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This is Joseph Riggio's Exquisite Performance Weekend Edition AudioCast applying cutting-edge human communication and performance technology for personal and professional transformational development.




19/20 Aug 2005 - EPC2(tm) Overview - The Basis of Performance

Hello all, Welcome to the first "Exquisite Performance Weekend Edition" audiocast where Joseph overviews the EPC2(tm) - Exquisite Performance(tm) Coaching and Consulting Model. He walks you through the four steps of the model and provides some ways of thinking about your performances and outcomes in the world. Useful Links from this weeks Exquisite Performance(tm) AudioCast that Joseph mentions: Joseph's Personal Website:...

28 Aug 2005 EPC2(tm) - Improving Performance, "What's Next?"

More Hello again, Welcome back to week two of the Exquisite Performance(tm) AudioCast here on: We hope you enjoyed last week's audio/podcast with Joseph overviewing the EPC2 model. Based on the feedback we've gotten the general reception to the post was highly positive and folks especially enjoyed Joseph taking a bit more time to explain the ideas he presented. This week Joseph has begun to...

Building a Performance Vision ...

More Hello, Well it's been a full month between audiocasts here on Exquisite Performance(tm), and it's been a busy one at that. We hope to be able to deliver these audiocast much more consistently as we go forward. We're now settled in and our equipment is up and running ... and you'll notice we've even had some intro and exit music composed for these audiocasts. As with Joseph's other Exquisite Performance(tm) audiocasts he spends a bit...