I. Joe gets their dreams invaded by Cobra in this really trippy, excellent episode and I'm joined by Grammy Award winner T.J. Troy to talk about it! We discuss G.I. Joe, The Centurions, his band Partch, and his comic book/music synthesis project, Run Downhill! It's a must listen to episode of Joe on Joe! The Filecard Feature is on the Slaughter Renegade... Mercer!

Duration: 00:58:45

G.I. Joe Ep 88: The Most Dangerous Thing in the World w/ Paul Siddoway

The G.I. Joe team is faced with new leadership appointed by their enemies, Cobra! What a conundrum to be in, I sure don't envy them! I'm joined by fan of the show, Paul Siddoway, and we have a lot of fun breaking down this really great episode of the show. I'm calling it a hidden gem, because I didn't remember just how good it is! The Filecard Feature is on the leader of Cobra-La... Golobulus!

Duration: 00:40:19

G.I. Joe Ep 87: G.I. Joe and the Golden Fleece w/ Hooded Cobra Commander

Ok, this episode gets crazy, but it has some really strong dialogue and character work, so I enjoy it! That's the final verdict and I'm joined by the main snake himself, Hooded Cobra Commander to dissect the Joes travelling to Ancient Greece! The Filecard Feature is on the Slaughter Renegade... Taurus!

Duration: 00:42:08

G.I. Joe Ep 86: Ninja Holiday w/ Michael Sheridan

Michael Sheridan, @JoesReassembled, is my guest this week to watch Sgt. Slaughter go to town on a stand-in Street Fighter tournament! It's a ton of fun! Our Filecard Feature is on the Cobra-La Royal Guard!

Duration: 00:46:29

G.I. Joe Ep 85: Raise The Flagg! w/ Adam Miller

This episode is so exciting, they put an exclamation mark in the name of the episode! It's such a strong episode that I had to reach out to a fan of the show to experience it with me! Adam Miller, professional art guy, joined me from Boston to watch this epic adventure. Listen closely for the return of Cold Slither! The Filecard Feature is on the Slaughter's Renegades member... Red Dog!

Duration: 00:46:38

G.I. Joe Ep 84: My Favorite Things w/ Davis Grayson

I'm joined this week by fellow podcaster and fan of the show, Davis Grayson! His show Couch Potato Theater is part of The Fandom Podcast Network and we get to see Serpentor behave just like we do, as collectors. Davis also is a prolific Instagram talent, as Springer_2017, features G.I. Joe characters out in the wild! The Filecard Feature is on the Cobra-La Herald... Pythona!

Duration: 00:46:38

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