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Jokers Are Wild #47 - Quick Maths

Ryan takes the lead as Jack is in utter desolation from a harrowing work week. Ryan takes us on a delightful journey through his weekend exploits, this week in the NFL, not one but two Softer Sides of Sadness and of course a game and top 5 action movies.

Duration: 01:23:07

Jokers Are Wild #46 - Our Relationships Are Peetering Out

Jack and Ryan have a big announcement which they share. Ryan also went to the dentist for the first time in 7 years and Jack tries to guess how many cavities he has. Kevin and Jack argue over Kirk Cousins while Jack almost won a lucrative raffle. Ryan and Kevin talk about the new Avengers trailer and the boy give their NFL picks and top 5 sports movies.

Duration: 01:17:49

Jokers Are Wild #45 - Let Us Give Thanks (And Speak Ill Of Our Parents)

The boys speak about their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and Jack gets a little carried away with familial concerns. Kevin complains about Thanksgiving travel and Ryan's family likes taking shots while golfing. The boys give their NFL picks for the week and Jack wonders why Tyrod was benched for Nathan Peterman. Ryan has a Pokemon meltdown and Jack gleefully breaks down the Justin Bieber painting Macklemore has in his bedroom. Kevin paints his own picture of the Keystone Pipeline and...

Duration: 01:14:10

Jokers Are Wild #44 - Taylor Swift Is A Champion

More mayhem from the boys featuring NFL picks, Taylor Swift's new CD, the latest Hollywood sadness, Rand Paul being tackling and top rom coms of all time from the world's foremost romantic, Kevin!

Duration: 01:03:05

Jokers Are Wild #43 We Need To Talk About AJ McCarron's Chest Tattoo

Donald Trump was kicked off Twitter and it made us laugh. NFL picks abound as Ryan switches up his strategy again. The trade deadline brought some wild moves and some non-moves because the Browns are silly. Meanwhile Kevin has a Softer Side of Sadness about a DWI (not his), Ryan and Kevin review Thor Ragnorak, Jack is blown away by the Grinch Sequel, and the boys opine upon all the illicit sexual issues plaguing Hollywood. And to wrap the show, the boys all give their top 5 Family movies.

Duration: 01:19:06

Jokers Are Wild #42 - All Hail Horror

Ryan's brother John is botching his epic road trip according to Jack so the boys discuss. Then they give their NFL picks and some cutting edge analysis of the league. Kevin and Ryan review Geostorm and Ryan comes up with another scheme to solve his mounting debt. Finally the boys give their top 5 favorite horror films.

Duration: 01:17:55

Jokers Are Wild #41 - Never Cut A Funeral Procession

The boys are back after Jack went to a Caps game and Ryan was dealing with the death of his grandmother. Even with that, he managed to have a few funny anecdotes. Kevin saw Blade Runner 2049 and no one else has, Jack dishes on a bad experience with Chinese take-out and of course our cutting edge NFL insight is locked and loaded.

Duration: 01:12:45

Jokers Are Wild #40 - Weinstein Productions

Jack is recovering from an illness and the Nats lack of offense in the MLB postseason. However, it pays to have a doctor for a father. Ryan has been feverishly watching every movie in creation including American Assassin and American Made along with Kevin. Jack tried to watch Blade Runner, but hated it so he's bailed on the new one as well. Plus we have NFL picks, NFL analysis, Cam Newton and Harvey Weinstein coverage and a brand new game of Kevin's invention. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:20:25

Jokers Are Wild #39 - Jack Doesn't Know Sports

Kevin and Ryan are the new sports gurus on the show as Jack can't win in fantasy or pick games to save his life. The boys break down the fantasy league, the NFL and their picks. Following that, Jack rants against the IOS updates crushing his new iPhone, Ryan has a fake news story that made us chuckle, Kevin talks about his love of Hugh Hefner and all the boys give their blistering takes on Kingsman 2.

Duration: 01:05:41

Jokers Are Wild #38 - F*** Netflix

In a raucous affair, the boys break down week 2 of the NFL and Jack rants against the Mid Atlantic TV market and the Ravens. Also no one watched the Emmy's and Netflix is ruining everything. Kevin breaks down why he doesn't drink, Ryan tells us the tale of a serial pooper in Colorado and Pat Stein did the unthinkable this weekend. NFL picks and mother! spoilers abound this week as does a little trivia to finish off the mayhem.

Duration: 01:02:08

Jokers Are Wild #37 - Jokers Float Too

It's the Super Bow for the Weather Channel and week one in the NFL. The boys break down both in depth and give their picks for week 2 along with a JAW fantasy football league update. Ryan missed all the games this weekend for a float trip down the river, Jack suffered through week one at Steeler bar, and Kevin is upset with the Redskins. Ted Cruz liked an illicit tweet, mega-churches were hating on hurricane refugees, and a girl on a tinder date did the unthinkable. Sheer mayhem for yet...

