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Joygasm Podcast Ep. 56: Tomb Raider, Red Sparrow, & Braven Trailer Review | Overwatch League Week 2 - Joygasm

Just as the video thumbnail implies, we take a look at 2 beauties and one hairy beast in the form of Tomb Raider, Red Sparrow, and Braven! Each film has...

Duration: 01:21:13

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 55: Overwatch League, Instalok Music Parodies, & TONS MORE - Joygasm

This episode is filled to the brim with geektastic topics including the Overwatch League, Medieval Madness pinball, Forza Horizon 3, I, Tonya, The Last Of Us Remastered, Zelda Breath of...

Duration: 01:54:23

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 54: Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Review - Joygasm

What better way to combine movies and gaming than Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle?!? It’s our Topic of the Day! Also, we chat about The Last Of Us, Zelda Breath...

Duration: 00:58:12

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 52: Our Favorite Game & Movie of 2017 - Joygasm

Merry Christmas! We can’t believe 2017 has drawn to a close already. We chat about what our favorite game was as well as which movie of 2017 was our favorite. Also,...

Duration: 01:05:12

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 51: Star Wars: The Last Jedi REVIEW - Joygasm

Bust our your lightsaber, cuddle your BB-8, and roast a porg or two as we thrust this episode into light speed to give an almost 2 hour (yikes!) review analysis...

Duration: 01:49:04

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 50: The 2017 Video Game Awards - Joygasm

Last Thursday marked the 3rd annual video game awards and Joygasm is here to analyze who won, what new categories were added this year, why it’s important to have a...

Duration: 01:25:51

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 49: Avengers Infinity War Trailer Reaction & More - Joygasm

We are SO PUMPED about the Avengers Infinity War trailer that dropped earlier this week! We also reveal the new winner of the round 2 SNES Classic Mini giveaway, and...

Duration: 01:10:53

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 48: Justice League Review, Stranger Things, Battlefront 2 & More - Joygasm

After stuffing ourselves over Thanksgiving, we thought “what better way to enjoy our food coma than to do an episode of Joygasm?!” Justice League is reviewed (yup spoilers!), Star Wars Battlefront...

Duration: 01:52:10

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 47: Wolfenstein 2 & Netflix Punisher Episode01 Reviews - Joygasm

Episode 47 is dedicated to reviewing two blastastic behemoths: Wolfenstein 2 and Netflix’s latest original series – episode 1 of The Punisher! *Channels movie trailer voice* One game. One show. ...

Duration: 01:19:08

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 46: Disney / Fox Deal, Injustice 2 DLC 3, New Star Wars Trilogy, & More - Joygasm

Have we got an episode for YOU! Our main topi of the day focuses in on the possible Disney acquisition ofFox and what all that could entail. Before we open...

Duration: 01:40:10

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 45: Thor Ragnarok Review - Joygasm

Thor in all of his beef cake glory (the wife LOVES Hemsworth lol) has returned to us for a 3rd outing in Thor Ragnarok! In episode 45, we analyze the...

Duration: 01:37:24

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 44: The Scariest Games We’ve Ever Played & More - Joygasm

BOO! Sharpen your fangs and shriek with delight as we go bump in the night in the very first Halloween themed Joygasm episode! In addition to chatting about the scariest...

Duration: 01:13:28

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 43: Special Guest – Animation Lead, Raymond Crook from Double Fine talks Psychonaughts 2 and we reveal the SNES Classic Mini Winner! - Joygasm

To kick things off properly, the winner to the SNES Classic Mini giveaway is announced, so make sure to find out if you won! If you didn’t win, don’t fret;...

Duration: 02:07:16

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 42: Cuphead Play Impressions, SWTLJ trailer, Stranger Things 2, & TONS MOAR! - Joygasm

We have a swell episode focusing on the stupidly hard new game, Cuphead, but that’s not all…we take a gander at the new SWTLJ trailer, the new Stranger Things 2...

Duration: 01:23:44

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 41: Blade Runner 2049 Review - Joygasm

We have emerged from returning to the world of Blade Runner and we have quite a bit to say! We drill down in to the cast, plot, cinematography, wardrobe, special...

Duration: 01:53:00

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 40: SNES Classic Purchase Experience, Joygasm Website Launched, & More - Joygasm

This is one SUPER episode! Nick aka “Big Baby Moose” triumphantly returns to the guest chair as we share our adventures in successfully nabbing our very own Super Nintendo Classic...

Duration: 01:48:30

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 39: Overwatch Junkertown Impressions, RDR 2 Tease, John Wick 3, Netflix Punisher, Tomb Raider Trailer & More - Joygasm

Hear those Didgeridoos? That can only mean one thing: JUNKERTOWN! Romp with us through the outback as we chat about Blizzard’s latest Overwatch update, before diving into the latest news involving...

Duration: 01:16:36

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 38: Apple Conference Reactions, Halo Wars 2, Destiny 2, & More - Joygasm

The Apple press conference had a lot to show and Joygasm dissects it from beginning to end! Tune in as we analyze the Apple Watch, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8...

Duration: 01:34:20

Joygasm Ep. 37: Destiny 2 Impressions, Witcher 10th Anniversary Reactions, Horizon Zero Dawn, IT Movie Success, & More - Joygasm

We geek out over CD Projekt Red’s Witcher 10th Anniversary “thank you” video to the fans before chatting about beating Forza Horizon 3 & Horizon Zero Dawn. Movie news includes...

Duration: 01:17:10

Joygasm Podcast Ep. 36: Overwatch Deathmatch & Team Death Match Impressions - Joygasm

Our wish came true! Overwatch Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch mode have FINALLY made it and we couldn’t be more excited. In episode 36, we geek out about the strengths of...

Duration: 00:58:46

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