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Podcast 41 – Joette’s Holiday Traditions and Remedy Tips

One thing that I hear frequently and I think it’s human nature to a certain degree is that whenever someone is sick, particularly when it’s a chronic illness but a lot of times when people are sick, they think they’re the only ones who get sick like that. They feel as though they’re very unusual.

Duration: 00:32:26

Podcast 40 — Moms with Moxie: Don’t Panic!

I can’t wait for you to meet my latest Mom with Moxie in today’s podcast: Courtney. She's had a lot of experience with homeopathy, through her work as a doula, raising her three children and also from working on my staff.

Duration: 00:36:04

Podcast 39 – Blue Is The New Black!

I have a podcast to share with you today that’s a little out of the ordinary, and I am so very excited about it! Now, I’m not going to tell you who my special guests are … because I just can’t resist building a little suspense.

Duration: 00:26:02

Podcast 38 – Study Group Questions for Joette

In this podcast, our new roving reporter Kate (who has taught study groups many times) asks me questions that she has heard repeatedly from her students.

Duration: 00:37:24

Podcast 37 – New (and Not So New) to Homeopathy Part III

Today’s podcast is what we’re calling Part 3 of our Newbies Series.

Duration: 00:25:00

Podcast 36 – Moms with Moxie: Strep Throat, Note-taking and a Disney World Miracle

In this podcast, we cover: 05:22 The Secret Spoonfuls: Confessions of a Sneaky Mom Story 10:02 Herbalism and Natural Medicine 19:40 Note-taking 21:14 Homeopathic treatment of strep throat, food poisoning, coughs, and canker sores 32:03 Disney World miracle story

Duration: 00:36:35

Podcast 34 – Dads with Audacity: These Fathers Know Best!

Paola: It’s podcast number 34 at We’ve got another “Dads with Audacity” interview for you.

Duration: 01:03:47

Podcast 29 – Lyme Q & A

It’s podcast 29 at Today, we’re going to talk about Lyme disease.

Duration: 00:39:14

Allergies & The Power of Properly Assessing What’s Happening

Along the way, I learned to not just throw a homeopathic medicine at the condition. Be smart. Keep tight notes. Assess properly. Today's podcast will give you some of my best tips on how to stay on point when treating allergies.

Duration: 00:36:24

Podcast 27 – Moms with Moxie – Escaping Life-Threatening Allergies

If you have allergies, remember that modern medicine has written you off. The CDC itself will tell you: “There is no cure for allergies.

Duration: 00:51:22

Podcast 26 – Chicken without a Head

In this podcast, we cover: 05:23 Facing fears through education 11:55 Sticking with the chosen remedies and respecting the protocols

Duration: 00:41:17

Podcast 25 – Moms with Moxie – Meet the Arnica Mom!

In this podcast, I introduce you to a special mom who has a unique and valuable use for Arnica that we all can benefit knowing.

Duration: 00:39:59

Podcast 24 – Subjects that Bear Repeating

Tempting as it may be, speculating on why you’re sick is usually a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down. This week my podcast shows you how easy homeopathy is and how guesswork leads to years of superfluous supplement vitamins and diets. It is easier than you think

Duration: 00:39:56

Podcast 23 – Moms with Moxie Snap! Broken Bone.

Kate has a lot of knowledge about homeopathy and some pretty extreme experiences with it which probably weren’t fun at the time but they’re fun to talk about now that everything turned out well.

Duration: 00:34:47

Podcast 22 – Picking Apart a Chronic Case

Ooh, I feel so bold! In today's podcast, I teach you how to work with a chronic condition without years and years of classical homeopathic training. And its all because I employ the Banerji Protocols.

Duration: 00:57:39

Podcast 21-When to Use a Doctor; When to Trust Yourself

Uh oh...the baby's sick. Should I stay home and do it myself? Should I get conventional medical advice? And if I need a do I choose? Today's podcast will help you make the right choices.

Duration: 00:51:59

Podcast – 20 – Moms with Moxie, A New Miniseries

So with help from my roving reporter, Paola, we bring you this mini podcast series that I call “Moms with Moxie.” It’s actually grand moms too but it’s Moms with Moxie. See how regular mothers and others, average people who want to cure those around them have gone from freaking to fabulous with homeopathy.

Duration: 00:42:21

Podcast 19 – My Skinny, Little Arm Got Allergy Shots

In this podcast, Joette is going to talk a lot about allergies. Be sure to stick around to the end of the podcast when she gives a great remedy for sinus problems.

Duration: 01:00:17

Podcast 18 – Study Groups and Flame Retardant Pajamas

Today we look at the heart of Joette’s mission, which is to make homeopathy very usable and accessible to moms and families.

Duration: 00:31:54

Podcast 17 – Homeopathy can help mothers care for their children

I share in this podcast the harrowing experience I had with my firstborn child and how that changed the way I raised all of my children.

Duration: 00:35:26

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