Duration: 01:00:17

Jokers Are Wild #36 - Sticky Buns For Da'Rick

The boys record in the morning which is crippling to Kevin. But Ryan made breakfast! In a jam packed episode, we cover the weekend in college football including a goldmine the boys missed out on, Jack's hatred of Guardians 2 and love for Taylor Swift's transformation. Ryan reviews Hitman's Bodyguard which is number one at the box office for the third straight week. He also pulled a funny bit during his fantasy auction draft. The boys all reveal their NFL season predictions, recap their MLB...

Duration: 00:59:06

Jokers Are Wild #35 - Pumpkins And Pigskins

A jam-packed episode starts out with Jack's personal Saturday from hell featuring a flat tire on the way to the DMV. Ryan and Jack watched the fight streamed from a phone onto a 42-inch TV. Their cutting edge analysis of the fight and their host's dangerous accommodations is featured here. Kevin and Jack discuss Game of Thrones. Ryan is simply relieved it's over so people stop coming over to watch it at his place. The Patriots suffered a crushing injury, the Browns added a name to their...

Duration: 01:08:10

Jokers Are Wild #34 - In Which We Don't Talk About The Eclipse

The boys tackle a variety of topics, from brunch, to Kevin's dislike of hipsters, to Ryan's weekend exploits. Jack is enchanted by his latest purchase while Kevin breaks down the latest in Game of Thrones. Meanwhile we break down more NFL preseason, Usain Bolt's injury and give our reviews for Dunkirk and Dark Tower. Finally we wrap up with a James Bond themed trivia night!

Duration: 01:12:02

Jokers Are Wild #33 - Shirtless Tom Cruise

Jack is suffering some growing pains, but he has a sweet mattress to console him. Ryan commiserates with him on money issues. The boys are impressed that Tom Cruise does his own stunts, but his latest injury on the MI: 6 set is scary. Also why the hell has his body always looked so strange and why is he always running? The second half of the show is football focused. We talk the latest Bills trades with the Rams and Eagles, Jay Cutler in Miami, Zeke's suspension, the Redskins inability to...

Duration: 01:12:12

Jokers Are Wild #32 - The Threshold Of Hell

Ryan and Jack went to a fundraiser over the weekend and Jack is shocked at the reception he received. Ryan tried to talk some sense into him when it comes to arranged marriages. Kevin learns all about Lavar Ball and his affiliation with our favorite baller, Shaq. The boys also briefly discuss NFL preseason and announce there are 3 remaining spots on the JAW fantasy football league. Tweet us @jokerswildradio with a fantasy football story for a crack at making the league. After the break,...

Duration: 01:08:52

Jokers Are Wild #30 - A Punchers Chance

It is the dead period for sports, but Mayweather vs. McGregor is fast approaching and the boys have Karate World Champion and Pro Kickboxer, Jamal Albini (on Twitter and Instagram @jamal_pinokio) join the show. Jamal breaks down what to expect from this fight and we talk about the hype this billing has received. Jamal brings some tremendous insight to the fight and we were thrilled to have him on. Audio was a bit spotty and for that we offer a refund on the show.

Duration: 01:02:34

Jokers Are Wild #29 Thrones And Stuff

Jack comes storming out of the gates with a litany of attacks on airlines and people in line for confession. Kevin gives us some intel on the new Doctor Who choice while we are all excited for Game of Thrones. Celebrity downfall and radio sadness are topics of choice in the second half. Ryan has a tale of woe and a shocking update of the Summer of Nonsense. Jack takes on Kevin in Game of Thrones trivia and the results are shocking.

Duration: 01:16:13

Jokers Are Wild #28 - Ryan Takes The Reins

Jack misses a show prep meeting and as punishment, Ryan takes over hosting duties. Of course he quickly realizes how hard it is to steer a show such as the Jokers Are Wild as we go off the rails in unprecedented fashion. Kevin tries to explain video games to Jack and Ryan gives us his take on Jack's favorite movie, Baby Driver. Jack tries to see Baby Driver again, but it wasn't in the cards thanks to some hacks at Regal. NBA free agency is all about ludicrous bucks to guys with less game...

Duration: 01:13:54

Jokers Are Wild #27 - Then There Were Three

The boys are locked in for another episode with Kevin Cleary who has the honor of becoming the third Joker in our merry band. Jack breaks down his love of the summer's smash hit Baby Driver and the box office's utter disrespect for such a great movie. Ryan can't believe what Donald Trump is tweeting and Kevin has a master plan for uniting Transformers with the Fast and the Furious series. Meanwhile We can some inside scoop on the latest news regarding the Han Solo film, Jack realizes he...

Duration: 01:11:52

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